ATHLE.FR | Championnats d’Europe de Munich : Bigot et David la tête haute

ATHLE.FR | Championnats d’Europe de Munich : Bigot et David la tête haute

Bigot and David with their heads held high

Quentin Bigot and Yanis David played their match in the men’s hammer and women’s length final on Thursday night in Munich, Messin taking seventh despite back pain and the Guadeloupean eighth. Shana Grebo caused a sensation by opening the doors to the final of the 200 meters, a test in which she was not a specialist until a few months ago.

the finalists

Bigot seventh to courage

Sometimes you have to go beyond the raw results. Seventh in the hammer final with 77.48m, quentin fanatic remained this Thursday night below its usual standards. Seeing him take a first throw at 75.23m, followed by two throws into the cage, the French clan quickly realized something was wrong. Messin’s metronome, with his usually oily technique, is indeed not used to this kind of scum. If he increased his power during the second part of the competition, with a fourth throw at 75.48m, a fifth at 76.67m and a sixth at 77.48m, Pierre-Jean Vazel’s pupil could never express himself as he would. he would have liked.

The fault lies with an injury, as he explained at the end of the competition: ” I went a little off axis on the first try and locked my back. I felt it was going to be difficult. I have had this before. It is a contracture that affects the sciatic nerve, I feel it even in my leg. The violent storm that hit Munich in the early afternoon, delaying the start of the session by thirty minutes and dropping the temperature by several degrees, no doubt played a role in this physical failure. ” I arrived on set in my usual shoes.rewind the fourth of Eugenio’s Worlds. I saw it slide. I was the first to shoot, I ran, I was a bit tense. My back must have cooled down a bit and then cracked. These are things that can happen and, unfortunately, it happens in the European Championships. »

quentin fanatic He had the merit of not giving up, in circumstances that would have killed more than one. ” When I saw that I was in the top 8 I told myself that I had to try to rebuild starting from technique and forgetting about the stadium. I had to drop things to stop hurting. And still, it was not enough. Except the furniture on the last try. I’m pretty happy with it, even if I’m bound to be disappointed. I’m not going to come home, curl up in my house and cry. »

David between two waters

Eighth in a long final that saw the Serbian ivana vuleta play german Malaika Mihambo after a superb duel (7.06 m against 7.03 m), yanis david she was pleased to have dropped into the top eight on the continent in her first Europe, and frustrated that she hadn’t moved closer to the top 3. pretty sure at 6.43m, he showed impeccable consistency around this mark, before concluding his competition with his best jump of the night, measured at 6.51m despite a strong headwind (-2.3). ” Unfortunately, I made the same technical error nearly every time, letting my shoulders drop back as I hit the board, slowing me down and altering my jump angle. “, he explained afterwards. Only after” two complicated years », the junior world champion found her way back to the international finals and regained her confidence. ” I feel that I can jump 6.80 m. (performance by Britain’s Jasmin Sawyers, bronze medalist, editor’s note) and beat my record (6.84m). I’m going to keep working for that, and we’ll see what happens. »

The promise

Grebo, the blue slimming

Shana Grebo It was the pleasant surprise of the evening for the French team. Already very comfortable in the 200m heat in the morning, with a first place in 23”00, the sprinter from Haute Bretagne Athlétisme did it again in the semi-finals, finishing second in her career in 23” 13 (+0 ,3) to qualify directly for the final. As earlier that day, she made an impressive comeback in a straight line, taking advantage of her sprinting skills in the 400m and 400m hurdles. ” I’m not afraid of breaking down late in the race, that’s when I can make time with 100m sprinters who have faster action than me.analyzed the student at the University of Oregon in Eugene. I didn’t want to give up second place at all, so I started to overtake the Spaniard, with whom we fought the entire race. I’m very happy ! » In the final on Friday night, Shana Grebo
you will have nothing to lose. ” You have to do the perfect race, because you can’t deny yourself anything. My start was better than in the series, but I still have some details to correct to beat my record, I feel like I have it in my legs. »

A few minutes earlier, his comrade Gemma Joseph stop in the semifinals, after his fifth place in 23”36 (zero wind). Troubled by a sore throat the week before her start, the Guyanese didn’t have much fuel left for a second top-level race on the same day.

Meba Mickael Zeze very close to the top 8

In the 200 meter semifinals, miguel meba Y ryan zezeas much as Fall of Mohamadouthey have experienced races with a fairly similar scenario: a tight corner then a more complicated straight, with legs that get heavier in the last fifty meters.
Third best time of the participants, Meba Mickael Zeze he is the Habs that came closest to a place in the final. In the lead after 100m, Mandelieu member La Napoule AC got stuck and saw the Briton Charles Dobson (20”21) as well as the Turkish Ramil Guliyev (20”44) slips under their noses. Third in 20”47 (+0.4), he then had to wait on the bench as second in provisional time. But the third part, faster, led to the elimination of him. ” Once again, I’m not going very far.the Frenchman whispered. It means a lot to me. We will have to be very strong mentally to return to the relay. I gave everything I had, but I made a technical foul in the turn that prevented me from restarting at the start. »
ryan zeze Y Fall of Mohamadou both finished sixth in their career, respectively in 20”58 (-0.1) and 20”83 (+0.0). Note that the latter suffered a contracture in the left hamstring during the warm-up, which penalized him.

have you tried

above the lot, Jakob Ingebrigtsen he didn’t bother with the details by running a train race, on very high bases. With the title and a championship record of 3’32”76 as a prize. Azeddine Habz he risked, trying to keep up with the pace set by the Norwegian. ” I was ready for all scenarios, so as soon as he passed in front of me, I got right behind. “said the founding half of Val d’Europe Athlétisme. In the race up to 1000m, he suffered a breakdown in the last third of the race and crossed the finish line in tenth position, with a time of 3’40”92. ” I take positive from this experience. Let’s say I’m satisfied. I expected better, but I’m learning. »

sebastien-micheau Y Leonie Cambours they have also learned a lot rubbing shoulders with the European gratin of their respective specialities, despite the vagaries of the competition. Like four of their opponents, Deux-Sévriens failed all three of their attempts at 2.18m, the first bar installed in a high-altitude final interrupted and delayed by half an hour due to the storm at the start of the night session in Munich. The Euroise “wanted to go to the end of [son] heptathlon”, for the pleasure and experience, after having bitten his three length attempts in the early morning. He threw the javelin at 36.35 m and ran the 800 m in 2’22”20, finishing in fourteenth position and a total of 4949 points.

Finally, manon trapp made up his half of the day in the spectacular 5000m final, during which the Bavarian crowd was delighted to see the local Constance Klosterhalfen go up then pass the turk Yasemin can in the last kilometer to win in a fiery environment. La Aixoise finished his effort in 16’15”44, in nineteenth place.

Florian Gaudin-Winer and Etienne Nappey for
Photos: JM Hervio – P. Millereau / KMSP / FFA

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