Code PIN oublié : comment débloquer un smartphone Samsung Galaxy sans mot de passe ?


There are several methods to unlock your Samsung mobile when you forgot the password.

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Anyone can forget their smartphone password or PIN code. There is no need to panic, there are solutions to remedy it yourself and without difficulty. This guide is valid for Samsung smartphones, including the Galaxy S21 Ultra, and Android phones in general.

How to use Find My Mobile

Find My Mobile is a Samsung service that allows you to remotely locate and control a Samsung smartphone.
Several preliminary details:
Find My Mobile app must be installed and associated with a Samsung account;
The smartphone must be connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile network;
You must have your Samsung account password.
Remote unlock must also be enabled on the phone. To do this, open successively Settings > Biometrics and security > Mobile trackingthen turn on the feature slider remote unlock.
To retrieve your forgotten PIN using Find My Mobile:

  • To go to unlock and enter your Samsung account password and click Next ;
  • A window informs you that your smartphone has been unlocked;
  • You can then access your phone and set a new PIN or password.

samsung galaxy

Find My Mobile is a feature available on all Samsung Galaxy smartphones


How to use Google’s Find My Device feature

For this option to work, you must first enable Find My Phone with administrative rights.
To do this, go to Settings > Applications > Access to special applications > Device administration applications ;

  • Move the slider to find my devicethen confirm the authorization by pressing Enable the admin app for this device ;
  • Open the Find My Device link on your computer;
  • From there, go to Secure the devicewrite a recovery message (optional) and click Secure the device ;
  • Google will lock your device remotely. Then follow the instructions on the screen to unlock your phone. You will be prompted to set a new password, which will bypass the Samsung password screen. Once your smartphone is unlocked, you can disable the temporary password in settings and replace it with your own.

Find my device/Google

Find My Device is available for all Android smartphones

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How to Factory Reset a Samsung Smartphone

This is the most drastic option, which will result in the complete loss of your data. The inconvenience will be less if you have activated the backup through your Samsung account. You can then restore apps and data in minutes.

  • Simultaneously press the power and volume “+” buttons;
  • The phone will reboot. Hold down the power key until you see the Android logo;
  • Switch to the Android system recovery menu. The touch screen will not work, you need to press the volume down key to scroll to Wipe data / factory reset ;
  • Press the power key to confirm your selection;
  • Once your device has rebooted, select reboot system now (Reboot system now).
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