Netflix : la version low-cost se passera de cette fonctionnalité très utile

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The ad-supported Netflix experience will be limited. Subscribers will not be able to take advantage of this useful feature.

Netflix is ​​no longer popular. The streaming offer that for a long time reigned over the small world of SVOD begins to observe a clear decline in its progress. In the last quarter, the firm showed a decrease of one million in its number of subscribers. But the firm of Reed Hastings seems to have found the solution to all their problems. It is currently working on a low-cost version of its offering.

Specifically, in exchange for a more advantageous price, users will have to compromise to see some ads. Although the firm had made the absence of advertising pages its spearhead throughout the world, now it invites within its offer to gain profitability. Netflix has understood that the price of its subscriptions could discourage some people, the company hopes to convince them with this new strategy.

At the moment, it is not known how many ads will be aired for each movie or episode. On the other hand, today we learn a little more about the features that can be used or not. Bad news for nomads, offline access will not be on the program. In fact, Bloomberg has detected in the application code the mention: “Downloading is accessible to all subscriptions except Netflix with ads.”

For those who are not familiar with the process, it allows you to download a movie or series to your phone so that you can enjoy it at any time. This function is very useful when you travel, if you want to save your mobile data in a foreign country, for example, or simply if your means of transport does not have WiFi on board. From now on, this flexibility will be paid.

don’t bother trying

Bloomberg continued his exploration inside the app’s code to learn a little more about this new offering. Obviously, it will not be possible to avoid advertising pages. In fact, the American media indicates a block that will prevent users from skipping the ad. As for YouTube, for example, users should be able to browse while reading, except when the ad is displayed. There is no need to try to travel for free, we will have to support promotional videos.

However, we do not know how often it will be broadcast. We will probably have to wait for the months before the launch of this formula to find out a little more. Netflix has many projects in the works. The platform is also developing a geolocated limitation that will limit the sharing of an account within a household.

The purpose of sharing accounts

Specifically, only residents of the same dwelling will be able to access the service. The tool is in the testing phase in South America, but will soon land in our green regions. However, there are still some adjustments to be made. This especially affects nomadic users, who could take a dim view of this lock. Remember that from the beginning, Netflix has tolerated sharing access outside the same household, however, its terms of use explicitly mention that a subscription is reserved for members of the same host.

Kids in college or boyfriends and girlfriends will soon have to go. However, in the case of temporary travel, Netflix will be more accommodating. The habitual residence will always have access to the Netflix catalogue, but in the case of a household with two dwellings, access to the service will only be authorized for fifteen days. Once this period has elapsed, it will be necessary to decide to define this domicile as the main one.

On the help page of the service in Argentina it says: “You can watch Netflix on a TV outside your home for up to two weeks, as long as your account hasn’t been used there before. This is allowed once per location per year.” If you want to add a new home, you will have to pay extra.

The arrival of a lower-cost offer is timely. It remains to be seen what effect these new strategies will have on the growth of the streaming service. If its results in the second quarter of 2022 were better than expected, the company is far from out of the woods.

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