Déblocage anticipé de l’épargne salariale jusqu’à 10.000 euros : comment ça marche ?

Déblocage anticipé de l'épargne salariale jusqu'à 10.000 euros : comment ça marche ?

47% of French people believe that their financial situation will deteriorate in the future, according to an Opinion Way barometer published in June. NIKCOA / stock.adobe.com

This measure voted within the framework of the purchasing power law will allow affected employees to benefit from additional compensation. explanations.

While France is experiencing a general rise in prices with inflation above 6% in July according to INSEE, the government passed its bill on purchasing power in early August. Among the measures to remember: the early release of up to €10,000 of employee savings until December 31 for private sector employees. Who is really affected by this device? And, more precisely, what does this change for employees? Answers…

Who are the workers affected by this measure?

It’s very simple: all employees who work in the private sector will be able to benefit from it, provided that their seniority rate is greater than three months in cash. Employee savings is a mandatory scheme in companies with more than 50 employees. According to a 2020 Dares study, 9.5 million employees (that is, 52.8% of private sector employees) had access to at least one employee profit sharing, participation or savings plan.

When a company offers employee savings plans, employees regularly receive a letter informing them of the amount they will benefit from. The average amount paid, either as profit sharing and company participation, is estimated at around 1,500 euros on average, according to the Ministry of Labour. A nest of savings that can be received directly or blocked in an employee’s savings account. With this new system, employees will be encouraged to withdraw up to €10,000 of their work savings before the end of the year.

What changes this device?

The early release of employee savings is scheduled to encourage consumption. It should allow the 9.5 million employees with employee savings to freely withdraw up to €10,000 before December 31, 2022. With one particularity: the amount released will not be subject to tax. However, it must be declared by the employer to the tax authorities. The new system prohibits, for example, employees from depositing this money in a savings account or in a life insurance contract.

And for good reason, the government wants this device to be above all dedicated “ the acquisition of goods or the provision of services “. That is, that it serves, in the short term, to restore the purchasing power of households and, at the same time, mitigate the effects of price escalation. However, to release these funds at once, the employee must communicate with your company. The Collective Savings Plans for Retirement (Perco) for their part will not be eligible for the regime. As for the rest of the terms of the measure, they will be detailed in the development decree once the law is published in the Official Gazette.

What is the purpose of this measure?

For low wages, employee savings are often the only preventative savings. This system is, therefore, the perfect way for an employee to complement his base salary, since he obtains a part of the benefits of the company that he himself has helped to develop by creating value. And this contribution is not negligible. According to Opinion Way, 35% of people surveyed rank employee savings as their favorite perk within the company. A figure that even reaches 43% between 25-34 years.

Are there already cases of early release?

Many cases of early release of tax-exempt employee savings already exist outside of this new measure. Employees can release their employee savings in the event of birth, marriage or PACS, divorce or separation with custody of at least one child, disability, death of the employee or their spouse, over-indebtedness, creation of a business, acquisition of a primary residence, or in case of domestic violence.

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