11 perles oubliées de la PlayStation 2 à (re)découvrir

11 perles oubliées de la PlayStation 2 à (re)découvrir

game news 11 Forgotten PlayStation 2 Pearls to (Re)Discover

You were born in the 80s and 90s and you feel a nostalgic wind blowing on your PlayStation 2. While bigger titles like Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas or Final Fantasy X have sold very well, some Sony console games have fallen into disarray. oblivion The JV editorial team has listed 11 nuggets on PS2 that finally deserve their hour of glory.


  • bloody roars 4
  • drakengard
  • freedom fighters
  • Gregory’s Horror Show
  • Maximus vs. Zin Army
  • Dark
  • Odin’s Sphere
  • Primitive
  • Second signal
  • Kri’s mark
  • Enders Zone: The Second Corridor

bloody roars 4

We start with a fighting game that will appeal to fighting purists. The nugget developed by Eighting and published by Konami didn’t make much of a splash in 2003, and yet the game has everything to please. bloody roars 4 is a fairly classic fighting game with one particularity. In fact, during the confrontation our characters can turn into ferocious beasts. Take on your opponents one by one in different arenas and unleash your totem animal with the help of twelve playable characters.


We are now interested in a role-playing and adventure game that has marked the minds of those initiated in the genre. Titled Drag-On Dragoon in the original version, drakengard is the perfect mix between an RPG, a beat’em all and a shoot’em Up. In this title, you participate in battles both in the air and on the ground together with your dragon, which helps you throughout the story to fight effectively against the terrible legions that stand in your way.

11 Forgotten PlayStation 2 Pearls to (Re)Discover

freedom fighters

freedom fighters is a third person action game that invites you to take control of a group of resistance fighters whose goal is to overthrow the Soviet government occupying the United States of America. Such is the setting for this alternate story released on PS2, Xbox, and PC that puts you at the head of a squad to send the occupant home. Coming from the studio behind the famous Hitman franchise, the game stands out for its increasingly epic multiplayer and tactical matchups.

11 Forgotten PlayStation 2 Pearls to (Re)Discover

Gregory’s Horror Show

Adapted from the Japanese anime series of the same name, the game by Capcom Gregory’s Horror Show places you in the heart of children’s sets with a macabre atmosphere full of corridors and puzzles to solve. You must try to get out of a haunted hotel controlled by a rat named Gregory, while collecting all the lost souls, just to help Death. Unfortunately, the task will not be easy, because Catherine, a nurse lizard, will do everything in her power to make you fail.

11 Forgotten PlayStation 2 Pearls to (Re)Discover

Maximus vs. Zin Army

What if you become a knight? Maximus vs. Zin Army will take place eight months after the end of the events of the first play. You play as the knight Maximus who goes in search of his missing lover in a magical world. Unfortunately for him, his encounter with a terrible mechanical monster will change his fate. He then decides to go looking for her to find out her secret and destroy it. Particularly difficult, this title is intended above all for accomplished players.

11 Forgotten PlayStation 2 Pearls to (Re)Discover


Imprisoned students of a haunted school… what could be more normal in a playful work signed by Hydravision! Dark is a game inspired by the movie The Faculty. This survival horror takes place in a terrifying universe where you face creatures hidden in the dark hallways of high school. Your goal? Find your missing friends and get out of this nightmare. The multiplayer mode in particular is very popular, especially since five characters, with certain unique characteristics, can be played to scare each other.

11 Forgotten PlayStation 2 Pearls to (Re)Discover

Odin’s Sphere

No more horror and make way for magic with Odin’s Sphere, an Action-RPG similar to the Unlimited saga. Immerse yourself in a magical world and take turns playing Gwendlyn and four other warriors who will live the same story, but lived from a different point of view. All this gives rise to a choral story that narrates the origin of an ancient war between fairies and humans. Accompanied by fantastic original 2D design, Odin Sphere even gave Atlus a beautiful remake on PlayStation 4.

11 Forgotten PlayStation 2 Pearls to (Re)Discover


Here we are again in a dark universe ruled by demons. is a game titled Primitive and developed by the Guerrilla Cambridge studio that we told you about. We find Jennifer, a young woman with supernatural powers, and Scree, an elderly gargoyle, making their way through four realms where demons and evil creatures rub shoulders. During their journey, they will have to help each other to avoid the traps that await them and thus survive.

11 Forgotten PlayStation 2 Pearls to (Re)Discover

Second signal

Another action and adventure game is invited to this selection, but not just any game. Is about Second signal in which you play John Vattic, a research facility patient and main character who emerges from a deep coma with paranormal psychic powers in his possession. Although the latter is completely amnesiac, the goal is to do everything possible to escape from the hospital where he landed and understand why he was kidnapped. Second Sight is an experience that finely blends action, puzzle, and infiltration.

11 Forgotten PlayStation 2 Pearls to (Re)Discover

Kri’s mark

Combat, bow and ax… this is the recipe for the next game that we are going to talk about. Kri’s mark, published by Sony, is a Beat’em All that tells the story of Rau, a warrior who wants to find the lost fragments of Kri’s seal capable of unleashing the terrible forces of Evil. Recently broken and scattered throughout the world, Rau and his raven companion Kuzo must fend off the servants of darkness who hope to prevent him from accomplishing his mission. Despite his advanced age, PlayStation brings him back to life by putting him up for sale in the PS4 and PS5 online stores, a real delight for nostalgics.

11 Forgotten PlayStation 2 Pearls to (Re)Discover

Enders Zone: The Second Corridor

We end this selection with Enders area: the second corridor, also known as Zone Of The Enders: Anubis, a game with a futuristic setting. You are driven in 2174 to save two planets threatened from destruction. To do this, you fight against an evil military force in different environments aboard an extremely powerful and fast combat robot. Konami’s title was entitled to a remake in 2018 called Zone of the Enders: The 2nd Runner M∀RS, still just as exciting and mature.

11 Forgotten PlayStation 2 Pearls to (Re)Discover

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