[DIRECT TERMINÉ] Henrik von Eckermann et King Edward sont champions du monde!!!

[DIRECT TERMINÉ] Henrik von Eckermann et King Edward sont champions du monde!!!

GRANDPRIX.info invites you to follow live, through a continuously updated broadcast, the individual final of the world championships in Herning, the last round of the competition. Perfect from the start of the championship, having not left a bar on the ground, Henrik von Eckermann and King Edward, the unlucky fourth in the Tokyo Olympics, will they finally achieve individual gold? Will the only Frenchman in the standings, Simon Delestre, 10th with Cayman Jolly Jumper, manage to move up the rankings enough to claim a place of honour?

16:32: the only Frenchman to have competed in this individual final, Simon Delestre finished sixth in his first world championship with Cayman Jolly Jumper, who looks to have a bright future with the French team!

4:30 pm.: Henrik von Eckermann is, therefore, world champion with King Edward, followed by Jérôme Guéry with Quel Homme de Hus, vice world champions, and Maikel van der Vleuten, who takes individual bronze as in Tokyo.

4:29 pm: WHAT A HORSE, BUT WHAT A HORSE!!!!!!!!!!! Henrik von Eckermann and King Edward are world champions!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They achieve a flawless perfect and award themselves the supreme title!

16:26: Maikel van der Vleuten will be the worst bronze medalist and Jérôme Guéry the worst silver medalist!

16:25: it’s over for Jens Fredricson… The Swede leaves the triple dismount and the two elements of the double 10 on the ground. The Markan Cosmopolit rider will not have a medal. But it’s just a postponement!

16:23: Jérôme Guéry will have a medal!!!!!!!!!! The Belgian signs a SUBLIME without guilt with Quel Homme de Hus!!!!!!!!

16:20: after one grosse touche sur le vertical 8, Elekctric Blue Pèche sur l’oxer en sortie de double 10… L’Autrichien Max Kühner, souvent passed à deux doigts d’un podium en grand championnat, n’aura pas de médaille this year.

16:18: four points for Ben Maher and Faltic HB in vertical 7… The Olympic champion will not double his medal.

16:16: The Tokyo Olympics bronze medalists want to repeat the feat and fight to the end! Maikel van der Vleuten and Beauville Z NOP are clear and take the lead.

4:13pm: Despite a horse that remains just as airy and brimming with energy, it bypasses Simon Delestre and Cayman Jolly Jumper. Le Lorrain, fighting to bring a medal to France, ran into the vertical of the panel in the middle of the triple. The pilot can still leave his world championships satisfied, now being able to count on a new crack, whose portrait is always found in the latest issue of the magazine. BIG PRIZEwith which you can calmly face the next big matches.

16:11: Martin Fuchs will not add a medal to his list this year… Accompanied by Leone Jei, who seemed to be slipping a bit, the Swiss, who was nevertheless one of the favorites for the title, failed in both elements of the double. 10

16:08: It collapses for Tiffany Foster and Figor, who stumble on the vertical in the middle of the triple and the vertical 7. In any case, it will be the Canadian’s best result in a major championship!

16:06: four points at the start of the double 10, which clearly seems to be the justice of the peace of the course, for the Belgian Nicola Philippaerts and the great Katanga van het Dingeshof.

16:04: Succeeding her compatriot Marcus Ehning, Jana Wargers, slender in Limbridge, is missing in the entry of the double in bidet number 10. Beautiful championship all the same for the German, who completes her first major championship there!

16:02: first couple to come out in this second round, Marcus Ehning and Stargold sign a clear round after having made the public tremble !! The two accomplices rode a magnificent tour but caused the entry bars of the triple, the vertical 7 and the exit of the double of the bidet 10 to wobble strongly.

16:00: great start to round two! May the best couple win!

15:51: there will be twelve to leave in the second round of this individual final. Simon Delestre will start in sixth position. Find the initial list here.

3:00 p.m.: Forty-five minutes from the second round of this final, the Swedish Henrik von Eckermann remains at the top of the classification along with King Edward. His teammate Jens Fredricson remains second with Markan Cosmopolit, followed by Jérôme Guéry, who also retains his third place with Quel Homme de Hus. Simon Delestre moved up three positions to seventh in the Cayman Jolly Jumper. Start of the second round at 15:45!

Henrik von Eckermann endures the shock and stays in the lead!

14:57: the course may be affordable, but no horse has jumped it showing such ease and freshness after three tests on the legs. King Edward is a crack and he proves it again by finishing off Henrik von Eckermann without fail! The couple remains at the top of the individual classification before the second round.

14:54: his brother is not there, but he carries the Fredricson flag high! Jens Fredricson, associated with the sensational Markan Cosmopolit, completes a magnificent clear round and takes the lead!! Only Henrik von Eckermann remains to overtake before the second race.

14:52 : he wants his medal!! The Belgian Jérôme Guéry has just signed a superb light round with the magnificent Quel Homme de Hus!

14:47: How expensive is this fault in oxer 4, by Martin Fuchs… The Swiss and Leone Jei add four points and go from fourth to fifth provisional place.

14:46: Max Kühner and Elektric Blue P make it out of the course unscathed and take the provisional lead!

14:44: Reversal of situation for Daniel Bluman, who receives a refusal from Ladriano Z on wall 3 with the colors of Longines. The Israeli falls to eleventh provisional place.

14:42: another clear round, this time for Ben Maher and Faltic HB!! The Briton, who had to opt for his young twelve-year-old stallion instead of his Olympic champion Explosion W, continues his quest for a second gold medal!

14:41: it’s a clear round for Maikel van der Vleuten, and he did it with his teeth in a Beauville Z that made the bars sing!

2:35 pm: How awesome is this little Cayman Jolly Jumper!!! Simon Delestre just took Hickstead’s son to a clear round! Congratulations to Lorraine’s runner, who held the wire to the end! A medal may be close.

14:33: Seeing how the couples follow each other, the route offered in this first round seems very affordable, but it makes the runners’ nerves stand on end. In fact, the best placed individually are already beginning to pick up faults, especially at the end of the tour, as Scott Brash and Harrie Smolders show, bringing out those who had fallen the day before yesterday. Nothing is played for anyone!

An affordable tour, which demands the nerves of the riders

14:31: four points for Harrie Smolders and Monaco at the start of double 8… A shame for the couple, who have had a good season despite everything.

14:30: ouch ouch ouch… The vertical 9 after the river for Scott Brash and Hello Jefferson. The Briton is already relegated to seventh place, with the score very tight.

14:27: the release of triple number 6 for Jur Vrieling and Long John Silver. Good course anyway for the Dutch couple.

14:25: Despite a somewhat rough last line, Canada’s Tiffany Foster and Figor were not fouled on the track!

14:23: Belgium, who missed out on the team medal, are already making it back! Nicola Philippaerts and the brilliant Katanga van het Dingeshof complete a lap without penalty. The scores will be very tight…

14:20: Another blank score for Jana Wargers and Limbridge, who didn’t hit a bar!

14:17: Denis Lynch and Brooklyn Heights stumble upon the first challenge bar at the start of the double 10.

14:15: same goes for Marcus Ehning and Stargold, who, despite a big hit on the vertical 9, left all the bars in the studs! The German again launched a sublime course.

14:12: Another clear round, this time for Italian Lorenzo de Luca and F One USA! Definitely… Would the field of Louis Konickx be too affordable for a first round of the individual final of the world championships? Even if we suspect that the following riders, increasingly ranked individually, will have the weight of the pressure on their shoulders…

14:09: Superb clear round also for Pius Schwizer and Vancouver from Lanlore! The Swiss and the former Olympic accomplice of Pénélope Leprevost flew over the course.

14:06 : The first clear round is signed by the second couple at the start, and it goes by Ioli Mytilineou and L’Artiste de Toxandra! The two accomplices put on a superb performance. Class!

14:02: The first rider to leave, the Italian Antonio Maria Garofalo, comes out with eight points on the track. The Conquestador pilot ran into vertical 2 and vertical 9, following the river, located at the exit of a very sharp curve.

13:58: The individual final of the world championships in Herning will start in two minutes! During reconnaissance of the track, the course obviously seems less big than for the team final the day before yesterday, the highest obstacle culminating at 1.65m. Find the initial list here.

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