ATHLE.FR | Championnats d’Europe de Munich : Trois sauteurs en finale

ATHLE.FR | Championnats d’Europe de Munich : Trois sauteurs en finale

Three jumpers in the final

Margot Chevrier and Marie-Julie Bonnin confirmed their ticket to the top 12 in pole vault, as did Jules Pommery in long. Stop for Kevin Mayer, forced to withdraw from the 100 m of the decathlon.

the qualifiers

Chevrier and Bonnin as adults

They learn fast. margot chevrier Y Marie-Julie Bonnin They have discovered this season the particular flavor of the great championships. The former even donned the France A team jersey for the first time in Munich, which didn’t stop them from tackling the pole vault rankings with aplomb. By crossing both 4.40 m on the first attempt, they secured the essentials. Because if they later failed at the next height, at 4.50 m, that erased bar without trembling propelled them to the final. His zero at the Monaco meeting last Wednesday will have been quickly forgotten. ” This quiz was both reassuring and fun.savored the sparkling Marie-Julie Bonnin, licensed at Bordeaux Athlé. I jumped over little poles. The contract is fulfilled. In two days, it will be shipped, I will be able to try real things. “The same wish with the member of Nice Côte d’Azur Athlétisme, who will also receive new polo shirts tomorrow, which will allow him to manage the raising of the bar more smoothly. The only downside: a pain in the foot that forces him to constantly warming up during the contest “.

insured pommery

Julius Pommery made, like Marie-Julie Bonnin, part of the Boras generation. The Entente Athlé 58 long jumper had won gold at the 2019 European Championships, while the pole vaulter was adorned with silver. This Monday morning he was able to adapt” With the wind against taking off at 7.83 m (-1.0) on the second attempt to take sixth place in qualifying. ” frankly assuredtrusted me I didn’t put a lot of pace and I didn’t take any risks, although I’m taking good boards. It allowed me to build my run up with a view to the final. We will have to put more speed tomorrow. I think I have every chance, if I do what I can. “Third best player in the entries, he does not hide aiming for the podium.

Also new at this stage, Mallory Leconte The course of the series over 100 m passed without incident. The sprinter from Saint-Denis Emotion was not scared despite a very improvable start and finished third in her race in 11”49 (+0.2). ” I’ll fix it for half time and that will do it. she promised. She will have the chance to relive the entrance to the runway, which she marveled at this morning: “ The arrival at the stadium, when I saw the public, it was incredible. »

the eliminated

Ninon Chapelle gritted her teeth.

It’s not a first: pole vaulters have guts. But look ninon chapel he ran for his third attempt at 4.50 m, after landing on a metal box located along the poles of the jumper, commanding respect. ” swollen foot “, EA athlete Cergy-Pontoise went on board after this twist of fate. Without success with, in the end, a fourteenth place in qualifying with 4.40 m, a bar crossed on the second attempt. ” That’s the game, even if I’m necessarily disappointed not to go to the final. “explained the student of Sébastien Homo and Manu Chapelle. Now she can take the time to heal herself.

Infuriating for Bey

cruel ending for agustin bey in length ratings. Tenth after his 7.73m (-0.2) on the third attempt, the Athletics Metz Métropole jumper thought he had done the hard part. But he saw three athletes go by in the last minutes of the competition. Result: he is the first eliminated from the competition. ” It’s irritatinghe exclaimed. I haven’t been flawless either. It’s a bit disappointing, I really wanted to participate in the final and start working for Paris 2024. All experiences are good to live. » tom campaign ha, he, bit all three of his tries and thus did not qualify.

The hit

Mayer says stop

He may have tried everything, but his body said enough is enough. Kevin Mayer he stopped his effort shortly after the middle of the 100 meters, the first trial of the decathlon. A wise decision, after feeling a puncture in the left adductor muscle. A remnant of an injury that occurred four months ago, during a deadlift. ” I handled it very well but sadly, with the intensity of Eugene’s decathlon, it woke up.He retraced his steps. I knew it was mission impossible in Munich, even if I wanted to give myself every opportunity to have a good time. “The Montpellier A2M slicker ends his season with a world title and without a major injury. There are worse results.

thiery baptist he will not have the opportunity to benefit from his elder’s advice during the rest of his work. But Youth Sports hopeful Franciscaine is confident and has also negotiated his first three runs quite well. After a good 100m in 10”87 (+0.7a), he got a bit stuck at 6.94m (-1.4). But he made up the weight well by taking his record to 12.95 m, in this event that remains his weak point. ” In the decathlon, we must change immediately.he remembered. My coaches helped me. Now I will “focus” on the height. » See you at 6:30 p.m.

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Photos: P. Millereau/KMSP/FFA

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