Mike Tyson au plus mal ! Voici cette photo du boxeur qui inquiète la toile.

Mike Tyson

Mike Tyson, the most famous American boxer at his worst! In a wheelchair, his health is in great danger, here are all the details.

Mike Tyson’s health worries his fans. The man was recently seen. at the Miami airport. And obviously, it didn’t seem to be on her plate.

Especially in what former boxing champion currently uses a wheelchair. But what happened? These new photos of the man quickly go around the web. And of course, they did not fail to make many people react.

Mike Tyson is still so popular!

Who does not know Mike Tyson? ? During his career Boxer, the man did not leave anyone indifferent. His strength, dedication and vitality are its main strengths to differentiate itself from its competitors.

Mike is currently 56 years and is considered as a boxing legend. And even today, people still talk about him. Indeed, your professional career It never ceases to inspire more than one.

Mike Tyson he is a very expressive man ! When she doesn’t like a situation, she doesn’t hesitate for a second to let him know. Let’s remember that this event caused controversy Some months ago. While he was in the middle of a plane ride, it seems that a passenger on the plane was playing with him!

be a person who I do not like to be disturbed, violently attacked the person behind him. This scene was immortalized and made many netizens react!

The former boxing legend suffers from serious back problems!

During a race in the ring scored by knockouts, former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson seemed invincible. Especially since he has gone from juvenile delinquent to boxing glory !

But today, 56 year old man seems to slow down face many problems of health. A detail that especially worries his fans, knowing that he just came out of the closet a rest period !

The champion was photographed in a wheelchair Monday at Miami International Airport. According to the media, Mike Tyson suffers from back problems, including “chronic sciatica”.

So what last month, the man still moved like the Iron Mike of old. And now an airport employee helps him. to scroll !

Mike Tyson: a strong man!

Despite everything that happens to himMike Tyson is still smiling! Indeed, the legendary fighter posed for selfies with fans from his wheelchair. she wore a large cane on his knees. An effort that did not fail reach internet users !

Fundamentally, it’s rare to see a celebrity go to such lengths for the happiness of their fans. And besides, that has always been one of his main qualities! Behind his tough appearance hides a benevolent soul.

According to TMZ, Mike Tyson’s health problems They were “nothing serious”. Apparently it was just a career hazard for an athlete like him.

Mike Tyson

But lately, the man has become a philosophersaying that he is convinced that his “due date” will be sooner rather than later.

“We’re all going to die one day, of course,” he said on his Hotboxin podcast. statements that do not just to worry his fans more.

as a sign of compassion and supportInternet users did not hesitate drag kind comments under the post! Let’s hope he recovers very soon!

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