Alerte info : la mauvaise nouvelle vient de tomber pour les utilisateurs de Netflix


For a while, Netflix reigned supreme on streaming platforms. Thanks to series that are causing a stir worldwide (Orange is the new black, Strangers Things, 13 Reasons Why), the platform with the famous red N is becoming known. It attracts millions of users thanks to attractive prices, an ergonomic application and a well-stocked catalogue. But Netflix is ​​the queen platform without competition. What’s up today ?

Netflix suffers from competition

We can never take that away from Netflix. The American company is the first to have believed in this subscription system consisting of making consumers pay in exchange for a catalog of movies and series. In exchange for a few euros, consumers have unlimited access to original films owned by the platform that produces and distributes them, or works that it rents in order to distribute them. And for years it was impossible to deny the success of the platform that earns millions of subscribers every year.

It was without counting on the competition, now aware that there is a buoyant market. HASThus, Amazone enters the sector with Prime Video, accessible to anyone who subscribes to a premium subscription. The launch prices are lower than those of Netflix, because the catalog is logically smaller.

Disney is also coming quickly with Disney+. The American giant begins the streaming adventure with a great advantage: a very substantial catalog. Judge for yourself: Disney cartoons, MCU superhero movies, the Star Wars franchise, Fox movies… And an introductory price once again lower than Netflix. Result of the races, the two mentioned platforms are gaining subscribers while Netflix, for the first time, is losing some.

Netflix launches its subscription with… ads

To limit breakage, Netflix isn’t thinking about lowering prices (which have gone up a lot since launch). No, the company prefers… offer a completely new subscription with ads. This subscription will obviously be cheaper. It caters to people who have a smaller budget but still want to have Netflix. This new subscription, which will be available in early 2023, will prevent subscribers from downloading content.

The goal is simple: they make this cheaper subscription less attractive than the other classic ones. I’m not sure the platform will grow from it though. In fact, many Internet users point out that the films and series produced by the company are of lower quality, and that the catalog is no longer up to par. Netflix is ​​saved by its exemplary ergonomics, while Disney + and (especially) Prime Video suffer on this side.

Less content for the new subscription

If we still do not know what this subscription will be like, the first news is not the most reassuring. Indeed, and it is Ted Sarandos, the CEO of the company who says so, all the content will not be accessible with this cheaper subscription:

Today we can include the vast majority of what people watch on Netflix in the new ad-supported subscription.” he pointed.This is not the case for everyone [les contenus], and we’re in talks with the studios. But if we launch today, subscribers at this ad-supported price would still have a great experience.. We will remove some of the content, but certainly not all of it. Don’t consider this a major barrier to business. »

We can imagine that new series and new movies are not discovered on the day of their premiere, but a few weeks later. Or even that certain works can never be seen with this type of subscription. If the idea of ​​paying less is attractive, the idea of ​​not having access to all the usual services is obviously not unanimous. Especially when criticism of the platform about classic subscriptions is increasing. And it’s not the final season of Strangers Things that will change that.

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