Les différents personnages du procès de Benjamin Mendy

Les différents personnages du procès de Benjamin Mendy

Benjamin Mendy’s trial began in recent days before the court in Chester, England. The French defender is accused of eight rapes, one attempted rape and one sexual assault by several young women. But the Manchester City and France national team player is not the only protagonist in this notorious affair.

Benjamin Mendy, the boiling world champion

He is the protagonist of this trial that is talked about so much in France and across the Channel. Benjamin Mendy is charged with eight rapes, attempted rape and sexual assault. The French have pleaded not guilty to all charges.

Trained in Le Havre, Benjamin Mendy quickly revealed himself in Ligue 1 during his time at OM and then with his move to Monaco. Recruited in 2017 by Manchester City, a benchmark club in Europe, the left-back spent a first season there that was cut short by a serious injury. This will not prevent the talented footballer from being among the 23 winning players of the 2018 World Cup with the France team.

It was precisely after this world coronation that the life of Benjamin Mendy took a new step and that the first violations would have been committed, according to the accusations made by the British justice system. Single and now 28 years old, the tricolor international with 10 selections has also not formalized a serious relationship in recent years.

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Louis Saha Matturie, the partner in crime

Rest assured, Manchester United fans, Louis Saha Matturie has nothing to do with the former Red Devils striker. According to the elements collected by the British press, the 41-year-old Englishman of Sierra Leonean origin is co-defendant with Benjamin Mendy in this highly publicized trial.

According to the story made this Monday by the prosecutor in charge of the case, he would have acted as a kind of assistant to the French soccer player to whom he is close. In particular, he would have been in charge of looking for women to spend the afternoons at the 2018 world champion’s house.

Louis Saha Matturie co-defendant at Mendy trial, August 15, 2022
Louis Saha Matturie co-defendant at Mendy trial, August 15, 2022 © Icon Sport

For this, he would have had the use of an apartment in the center of Manchester paid for by Benjamin Mendy and would have used it to search for and exercise a kind of filtering on the young women who could go to spend the night at the Frenchman’s house. . .

The guests are likely to have sex with the two men. But the role of Louis Saha Matturie would not stop there. The 40-year-old man is thus accused by the courts of eight rapes and four sexual assaults of eight alleged victims. Facts refuted by the co-defendants of this trial who pleaded not guilty to each of the charges.

The thirteen alleged and anonymous victims

The identities of the alleged victims in this case have not been made public by the English media, for legal reasons. Even since the beginning of the trial, the prosecution has insisted on presenting them as “disposable” women in the eyes of Benjamin Mendy to expose a kind of system put in place by the footballer to abuse them.

In total, thirteen complainants appear on the list of Spanish justice and two of them would have been raped by the two co-defendants. The French Manchester City footballer is accused by seven women of eight rapes, one attempted rape and one sexual assault. Louis Saha Matturie is the subject of twelve charges: eight rapes and four sexual assaults out of a total of eight alleged victims.

Timothy Cray, the prosecutor in charge of the case

The man behind the chilling account of the facts imputed to Benjamin Mendy is him. Timothy Cray, who works for 6KBW College Hill. Building on his 33 years of experience across the Canal, the prosecutor in charge of this case has handled numerous files as both a prosecutor and defense attorney.

In the past, he had to deal with the case of a footballer when he was part of the legal team of Frank Lampard and several celebrities in a trial against a gang that stole nearly 31 million euros in jewelry and cash from its victims.

Eleanor Laws and Orla Daly, the two lawyers who defend Mendy

To defend him in court, Benjamin Mendy turned to the consulting firm Hickman & Rose Solicitors, who recommended that he use two renowned attorneys: Eleanor Laws and Orla Daly of the QEB Hollis Whiteman law firm.

Eleanor Laws has become known throughout her career for her mastery of counter-experience and, in particular, for her handling of murder and sexual assault cases. Orla Daly has also made a name for herself in several sexual assault cases.

The juries that will decide the Mendy case

Fourteen jurors were selected from a panel of 38 suitors for this Mendy trial. All of them assured that they had no close or distant relationship with any of the people directly involved in this matter. Present during all hearings, this jury will have the heavy burden of deciding whether the two co-defendants are found guilty or not guilty.

Once again, there is no information about the different members of the jury, except that there are eight men and six women. Two of them will be dismissed from the case once the initial statements of the prosecutor and the defense have been made. Upon arrival, the fate of Benjamin Mendy, Louis Saha Matturie and the thirteen alleged victims will therefore be in the hands of twelve ordinary British citizens.

Judge Steven Everett

Once the jury’s decision is known, the judge in charge of this case will dictate his verdict. Therefore, it is he who will decide on the length of a possible prison sentence for Benjamin Mendy and Louis Saha Matturie.

During the trial, he will also be responsible for asserting the independence of justice and respect for procedures. In this seething Mendy trial, Steven Everett is the judge in charge as “Recorder” (one of the top levels of the British judiciary) of the Chester court. As a reminder, Benjamin Mendy risks his life in prison if he is found guilty on all counts by justice.

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