Procès de Benjamin Mendy: “Je voulais que ma vie s’arrête”, une plaignante confie sa souffrance

Procès de Benjamin Mendy: "Je voulais que ma vie s'arrête", une plaignante confie sa souffrance

Benjamin Mendy’s trial continued Friday with the cross-examination of the second accuser, the one whose police hearing was broadcast on Thursday and who accuses Mendy of rape one night in October 2020.

The day after the testimony of the second whistleblower, accusing Benjamin Mendy of a rape allegedly committed during a party in October 2020, Friday was dedicated to the cross-examination of this second whistleblower.

The player’s lawyer relaunched this cross-examination about the messages sent by the complainant to one of his friends. She accuses him of lying about what happened that night, based on a message sent the next day by the complainant to a friend. This friend allegedly informed the alleged victim that another friend of his had sex with Mendy that night.

The complainant specifies that the man they were talking about was another man (other than Mendy) with whom this woman had spent some time at night. The complainant assures that it was later that she found out that the man with whom she had slept with her friend was Mendy.

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She did not know who her attacker was.

During cross-examination, the complainant assures that she did not want to go see the police. “I wanted to know if she was hurt and if it was going to cause me any health problems,” she says of what she confided in her friend that night after the alleged attack.

The lawyer continues to focus on a message from the complainant sent to another friend the day after the alleged assault, in which she revealed that she had been “sexually assaulted by someone.” In the message, she said she didn’t know who her attacker was, but she added that he was “French and a Manchester City player.”

The lawyer responds by saying that the complainant knew who she was, basing her claim on a search that the complainant would have done on Google just after the alleged attack. Saying she was in shock in the hours that followed, the accuser claims that she did not know who he was at the time.

“I wanted my life to end”

Two female friends of the whistleblower allegedly contacted Louis Saha Matturie (no relation to the former player) after the alleged assault to say they were “not happy” and wanted to talk to him. The lawyer believes that the plaintiff told them not to continue contact with Saha Matturie. “Is it because you started lying and exaggerating with your friends about what happened with Mendy?” asks the lawyer. Answer: “Absolutely not.”

After several questions from Benjamin Mendy’s attorney, the complainant said she felt “so bad” after the attack that she “just wanted her life to end.” On November 2, she turned herself in to the police “very scared”: “I just needed to tell someone that what happened was wrong. She had to do it for me, the same.”

“I thought my only option was to get naked”

The plaintiff told the prosecutor that her friends were more excited than she was to go to Benjamin Mendy’s house to continue the evening. The prosecutor asks her if, at this point in the night, she thought that Mendy “desired her sexually”. To which the alleged victim replies that she did not think so.

Regarding the moment in which Mendy asked her to return the phone, to undress, the plaintiff makes the following observation: “At that moment it made me turn around. I realized that she was in a room that she couldn’t get out of. with someone I didn’t know. I remember looking around wondering what kind of situation she was in. I thought that my only option was to undress because he promised that he would not touch me. I thought that maybe he just wanted to look at me. .” The hearing adjourned shortly before 4 pm in England. The trial will resume on Monday.

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