Les jeux indés de la semaine à ne pas manquer (PC, PS4, PS5, One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch)

Les jeux indés de la semaine à ne pas manquer (PC, PS4, PS5, One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch)

game news The independent games of the week that you can not miss (PC, PS4, PS5, One, Xbox Series, Nintendo Switch)

Every week on the indie scene dozens of games are released everywhere, be it for PC, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch. Our objective in JV is to separate the wheat from the chaff to direct it to the most solid projects. So on today’s show, action, rogue-lite, and of course original titles. Here’s your weekly dose of indies!

Backpack Hero (Early Access)

When we tell you that indie games have more than one trick up their sleeve, it’s not for nothing! Here it comes backpack heroa “rogue-lite inventory management” – as stated on the project’s Steam page. Here, your power will not only be determined by the items you carry, but more importantly, how they are organized. In a gameplay trailer, we can noticeably see the hero, a very cute mouse, string together three dagger throws, as they are carefully placed side by side. Backpack Hero also has an aspect of exploration through dungeons, caves, and swamps. In the future (it’s an early access release) there will even be a system to upgrade your city.

  • Release date : August 15, 2022
  • Platform(s): computer


So this game, we didn’t see it coming at all. Some time ago, the Roll7 studio – behind the Olli Olli skateboard license – announced Rollerdrome, a third-person action game that mixes pleasure of sliding and shooting enemies. Yes, yes, this is all about skating in arenas while taking on the bad guy. And it promises to be solid. “Rollerdrome is currently a delight in terms of sensations,” we wrote during our preview. “With its comfortable grip and well-balanced levels, the roller shooter is a call to dodge and shoot perfectly.” Everything takes place in 2030, at a time when excess and ordinary violence have become addicted to this new sport. Hurry up to play it.

  • Release date : August 16, 2022
  • Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5

damn to golf

We continue with another game that is original, that’s what we like after all. Let us introduce you to Cursed to Golf, a game that mixes Tiger Woods’ favorite discipline and rogue-lite, just that. Here you play as the “Cursed Golfer”, struck down to death just before you make the last winning move of his career. Fortunately (if we can put it that way) you will be able to find life in reaching the end of the “Golphic Purgatory”. Suffice to say, it won’t be cake. Because in the afterlife there are not only bunkers or difficult obstacles, but also traps of all kinds, fans, spikes and even teleporters. Somehow, it will be necessary to snatch victory from him by hitting the holes in a certain number of moves.

  • Release date : August 18, 2022
  • Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, One, Xbox Series, Switch

RPG Time The Legend of Wright

What, you want even more originality? Well, we continue with RPG Time The Legend of Wright, an RPG like no other, already released last year on Xbox. A project reminiscent of a certain “The Plucky Squire”. Here it is about living a beautiful adventure through Kenta’s notebook – who drew a whole universe there. All of his creations will thus come to life, whether they are decorations scribbled in pencil, cardboard structures, with various game styles as a bonus. Obviously we find turn-based combat but also action-adventure and hellish bullets (dodge a lot of projectiles). On the project’s Steam page, we read that RPG Time has received a ton of awards from around the world. Good sign !

  • Release date : August 18, 2022
  • Platform(s): Switch, PS4, PS5 (now available on Xbox)


In a completely different genre, we now introduce Thymesia – a promising Souls style that can get you back on track after the amazing Elden Ring. Because this is also about demanding fights and action that unfolds to the nearest centimeter! You play as Corvus, a raven-masked hero who has the power toabsorb enemy powers to turn against them. Very practical to get rid of the many curses that lurk firmly. “Corvus is the last hope of the kingdom (…) The truth lies deep in the memories that Corvus spreads throughout this unforgiving world. Only by uniting them all can he save the kingdom,” the Steam page tells us. We expect a pleasant surprise.

  • Release date : August 18, 2022
  • Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5, One, Xbox Series

We are OFK

We end with a narrative experience that should not leave you indifferent, We Are OFK. It is about discovering the behind the scenes of virtual group formation of the same name: “a story of dreams, love and rent payments in Los Angeles”. It is an interactive series that, like the Telltale games, will be released periodically, one episode per week with a new song from the group each time. All this accompanied by a good artistic direction and a dubbing job that promises to be convincing. All in all, we could have a very nice story. Get ready, We Are OK is about to land.

  • Release date : August 18, 2022
  • Platform(s): PC, PS4, PS5

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