Santé – Plusieurs morsures de chauves-souris en Haute-Vienne ces derniers jours

Plusieurs morsures de chauves-souris en Haute-Vienne ces derniers jours

With the high temperatures of recent weeks, airing your house at night has almost become a habit. While hunting after dark, bats sometimes lose their sense of direction. That is why it is not surprising to see this animal fluttering in one of your illuminated rooms where insects take refuge.

Four bites in less than a week

Often carrier of diseases such as rabies, so it is necessary to take all precautions in contact with the mammal. In Haute-Vienne, there are four bites in the space of a few days.

“Within a week, several patients had the good reflex to come see us after a bite. Rabies is deadly, you have to be very careful about this risk, “recalls Sophie Ducroix-Roubertou, infectologist. Therefore, a simple scratch or bite can transmit the virus.

1% of infected bats

“Fortunately, the infection is very rare or even exceptional,” he says. To avoid injury, it is advisable not to chase it.

“Yesterday, a patient wanted to catch one with a rag. He was bitten through it. »

A protocol is thought of as soon as the bat attacks. “We inject immunoglobulins quite close to the bite with a large number of antibodies directed against the virus. »

Vaccination is also possible as a preventive measure and is recommended after diagnosis by the doctor. Provides four injections in twenty-one days.

What to do in contact with the animal?

Here are some important reminders to apply when in contact with the animal.

don’t touch them. This is the first cause of bites. It is recommended to leave her alone outside the house.

Turn off the lights. She closes the door to the room, opens the window. A few minutes should be enough to see the animal come out.

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She is injured. Contact specialists such as a veterinarian who can intervene in this situation.

They bit me. Wash skin immediately for several minutes. Then contact a specialist who can assess the appropriateness of preventive vaccination.

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