Nos vraies mesures de la Honda Civic e:HEV hybride : peut-elle inquiéter la Corolla ?

Nos vraies mesures de la Honda Civic e:HEV hybride : peut-elle inquiéter la Corolla ?

That’s right, with the entry into the catalog of the new Civic, Honda has won its bet: it no longer offers only electrified models for sale starting this year. A slight exception remains, however, the sporty Type R variant. For all those who don’t want to spend all their time at the pump or , the compact is offered with a 184-hp single hybrid engine that doesn’t have the time just one and only competitor: the Toyota Corolla. After a fairly positive first test, we were eager to put the Hiroshima novelty on our test bench to see if it had enough accuracy to show off its Japanese rival. Answer !

Note that the Corolla has recently been redesigned and its hybrid engines have gained a handful of horsepower in operation: +18hp and 140hp total for the less powerful of the two, +12hp and 196hp for the one that comes in. in direct confrontation. with the Civic. It seems that nous n’avons pas encore eu l’occasion d’essayer cette nouvelle mouture ni encore moins de la mesurer, nous nous sommes contentés ici des mesures que nous avions faites sur la mouture 184 ch qu’on trouve encore dans les concessions Of the brand.

Performance: all the same

One thing is certain, it is not in terms of performance that the Civic wins against the Corolla. Although the first mentioned is much longer and would almost go through a family (+ 18 cm, 4.55 m), it is not heavier. Both weigh exactly 1,490 kg. In addition, with a similar power (184 hp in both cases), acceleration and starting are at the same level. Same top speed of 180 km/h, same accelerations with a correct 8.6 s in the exercise from 0 to 100 km/h and same times with a fairly good 5.6 s to go from 80 to 120 km/h, it seems the novelty he did it on purpose to copy his rival! Eye, the Corolla could do a little better in its new version of 196 hp.

Characteristic Civic e: HEV i-MMD CVT Corolla Hybrid 2.0L 184hp
CharacteristicPower Civic e: HEV i-MMD CVT184 horsepower Corolla Hybrid 2.0L 184hp184 horsepower
Characteristicmeasured weight Civic e: HEV i-MMD CVT1490kg Corolla Hybrid 2.0L 184hp1490kg
CharacteristicMaximum speed Civic e: HEV i-MMD CVT180km/h Corolla Hybrid 2.0L 184hp180km/h
Characteristic0 to 100km/h Civic e: HEV i-MMD CVT8.6s Corolla Hybrid 2.0L 184hp8.6s
Characteristic400m AD Civic e: HEV i-MMD CVT16.4 sec Corolla Hybrid 2.0L 184hp16.4 sec
Characteristic80 to 120km/h Civic e: HEV i-MMD CVT5.6s Corolla Hybrid 2.0L 184hp5.6s

Sobriety: duel at the top

With an average of 5.7 l/100 km, the Honda Civic reproduces the same excellent performance as the Corolla 2.0 with 184 CV. Both can boast of being among the most restrained hybrids that we have had the opportunity to measure. In detail, however, there are some disparities between the two. Where the Corolla stands out in the city and consumes slightly less than a Clio E-Tech Hybrid (4.5 l/100 km compared to 4.4 l/100 km for the French), the Civic stands out on the road where Pico nails all the who say that a hybrid inevitably consumes a lot in this course. There, with 6.9 l/100 km, it is slightly worse than its little sister Jazz (6.8 l/100 km). On the highway, too, the Civic performs a little better than the Corolla. Good work!

Consumption Civic e: HEV i-MMD CVT Corolla Hybrid 2.0L 184hp
ConsumptionVillage Civic e: HEV i-MMD CVT5L/100km Corolla Hybrid 2.0L 184hp4.5l/100km
ConsumptionFreeway Civic e: HEV i-MMD CVT6.9l/100km Corolla Hybrid 2.0L 184hp7.8l/100km
ConsumptionRoad Civic e: HEV i-MMD CVT5.7l/100km Corolla Hybrid 2.0L 184hp5.9l/100km
ConsumptionTo mean Civic e: HEV i-MMD CVT5.7l/100km Corolla Hybrid 2.0L 184hp5.7l/100km

Conclusion: a serious competitor

Waiting to test the 196 hp Corolla, it is clear that the Civic Hybrid comes with serious arguments and seems to have been inspired by its rival, and especially its positive aspects: sobriety to name a few. If our test of the restyled 140-hp Corolla allowed us to see that Toyota had gone to some lengths on the pleasure side, the Civic really surprised us here. Finally, while Toyota reserves the most powerful hybrid engine for the top GR Sport trim level, the Civic’s range is broader. If you’re ready to go without certain equipment, you can save a lot of money on your final bill. It remains to accept a taut silhouette not necessarily to the taste of Europeans who run less to Honda dealers since the Civic abandoned the eccentric look of generations 8 (2006-2011) and 9 (2011-2017)…

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