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Seen and read about PSG in the French press this Tuesday, August 16. The Neymar-Mbappé relationship and its evolution, the return of Antero Henrique and the new management

the parisian reveals in its edition of the day that the sports management of PSG met with Neymar and Mbappé and wanted “to go quickly and not spoil the promises of dawn”. The two players met again this Sunday after training at the Camp des Loges in the company of Luis Campos and his trainer Christophe Galtier, and he wanted to go back to the incident of the day before. The local newspaper specifies that since Saturday afternoon “those in charge of the locker room”, including Sergio Ramos, went to discuss with the two players to try to lower the tension. The dressing room is aware that the start of the season is sportingly idyllic. The next day, the heads of the sports sector, Campos and Galtier, therefore wanted to demonstrate the authority of the hierarchy.
The PSG sports adviser “reminds the two attackers that their behavior must not at any time harm the team’s performance and that the dirty laundry, if any, must be washed in the family and not on the pitch, in front of the cameras”, write The Parisian. The purpose of this meeting was to defuse this incident, “which seems to have worked. Neymar admitted having “confused his status as shooter number 2 and the second penalty scored in the same game”, according to journalist Dominique Sévérac. At the end of this interview, the two players would have “admitted that the incident was closed, with a locker room that expects them to act in solidarity if not being complicit. »

the parisian takes stock of the evolution of the relationship between Kylian Mbappé and Neymar since his arrival at PSG in 2017. The newspaper explains that the entire club and relatives are calming things down: “We are going to fix this”; “Ordinary Episode”; “We exaggerate everything because it is Paris”; “Let’s not start creating problems in August”, etc. However, the two players have apparently “never been so far apart”. This friendship would have “fallen apart over the months, without there being a culprit” due to multiple disagreements, on and off the field. When they arrived at PSG, the beginning of their relationship was based on benevolence and altruism, on the ground, the first few months are considered “perfect”.
In 2020, the two players “pull in the same direction” for the Final 8 of the Champions League, which they will lose in the final, but the 2020-2021 season “marks a turning point. In private, the Frenchman is less tolerant of deviations from the Brazilian. When one considers himself above reproach, the other stresses his need for decompression. Mbappé’s ambitions grow, legitimate in terms of his performance, in terms of his place in the club. He is the best player on this team, he shows it and wants to be treated as such”, describes Le Parisien. In the summer of 2021 his tiredness grows and the French international asks for his departure to Real Madrid… which he will not get. In response, PSG will hold an XXL transfer window. Between Neymar meeting Messi and Mbappe being close to Hakimi, the two stars rub shoulders only very little off the pitch.

The team focuses on PSG’s organizational chart with one specifically on the return of Antro Henrique. Three years after leaving PSG, the Portuguese returns as an unexpected comeback thanks to the restructuring of the pre-season imposed on the Brazilian. Since March, the former FC Porto manager is officially the sporting director of the Qatar Football League. “Henrique never left the landscape in Doha. Close to decision-makers, with whom he already worked before his first visit to Paris (2017-2019), he always kept in touch and continued to be appreciated by the Emir’s inner circle. Thus, in the last three years, he has been consulted on strategic issues or to streamline files (Danilo Pereira, Nuno Mendes), in parallel with other freelance positions for the Portuguese Federation, for example, ”he writes. The team.
After Leonardo’s departure, the Parisian shareholder entrusted the Parisian coach with the task of saying goodbye to many undesirables: “A tremendous job, considering that the club has put fifteen elements on the market.” Antero Henrique is active to separate himself from players like Gueye, Paredes, Kehrer, Kurzawa.
He is also in the front line of signings, where he intervenes in one way or another in all cases, including those of women (Marie-Antoinette Katoto’s extension) or young people (he is the one who signed Ayman Kari’s first professional contract). The former president of FC Porto is also working “on the project of signing alliances with satellite clubs, in order to offer a favorable ground for the development of the house’s neo-professionals.”

The team reveals that the PSG organization during this transfer window is made up of three men who took control and shared functions. First the president, Nasser al-Khelaïfi, then the sports adviser, Luis Campos, and the last, without an official seal but with a mandate from PSG, Antero Henrique.
From the beginning of the transfer window, “it is the Portuguese manager who leads the transfer negotiations, purchases and sales, with the other clubs. The distribution of roles is clear: Campos, after discussing with Christophe Galtier, draws up a list of players that he wishes to incorporate, with an order of priority; Henrique is in charge of establishing contact with the clubs involved and carrying out the negotiations,” he writes. The team. This process is also the case of sales where Luis Camps provides him with the names of contracted players that the squad no longer has and it is his responsibility to find a way out for them.

Campos quickly got to work and quickly contacted Vitinha and Hugo Ekitike’s agents to express his interest and tell them that these were his priorities in his positions. He is responsible for convincing his targets that his sporting interest is in Paris and nowhere else. To the former Reims striker, for example, he guaranteed that a new, more French-speaking PSG would see the light and that he intended to make room for the best young French and Ligue 1 players.
“Once the fish is hooked”, Campos sends the file to Henrique, who then takes care of the entire contractual dimension and the negotiation of the transfer compensation, accompanied by Grégory Durand, the club’s director of legal affairs.

If Nasser al-Kehlaifi could have been very interventionist between 2016 and 2018 during the different transfer windows, the PSG president has regained some sporting authority this year. He validated, of course, the list of players that Campos and Galtier wanted to sign but also the undesirable ones. The Parisian president had also taken advantage of his proximity to Pini Zahavi to make a quick phone call to Robert Lewandowski before he joined Barcelona. It could still be put into use soon. For example, “Paris has not given up on signing Inter Milan’s Slovenian international defender Milan Skriniar. Campos has reached an agreement with the player and his agent, Henrique has multiplied contacts with Inter but the file is no longer advancing. There are fifteen days left for the new triumvirate to find a solution”, he concludes. The team.

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