La Plate-forme se rêve en Amazon charentais

La Plate-forme se rêve en Amazon charentais

It is not a utopia to have a local online market.

support digitization

Thus, from a “simple” e-commerce platform that allows member merchants to set up a click-and-collect solution, the beta version has been expanded to become a real e-commerce site with delivery logistics. A “Local Amazons”laughs Laure Raffoux, account manager. “We worked for more than six months to achieve its current version”explains Mickaël Crenn. To do this, he hired the services of two clerks and a work-study student. From three people, the team will increase to four in September.

Operational, the Platform now has 125 member companies from Charente. The condition in this matter is that the Siret be filed in the department. “They are local producers, but also service companies”Laure Raffoux explains.

On the profile of the companies that take the step, “We have some who had problems getting through the digitization process”, continues the person in charge of the account for whom the signage of the course reassures some of them. others, “up to 75%”you already have a website “and its visibility on the platform does not compete with it. »

Double the number of companies by 2023

Thus, one can buy food products, fashion products, products for children, for the home or even services on the site. “When buying online, the customer can slide several products into his basket that will be packed in a box”. The latter is then deposited with one of the 17 relay packs spread across the territory. “We don’t deliver the last mile”takes over Mickaël Crenn, who intends to double the number of associated companies by May 2023. Companies must pay a monthly flat rate available in three formulas: at 29 euros/month for “Visibility in the window (virtual editor’s note)”, at 49 euros for access to the e-commerce interface and finally at 99 euros for maximum support, in particular with the management of the product catalog by a dedicated advisor. The online payment solution adopted is the one developed by Crédit Agricole and called Agora Pay.

For the founder of La Plate-forme, the idea of ​​the approach is almost militant: “demonstrate that no, it is not a utopia to have a local online market”. The test by the click!

“Relocate business”

Renaud Lambert, co-founder of A Bee in the Studio
“With my brother Gauthier, we buy honey in bulk before repackaging and marketing it. Today we work with four beekeepers from the region, including our father, who lives in Vienne. Three years have passed since we settled in Charente. Before that, I was in Lyon, still in the honey sector. I still have many clients there. But the idea is also to relocate our business and our clients a little. What the Platform allows us, by giving us visibility in the department. We also collaborate with a confectioner from Angoulême who works with our products. »

Marc Fourchaud, founder of Maze.

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“ Gain visibility in Charente ”

Marc Fourchaud, founder of Maze
“I am a roaster and I have only been established in Cognac for a year. I mainly work with high-end coffees. My clients are charcuterie in the department but also consumers who buy online, via My Web site. Joining La Platform allows me to gain visibility in the Charente region. As the Platform is located in Angoulême, it also opens up my network a bit beyond Cognac. The logistics network seems very interesting to me. When I have an order, I put my few packs of coffee in a collection point and then they pack them (in the boxes Editor’s Note). I also appreciate the collective aspect of working with brands from Charente. »

“An energy”

Sandrine Gautreau, creator of Dermoethics
“I created a site 4 years ago, to market under the Dermoethic brand and for individuals the essences and essential oils produced by the manufacturer Alain Bernard-Brunel based in Lagarde-sur-le-Né. Our clients are spread all over France. The Platform gives us visibility in Charente, together with other traders of ethical products and I think that’s great. Alone behind my computer, I’ve been a bit out of breath the last few months. The Platform brings us energy, with complete and professional services.”

Sandrine Gautreau.

Sandrine Gautreau.

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