Les récits glaçants des viols présumés de Benjamin Mendy

Les récits glaçants des viols présumés de Benjamin Mendy

Benjamin Mendy’s rape trial continued in England on Monday with a lengthy tirade from the prosecutor. Timothy Cray has gone out of his way to show the contours of the system put in place by the French footballer and his co-defendant to abuse potential victims in his home. A terrible description.

Accused of eight rapes, an attempted rape and a sexual assault by seven different women between 2018 and 2021, Benjamin Mendy had a very tense day on Monday, as prosecutor Timothy Cray listed all the charges against the young man one by one. 28 years old. defender and his co-accused.

A statement of the facts charged against Benjamin Mendy and Louis Saha Matturie (no relation to the former player) produced with a chilling sense of detail as the defense speaks in the coming days of the trial.

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A system for finding wives for a “predator”

Beyond the rape charges filed against the Frenchman, the prosecutor sought above all to show the existence of a system that supposedly favors attacks on women. Louis Saha Matturie, employed as the footballer’s assistant, was in charge of finding him company for his evenings at his house in Prestbury in Cheshire, a few kilometers from Manchester.

“The charges show that one of Mr. Saha’s jobs for Mr. Mendy was to find young women and create situations in which those young women could be raped and sexually assaulted,” prosecutor Timothy Cray said during the course of the day’s hearing. . if he goes out of his way to portray Benjamin Mendy as a sexual “predator.”

Often drunk women in an isolated mansion.

The location of Benjamin Mendy’s residence, presented by the prosecutor as a kind of isolated mansion, would also have helped to strengthen the soccer player’s control over his alleged victims. Benjamin Mendy and Louis Saha Matturie reportedly targeted “drunk” young women to more easily abuse them.
Not being able to leave Benjamin Mendy’s house alone, the young women attacked would have especially felt this vulnerability on the footballer’s face.

“Vulnerable, scared, isolated” are, according to the prosecutor, the words that most come out of the mouths of the alleged victims. For Timothy Cray, the two defendants viewed these women as “disposable” and as “things to be used for sex and then thrown away.”

A door with a special lock.

At the heart of the “system” established by Benjamin Mendy, a somewhat special room in his English house, a kind of “panic room”. Images of the police raid As a result, the prosecutor offered a guided tour of the French defender’s villa. A way for Timothy Cray to make the jury understand how the two co-defendants had created a system to sexually assault women on the spot.

So the prosecutor stopped at a door that has a rather special lock. This door could only be opened inside the room and only Benjamin Mendy knew how to unlock this system. According to the prosecutor citing witnesses: “there were rapes in these rooms.” And to continue the impression of the women who entered: “The victims felt locked by this special lock.”

An alleged attempted rape in the shower

Throughout the day, the person in charge of the accusation multiplied the terrifying details to accompany his account of the facts imputed to Benjamin Mendy. The 2018 world champion is thus accused of having tried to rape a woman in the shower in 2018.

Timothy Cray claims a woman was washing up at Mendy’s when the former AS Monaco and Marseille player walked into the bathroom and started touching himself in front of her. The young woman would have asked him to leave the room. In vain. The French soccer player would have then tried to abuse her.

Woman raped after hiding her phone

Another woman was allegedly raped on the sidelines of a party at Benjamin Mendy’s house in January 2021 and another alleged victim was allegedly raped in July 2021 in the movie theater of the Frenchman’s villa. During the same party, he allegedly raped a second young woman: she woke up face down on a sofa with her arms behind her back. “Don’t move, don’t move,” the footballer would have ordered during the non-consensual act.

Timothy Cray also recounted how the Frenchman and his co-defendant deprived their guests of their mobile phones to avoid any video of the footballer’s evenings at home. According to the account of the British prosecution disclosed in particular by the Manchester Evening News, two women were invited to go to the player’s house for a party. They had to deliver cell phones at the entrance of the house. Except one of them hid her camera. Benjamin Mendy would have noticed this and then picked up the phone. The defender would then have asked the young woman to undress her to return her smartphone. The young woman she complied with then she would have been finally raped by the player trained in Le Havre.

A victim raped three times the same night.

Among the many charges against Benjamin Mendy and Louis Saha Matturie, one seems particularly appalling. Timothy Cray thus presented the horror experienced by an alleged victim during an evening at the Manchester City footballer’s home in August 2021. Again on the sidelines of a party. After arriving at Benjamin Mendy’s and being robbed of her phone, this woman was invited to the special lockout room and was allegedly raped.

Later, she would have been accompanied to the villa’s cinema by Louis Saha Matturie, who would later have taken advantage of the absence of witnesses to also abuse her. The co-defendant of this high-profile lawsuit then ordered a private driver for him and the alleged victim. Thinking of going home, the young Ella was undeterred. But after she was finally escorted to Louis Saha Matturie’s home, she was allegedly raped there for the third time that night.

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