Les meilleures pistes pour vivre sans travailler

Les meilleures pistes pour vivre sans travailler

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How to build a heritage to extract all or part of your income in the long term? Some answers to start. The horizon and the desired income are the key elements to define your destination. Inflation endangers the goals of aspiring pensioners. Real estate: the cities where to invest to obtain the best profitability and find tenants.

It seems that ” no one wants to work anymore and, if so, we look forward to helping you get there. In this dossier we explain how to become an annuitant, that is, live off the income from your investments. However, it will be necessary to already have a nest of eggs, therefore, to have worked, in the absence of having touched a large inheritance or won the lottery.

The selection of investments will also take a bit of effort, but, at the end of the road, you have the dividends, interest and other income that falls at the end of the month! However, we do not intend to promise you the high life, but, more modestly, additional resources or a measured income. Do not forget that this sum is subject to tax. There are many tax provisions to reduce the bill, such as the stock savings plan or life insurance, but generally it is necessary to account for 30% that goes to taxes and contributions, that is, the level of the lump sum deduction applicable to capital income

Rents are taxed even more, because they are subject to the progressive scale of personal income tax, to which must be added social security contributions (17.2%), which sometimes represents half of what is received through real estate But there are still plenty of ways to ease the pain: work, rent a furnished home, or invest through life insurance. Because we must not in any way neglect real estate, especially in this period of rising consumer prices. “Inflation is to a certain extent favorable to real estate, since rents are indexed, but as long as the tenant is sufficiently solvent », highlights Stéphanie Galiègue, deputy general director of the Real Estate and Territorial Savings Institute (IEIF). It is a question of threshold difficult to determine. » A map of France with the cities with the best yields will give you some ideas on where to invest, but you should also pay attention to the demand, which we have taken care to indicate to you.

The stone-paper, with a real estate investment company (SCPI), can represent a good solution to avoid taking too many risks in a single or few properties, since it invests in dozens, even in a hundred assets. Above all, there is nothing left to manage. Prayed, “not having to take care of your investments, that’s the idea behind the term annuitantsupports Guillaume Arnaud, chairman of the board of directors of a specialist in the field, Sofidy. If it becomes your profession, you are no longer a rentier.” Therefore, we republish our list of the best SCPIs.

Difficult equation with inflation

However, the director of the Cercle de l’épargne, Philippe Crevel, is not the most optimistic for the sector, although he still gives some advice for anyone tempted by real estate: “We must move towards well-located offices, but they may still experience difficulties with the development of teleworking. There is still strong demand from the warehouse side. » She is more concerned about the residences, due to the restrictions on rent increases: “The government has planned to limit them to 3.5% for a yearremember. And remember that the 1948 law applied until the 1980s. It raises the specter of a text that strongly restricted rentals of old houses, a law adopted in the postwar period when several French cities had been razed. We are not there yet, and the government is far from thinking of such a measure. Nonetheless, it shows a desire to protect tenants from excessive inflation.

A laudable goal, but one that is not convenient for rentiers, who must find new ways to beat inflation. This last issue is important, because it is the security of preserving the purchasing power of capital.

Only, with an increase in consumer prices in July of 6.1% in one year, according to INSEE, it is difficult to do better. Nor do we pretend to offer more in our simulations., because the assets that are likely to offer the most are too scarce or risky to constitute the bulk of wealth. “Now we must give preference to stocks that hold up well”, suggests however Philippe Crevel. And Stéphanie Galiègue to remember that “Stocks are certainly interesting over a very long period, but with high volatility”.

According to an IEIF study, they are more efficient after forty years, but the real estate company is the winner after fifteen years. However, the horizon is one of the first elements to take into account to define your assignment.

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