MotoGP : entre agacement, fatalisme et enthousiasme, l’idée de la course sprint 2023 ne laisse pas indifférent – Paddock GP


The idea was in the air in MotoGP but it wasn’t really raised before Hervé Poncharal dropped the ball during the conference organized by KTM to announce the arrival of GasGas at Tech3 next year. In his enthusiasm, the tricolor boss, indeed, released: ” MotoGP will evolve with a very exciting new format that could be announced by Carmelo and Carlos Ezpeleta very soon“. From there, the rumor of the establishment of a sprint race during the 2023 events became more than credible and all the more so since on Saturday, the general director of Dorna Sports, Carmelo Ezpeleta, the president of the FIM, Jorge Viegas , and IRTA President, Hervé Poncharal, will give an exceptional press conference in Austria on Saturday at 11:45 local time…

Therefore, MotoGP should succumb to the charms of speed racing in 2023. It is about further captivating the public in the discipline and it will be noticed that the intended recipe is flourishing. The formula was adopted not only in Formula 1 but also in WSBK and in BSB. That said, we are among the Grand Prix elite and opinions on the subject are very divided. First there are the accountants, the most opposite of which is undoubtedly fabio quartararo. The World Champion regrets both the content and the form: “ I think that’s stupid! I think the race is on Sunday. I don’t know why we would do anything on Saturday. “. He also mentions: honestly, they didn’t really ask usand we are all preparing intensely to have a good race on Sunday, but to have a sprint race on Saturday in every race, it seems stupid to me! “.

In echo we find the position of George Martin : “ I am not particularly happy about this news because it is going to be very tiring and stressful for everyone.. But for show business and MotoGP this is definitely the right step. he said. Pecco bagnaia has declared : ” the speed race? The voice of the pilots must also count. It will definitely be more difficult mentally.. I don’t know if I’m going to like it or not, we’ll have to understand how and when it’s going to be done. At this point he insists: “At the end of the day, we are here to race and there are other people who decide for us, as is the case with Formula 1. However, it’s quite an important decision and I didn’t know anything about it until now. In some situations our voice must count at least a little . And finish: if we had to do the Sprint race on Saturday and then the regular race on Sunday at a track like Austin, it wouldn’t be easy. You can train all you want, but this circuit is physically and mentally devastating. The Sprint Race is a bit long, but there are points to be won, so it’s totally different to FP4.

Aleix Espargaro He also gave his version: “ first they didn’t ask us , but this is not the most important aspect. I want to understand how it works, I like to run, but it takes time weather of repair motorcycles . We already have FP1, FP2 and FP3 which are a kind of classification, losing a session like FP4 before a race is a mistake“.

There are also those who welcome the stage. ” More races, more show : I like the idea ” He says jack miller. Maverick Vinales longer comments: I’ve never driven a drag race, so it’s about time. When I watch the World Superbike Championship races, it’s a lot of fun.. We just have to put on a good show, people have to enjoy the races. It will certainly be good for us because we put on soft tires and then we push hard for ten laps. it will be very nice “. Enea Bastianini seems to be in the same mood: the Sprint Race can be a good thing, one more reason to do well. It can also be fun, especially like the one in WSBK. “.

John Zarco: It’s fun to watch these speed races in the Superbike class, so why not in the MotoGP class? ? »

Y johann zarco ? Performs a surgical analysis of the item: next year’s speed races will be a real challenge. Very interesting, always a good show and enjoyable for the spectators. he declared. It’s fun to watch these races in the Superbike class, why not in the MotoGP class? I think we have to change our approach to will be a very exciting job for us “.

fabio quartararoIn his opposition, he warned that this new format would be too demanding for organizations: “ 21 races is already too much and if you get hurt you lose a lot. Going into a race on Saturday before another race is dangerous, especially because on weekends like Assen and Mugello you come out very tired on Sunday. “. His compatriot replies: almost all of us are very smart pilots, so we have to be able to handle that. It can be very difficult for rookies because experience in a sprint race will be very important in the future. This will be a plus for riders who have been riding fast on the same bike for a long time. “.

In my opinion, there must be a lot of points because the effort is like in a normal race added the Pramac team driver. ” It is shorter, but more exhausting during this time. I give the same priority to this race, so there must be equal points “. Saturday at lunchtime, we should see more clearly. For example, in Formula 1, the speed race is not disputed in all the Grand Prix… And this is an aspect that makes the World Champion indulgent: ” do it from time to time like in Formula 1, I think it can be interesting“…

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