ATHLE.FR | Championnats d’Europe de Munich : Bigot a fait durer le plaisir

ATHLE.FR | Championnats d’Europe de Munich : Bigot a fait durer le plaisir

Bigot made the pleasure last

Quentin Bigot shot twice this morning in the hammer qualifying, which did not prevent him from winning without forcing his ticket to the final, with a sixth place. Victor Coroller and Camille Séri, first and second respectively in their 400m hurdles heat, cruised through the first round in style.

the qualifiers

Bigot did extra

His first throw, although just short of the direct qualifying line (77.22m by 77.50m requested), was more than enough. quentin fanatic he knew it, but he still took his presence one step further in the hammer cage of the Olympic Stadium on Wednesday morning. ” I told Pierre-Jean (Vazel, his trainer, Editor’s Note) that I wanted to do a second easy one, without taking any physical risk, just in technique Messin said. The result was very similar to his first attempt, with 77.11m, and he finally put on the blinker to regain freshness and backstage. ” It was hot this morning, and I think it’s smart not to lose juice with a third try. On Thursday night, conditions will be quite different, as a storm is forecast… “It’s not enough to scare Eugene’s fourth World Championship, which has already been thrown far in the rain in the past, and not later than a few days ago in Chorzow (78.83m). Believing to have recovered well from the series of competitions, Fanatic feels capable” reproduce the same performances as in the world championships “. Facing the same opponents, but with the firm intention of changing the order of arrival.

Coroller and Séri without trembling

With potentially three races to negotiate in three days, if he can make it to the final, Victor Corolero he could have run with the handbrake on the last straight of the 400 m hurdles, almost ensuring a place among the top 3 classified directly for the semis. Nothing happened, as the Haute Bretagne Athletics hurdler made it a point of honor to win the heat from him in 49”35, a short distance from the Briton. jacob paul (49”40) and the Swiss julien bonvin (49”41). A good time just 24 hundredths of the record from him, promising in the morning.

The goal was to win the series with, if possible, a good time to put myself in the best possible position for tomorrow and have a good line. explains the athlete trained by Flavio Zberg in Switzerland. To avoid running outside, as happened this morning (line 7). ” It’s not my preferred runner, mostly because my fault is often not leaving too much, but we had to deal with that. I was really focused on the first five obstacles and started at the right pace. »

A master’s degree that shows that Victor Corolero He knew how to apprehend his return to the Blues, the one whose last great championship returned to Europe in Berlin in 2018”. I felt a lot of adrenaline yesterday, I had to control thatconfess. And this morning, there were a lot of emotions. The France national team jersey weighs a little more than the others. I’ve been waiting four years for this. I’m glad I managed to drive. I live for the championships. And in a stadium like this, it’s magnificent. So you might as well prolong the pleasure as long as possible.

lactic and fun

Contract completed also for Camila Seri. The member of Nice Côte d’Azur Athletics took second place in her series in 56”18, two hundredths behind the Swiss Annina Fahre. A job well done, even if it took the pocket-sized athlete long minutes to recover, lying on the track. However, there is nothing to worry about. ” I had a great lactic high, my head was a bit dizzy after my runshe reassures.
This happens to me often. “Well thrown up to the sixth hurdle, thanks to a” scheme with a lot of commitment “, she then” make mistakes from 7 to 10 “. So there are still several tenths to scratch in the next round. ” For my first European seniors, a semi-final is already huge.savors the student of Emmanuel Mistral. I have never seen such a big stadium in my life. When I walked in yesterday to cheer on my teammates, I had tears in my eyes.

the eliminated

Jean-Baptiste Brussels has ” he fought with his weapons in the hammer class, where he ranked 20th overall, with 70.79m. And although his first jet, outside the sector, undoubtedly went much further, he did not have the slightest regret, telling himself on the contrary ” happy to have been in the fight for [son] piece of steak. Last year, I was still throwing 6kg, so I still don’t have the experience and weapons to secure a qualifying throw like the best. But in the next few years I will excite them again. “, He promised.

Yann Chaussinand, for his part, did not find the key to express himself in the first group, since he saw how his three tries ended his career in the cage. The Clermontois tried to turn things around between their attempts, to no avail. Disappointed, he admitted to the reporters’ microphones that his technique and his mind had not matched his physical form at the time, as the final ticket to the 73.26m final was negotiated.

Cambours wants more

After the first two heptathlon events, played under a scorching sun, Leonie Cambours occupies, with 1988 points, the provisional seventh position of a classification overwhelmed as expected by the Belgian Nafissatou Thiam (2285 points). Despite a ” big mistake At the eighth hurdle, the Norman from SPN Vernon covered her 100m hurdles in 13”52, two tenths off her personal best. A performance ” Right in their own words. Height was a bit trickier, with a best jump at 1.77m, nine centimeters short of his benchmark. ” I miss my competition a bit despite a good warm-up, regrets the team coached by Wilfrid Boulineau. I’m disappointed, but these are the combinations, we will do the math at the end “. You will have the opportunity to remobilize from the weight, which will begin shortly before 8 p.m.

Florian Gaudin-Winer and Etienne Nappey for
Photos: JM Hervio – P. Millereau / KMSP / FFA

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