Arrêt de ING en France : ils témoignent d’un cauchemar avec la banque

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The smooth transition towards closing the ING accounts in France has come to an end. The portfolio of one million clients in France in online banking is not as easy to manage as expected. Legal actions are being prepared, at the initiative of the president of the France Conso Banque association, Michel Guillaud (himself concerned about the situation).

More and more customers would feel embarrassed after the bank closed their account without delay. In the middle of summer, many regretted having received emails at the last moment, without the possibility of organizing themselves to change banks in time. Customers of savings or investment products would not escape this.

Regulated savings accounts (Livret A, LDDS) are affected by this transfer emergency. And at this point, instead of closing the accounts overnight, ING France would be overwhelmed by the volume of files. Delays in account closure would be significant, and in the meantime, customers cannot open an account elsewhere; the law only allows one such booklet per person.

Forced march to Boursorama Banque

To understand the situation, we have to go back a few months. On April 5, ING and Boursorama Banque jointly announced a somewhat special partnership. If Boursorama was going to recover ING’s life insurance accounts outright, the negotiations had not provided the same for current accounts. Instead, ING offered Boursorama Banque “exclusive partner” status with a simplified and attractive account transfer system (€320 premium).

Discover Boursorama Bank

Understand that customers were going to be contacted “onward until summer”, proposals to clients for a simplified process to transfer their assets to Boursorama Banque and to subscribe to a banking offer. And for all customers who have not chosen to go this route, the transfer will be much less seamless. “We have the impression of being led by bayonet thrusts”said a client on the site specialized in jurisdiction the particular.

With accounts wiped out overnight, it’s as if ING reasoned only on the assumption that all of its clients choose Boursorama Banque and transfer their funds before the summer. According to figures from Boursorama, 200,000 customers of ING France’s current account have opted for the classic route to transfer their outstanding balances to the main French online bank. The ratio is respectable, but it suggests that tens of thousands of people could theoretically still be in trouble.

However, some customers have had no problems.

Following the publication of our article, several clients testified that they had no difficulty transferring their assets to a new account at another bank.

Florian, in the comments to this article, explains his case: “I am a bit surprised by this article. Concerned about an A booklet and a joint account, we were instead harassed by emails and letters. We could very well have chosen a different solution than Boursorama. the account is not closed promptly. 2 months ago until the last ultimatum was received. The transition is fully automated. It’s disconcertingly easy. As a bonus, Boursorama offered us a bonus of 130 euros”.

Alex, on Twitter, also confirmed that he was able to fix everything without hindrance. “Everything went very well. You just have to open your emails and letters. Everything is explained there. I have already transferred all my assets to my new bank.”

Galley in other products

We mentioned savings, with the difficulty of opening a savings account at another bank, as ING is inundated with requests to close accounts. There are also many difficulties with the banks across the street. “We are struggling to meet the deadlines imposed by the ING”told the site the particular the director of the BNP Paribas Foch Maillot agency in Paris.

In the legal action, the plaintiffs also want to be able to be compensated for the gap period during which they will not receive interest on their savings, due to the change of establishment. “You can contact us to join the collective action that we are going to undertake. The objective is that each saver is compensated, at least, for the interests that he has not received ”Michel Guillaud said.

Holders of a PEA (Stock Savings Plan) or a securities account are also very interested in hurrying to change, because ING is not kidding anymore. More than administrative problems, clients are threatened with losing all their seats. “In the absence of a request to transfer or close the securities account or PEA, ING reserves the right to initiate the closure of your account(s) from August 2022 and to sell your securities in accordance with our general conditionswarns the online bank.

Such products still require special attention, while in these unsettled times with the recession, customers certainly did not want to change stores. During the transfer period, they would not have been able to touch their investments (buy or sell shares, for example).

Finally, to credit, a journalist from the site. the particular advised ING clients to keep things as clean as possible so as not to be penalized. In essence, ING is not stopping its lending activity (for not having found an interested buyer), but is transferring all contracts to its Dutch branch with potential obstacles for the client.

To continue with ING, it is better to quickly inform the bank of the current account from which you want to make monthly transfers and send the form submitted by the bank by registered letter, which will serve as proof in case of any problems. Not a useless expense, since if the information of the new bank details does not reach ING, you could be sanctioned for non-refund, a real task in a bank file.

The postal address in question: ING – Real Estate Credit / Management, Free response 70678, 75567 Paris Cedex 12.

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