Football – Reims – Clermont Foot : ce qu'il faut retenir de la victoire à rebondissements des Auvergnats

Reims - Clermont Foot : ce qu

Clermont Foot took its first points of the season and how! Pascal Gastien’s men pulled off a fantastic comeback against the Rémois, unlike their failed finishes last season. Led by two goals at half-time and completely adrift in the match, the Auvernatics turned the match around, well helped by a game event as soon as they returned from the locker room. In a long and deep ball, Andric was hooked by Agbadou, in the position of last defender 40 meters from his goal. The referee did not hesitate and released the red (47th).

And the following action did not help the Rémois’ situation at all. With a header from Clermont, Van Bergen deflected the ball with his hand (49th). Perfectly converted penalty by Andric (2-1, 51st), who launched Clermontois towards “a comeback” that no one had seen coming. Penalty record in this match: Both of Stade de Reims’ goals were scored from this decisive spot in the penalty area. The first from Doumbia (1-0, 23rd), after an avoidable draw by Ogier. Then the second from Balogun (2-0, 30th), who took advantage of a hand from Magnin in the area. In addition to a poorly oiled game, Clermont then sank with two errors.

Clermont Foot turns the situation around and wins in Reims (4-2) (read the direct again)

Miraculous that the CF63 is back, and Andric has a lot to do with it. He himself scored the equalizing goal. A free kick taken quickly by Gastien finished off Ogier’s head from the left, who deposited a header on the axis for the Serb, who easily finished in the same way from close range (2-2, 62nd). First brace by a Serb in Ligue 1 since Filip Djordjevic in 2013. Clermont’s squad didn’t stop there. On a corner, Gastien moved Cham back: the Austrian rookie calmly controlled, before hitting a career-ending wrapped shot into the net (2-3, 72nd). In an overflow by Khaoui, Cham let the center pass low to the ground to Bela, who finished off with no control from the right to seal the victory for Clermont (2-4, 78th). The best rookies, three points and a season started for the Clermont Foot.

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Man of the match: Komnen Andric

Difficult choice between the Serbian striker and Muhammed Cham, also omnipresent and decisive in this part. But number 9 Clermont triggered the upset, first by drawing the red card. He then converted the penalty, before equalizing at close range for Clermont. A double, on matchday two of Ligue 1… like Mohamed Bayo last season against Troyes (2-0). Perfect debut for former Dinamo Zagreb and for all Auvergne signings, all decisive in this part, including Wieteska who saved a goal ball after Cham o Diaw’s goal, decisive at the end of the first half to keep his team alive.

the number: 4

This Clermont offensive festival is simply historic: Clermont Foot had never scored four goals in a Ligue 1 match. CF63 had stopped at three goals against Olympique Lyonnais at the end of August (3-3).

Jason Cotard

Reims 2 – Clermont Football 4

REIMS (Auguste-Delaune Stadium). Referee: Mr. Hamel. Half time: 2-0.

Goals. Reims: Doumbia (23, SP), Balogun (30, SP). Clermont: Andric (51st sp, 62nd), Cham (72nd), Bela (78th)

Warnings. Reims: Balogun (7th), Van Bergen (51st), Gravillon (71st). Clermont: Ogier (22nd), Magnin (29th), Gastien (35th).

Exclusion. Reims: Agbadou (47th)

Reims. Penz; Busi (Touré, 63), Gravillon, Abdelhamid, Locko; Matusiwa, Agbadou, Munetsi; van Bergen, Balogun (Adeline, 63), Doumbia (Lopy, 53).

Substitutes: Diouf; Diakite, Ito, Adeline, Flips, Koeberle, Lopy, Touré, Zeneli.

Clermont soccer. day; Seidu, Wieteska, Ogier (cap), Neto Borges; Magnin, Gastien (Baiye, 89); Allevinah, Cham (Berthomier, 89), Rashani (Bela, 63); andric.

Substitutes: Djoco, Billong, Kamdem, Mendy, Baiye, Berthomier, Khaoui, Bela, Kyei.

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