Paris: les premiers marquages “moto payant” font leur apparition

Paris: les premiers marquages "moto payant" font leur apparition

While motorized two-wheeler parking will be paid for from September 1, we are already discovering the first brands at dedicated locations.

As of September 1 in Paris, two-wheeled thermal vehicles will have to pay for their parking on the street, like cars. A decision made at the end of June, with details of the prices and affected vehicles.

Less than two weeks before this great novelty for the French capital, the first “pay bike” brands have appeared near the dedicated locations, as a BFM Paris team has been able to verify.

From September 1, 2022, parking for two-wheelers is paid in Paris
From September 1, 2022, parking for two-wheelers is paid in Paris © BFM Paris

Prices reduced by half compared to cars.

On the tariff side, this is the grid currently applied to cars, but with a tariff divided by two.

For a visitor, it will be necessary to count €3 per hour in zone 1 (from district 1 to district 11) for the first two hours. The third hour is €6 (that is, €12 in total for being parked for three hours), the fourth is €7.50, the fifth and sixth hours are €9 each. This is also the maximum authorized parking time, with a total cost of €37.50 for remaining parked for six hours.

Important detail: each hour can be divided into sections of 15 minutes: if you stay 2 hours and 15 minutes parked in zone 1, it will cost you €7.50: the rate for two hours, that is, €6, plus the fourth part of the third hour at €6, or €1.50.

From the 12th to the 20th arrondissement (including the Bois de Vincennes), prices are slightly lower, with €2 for the first two hours, a third hour at €4, a fourth at €5, and the fifth and sixth at €6. . There are 6 hours, maximum parking time, for €25.

Visitor parking fees for motorized two-wheelers starting September 1.
Visitor parking fees for motorized two-wheelers starting September 1. © Paris City Hall

Parking payment is made directly at the parking meter by entering your license plate, or on dedicated mobile applications (PayByPhone, ParkNow or Flowbird).

What fines?

The fine, or rather the FPS (for post-parking package), corresponds to the amount that is applied to the maximum parking time.

In zone 1, from district 1 to 11, the FPS is therefore €37.50 (€26.25 reduced rate if paid in 4 days), €25 (€17.50 reduced) in the zone 2, from district 12 to 20.

Two-wheeled electric vehicles, like cars, will not have to pay for parking. But there are no parking discs like for cars, specifies the Paris City Council, “you must get a daily ticket in the mobile applications (from 1 to 6 days for resident or professional parking in authorized areas, daily for parking outside these areas). or visitor parking). “

Resistant prices and for professionals

For Parisian residents, it is possible to apply for parking right now by mail or on the city website. Please note that this cannot be combined with an already granted right for a car.

The subscription for residents amounts to €45 for three years or €22.50 for one year, which can be extended, which allows daily parking tickets to be charged for 75 euro cents in neighborhoods near the home.

For professionals with a mainly mobile activity (domiciled in Paris, in the inner and outer suburbs): subscription of €120 per year that allows parking fines to be collected for up to 7 hours at 25 euro cents per hour.

For companies domiciled in Paris whose activity is mainly sedentary (including health professionals exercising a liberal activity): subscription at €22.50 per year, renewable, which allows the collection of daily parking tickets for 75 euro cents in the neighborhoods near the establishment.

For home care professionals: free subscription for one year, renewable, which allows the contracting of free daily subscriptions as long as at least 100 home visits are made per year.

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