ATHLE.FR | Championnats d’Europe de Munich : Quatre nouveaux Bleus en finale

ATHLE.FR | Championnats d’Europe de Munich : Quatre nouveaux Bleus en finale

Four new Blues in the final

Jean-Marc Pontvianne and Enzo Hodebar crossed the qualification threshold in the triple jump without trembling, managing to tame a capricious wind. The eldest of the Blues, Mélina Robert-Michon, is also in the discus final, as is Azeddine Habz in the 1500m.


Pontvianne and Hodebar tame the wind

The flags planted atop Munich’s majestic Olympia Stadion vibrated for much of the evening, as did the triple jumpers. Swirling, sometimes ahead, sometimes behind, always intense, the wind played tricks on the athletes on Monday night. In these conditions, it was difficult to set records, with only three attempts to break out of the qualifying trap. Jean-Marc Pontvianne Y Enzo Hödebar however, they have been able to find the key, with performances of choice. The first took off at 16.96 m on the second attempt, a performance synonymous with third place in qualifying, despite the fact that the wind was unfavorable at 2.5 m/s. ” I’ve never jumped so far with so much wind in my noseEugene’s world finalist remarked. We had to adapt, that is one of the qualities of a high-level athlete. It means that I have passed a psychology course, and it is beneficial for the end. The Entente Nîmes Athlétisme member, often ranked but never a medalist at international level, dreams of a first podium at 28 years old.

This will also be the declared aim ofEnzo Hödebar Wednesday night. Seventh in the standings thanks to a first attempt at 16.70m (+0.9), the hope of the Entente Franconville Cesame Val d’Oise never wavered and was even able to do without a third attempt, after a second test not validated. ” I was coming out of Worlds where I stopped in qualifying so I’m happy to get through today.the whisper. We had to try to play smart with the brands and the previous one. “Change of mood in the final, where you will have to be” very aggressive “.” Pichardo is above everyone, but later he will be open » predicts Jean-Marc Pontvianne. The Portuguese logically dominated the debates on Monday, with 17.36 m (+1.2), sixteen centimeters ahead of the Italian Emmanuel Ihemeje (17.20m).

Benjamin Compaore unfortunately you will not participate in the great explanation. The triple jumper from CA Montreuil 93 had to settle for an anecdotal result of 15.17m (20th), after being bothered each time by gusts of wind. ” Now I will be more focused on training Enzo during the final. “, positively treated the 2014 European champion, who wears the double cap of athlete and coach.

the most outstanding

Jordier and Brossier in fanfare

A broken record and two more getting closer. The 400m specialists enjoyed the brown course at the Olympiastadion on Monday. gilles beron He opened the ball in a good dynamic by taking second place in his series at 45”82, qualifying without firing a shot to the semifinals. Thomas Jordan He perfectly followed in his footsteps, winning his team in 45”39, his new reference time, despite a much less vigorous start than his competitors.
amandine brossier
She rounded off the Blues’ highlight by finishing second in her career at 51.26, a few hundredths more than her record on her 27th birthday, although she kept something under her feet at the end of the course, for the semi-finals. A deadline that all rights immediately had in mind and mouth at the time of delivering her feelings to the press. ” We will have to raise our game level to enter the final “pronounced the three musketeers from the back in chorus. sokhna lacoste She tried everything to catch up with her small teammates, but she stumbled at the end of the straight, and her 52”62, which placed her in fifth place in her career, proved insufficient.

the declared

“I gained two meters in twenty years, it is not expensive to pay, considering all the work done since…”

Although he embarked on a ” very awkward situation » at the exit of the first group of qualifications of the disc, Melina Robert Michon he had lost neither his humor nor his memory. At the 2002 Munich Europe, she recalled, she was done.” twelfth with 56 m (Editor’s note: 56.56m). This Monday she took fifth place in her group with 58.85m, and finally reached the final in the combined of the two competitions, with the ninth performance of the day. ” I’m frustrated, because my good feelings from training don’t show up in competition. My first draft is good enough for an introduction, but the next two are too thoughtful, not fluid enough. “, analyzed hot. Qualified to a new grand final, twenty years after the first, he will have 24 hours to try” unplug the brain and get closer to the Mélina of the 2010s, always galloping at big events.

your young compatriot Amanda Ngandu Ntumba a’blearned a lot “in the second contest, while taking the measure of what he still needed to be” at the level of [ses] opponents His best throw was measured at 54.70m, while he needed 57.04m to get into the final.

Habz in the end

With a series-final format, the first round of the 1500m and its classification modality (top 4 and 4 best times) left no room for errors. Azeddine Habz managed to get ahead, occupying the sixth place in the second heat in 3’38”47. A chrono that, despite average sensations “, allowed him to win his ticket in time for Thursday in the faster of the two races. ” Since it had been a long time since he had run, he did not know where he was.recognized the founding half of Val d’Europe Athlétisme. The qualifiers were a good opportunity to test yourself and I’m happy to get to the final. The adventure, however, stopped there for Baptiste Mischler, sixth of his series in 3’39”58. The Alsatian from Unitas Brumath finished strong but started a bit far.

In the 10,000m final, mixed feelings for alessia zarbo Y Mekdes Woldu. The pocket-sized 20-year-old cross-country skier (1.57m) achieved a promising twelfth place with 32’36”28, just seven seconds shy of her record for French hopes, in a race that got carried away from the exit and that the Turk won Yasemin can in 30’32”57. “JI think I can be happy and proud of what I have done. », savored Zarbo.
Mekdes Woldu, was disappointed with her thirteenth place in 32’39”54. ” Frankly, I didn’t measure uphe lamented. From the start of the race I felt tired, without understanding why, since I arrived here in very good shape. »

In the decathlon, a great first day of Baptist Thiery, currently fifteenth with 3993 points. The Martiniquais de la Jeunesse Sportive Franciscaine is at the base of its record, with a new performance reference in weight (12.95m), and solid results over 100m (10.87), in height (1.90) and over 400m (47”66). The only bad performance of him: his 6.94 m length. The only Frenchman in the race since Kevin Mayer’s retirement in the 100m, the hopeful can hope to reach the symbolic bar of 8,000 points for the first time, if he continues to push him. On Tuesday he will have the opportunity to make a great comeback, especially in the pole vault, his great strength with a record of 5.70 m.

Florian Gaudin-Winer and Etienne Nappey for
Photos: JM Hervio – P. Millereau / KMSP / FFA

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