Benjamin Mendy accusé de viols : victimes enfermées, manipulation, complicité… au procès, son mode opératoire se dessine

Benjamin Mendy accusé de viols : victimes enfermées, manipulation, complicité... au procès, son mode opératoire se dessine

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The first week of the trial of Benjamin Mendy, a French footballer accused of rape and attempted rape, ends. Two chilling testimonies marked the hearing. The plaintiffs have thus detailed the facts and the conduct of the imputed player. Decryption of a perverse modus operandi that begins to take shape.

“Predator”, victims “vulnerable, terrified, isolated”, unbearable testimonies… after a week of trial, the modus operandi of international player Benjamin Mendy is taking shape. A Manchester City footballer, the Frenchman is accused of eight rapes, one attempted rape and one sexual assault by seven women. Although his trial began on Wednesday, August 10, two victims have already been able to testify. Decryption of a chilling modus operandi.

Young women prisoners of their home

Two testimonies, two alleged victims, raped in his mansion near Manchester. “What bothers me is the number of times I’ve told him no,” a 20-year-old said at the time. This Sunday, October 11, 2020, she would have suffered three successive rapes committed by Benjamin Mendy, while she is locked in the player’s room: a “master bedroom” that does not open from the outside. Although the plaintiff would have told him that she did not want to “make love to him”, Benjamin Mendy replied that “in any case, the door is closed”.

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On October 24, 2018, Benjamin Mendy allegedly attempted to rape another woman, again at his mansion. The young woman had come to meet a member of Benjamin Mendy’s entourage at her house after a festive evening. Early in the morning, while the victim was taking a shower, the player allegedly burst into her bedroom in his underpants and dragged her to bed. “She got real close, but I pushed her as hard as I could,” he said.

The use of power and intimidation

In each of the situations, according to the victims’ statements, the player would have used his influence, he would have intimidated them. “Don’t tell anyone and you can come back here every night,” he told the 20-year-old victim after raping her three times. Same intimidation for the other complainant. On the night of October 2018, when she is near a friend of Benjamin Mendy, she finds herself isolated with the player who tells her: “When I don’t look at you, I will kidnap you…”. A phrase that is taken lightly at first but marks man’s will to control.

This behavior was defined as that of a “predator” by the prosecution. “It doesn’t have much to do with football. In fact, it is one more chapter in a very old story: men who rape and assault women because they believe they have power and because ‘they think they will get away with it without consequence’. prosecutor Timothy Cray told jurors on Monday, August 15, during the first day of the hearing.

Double assaults and rapes

Although the trial should last three months, Benjamin Mendy is not alone in the dock. Louis Saha Matturie, a friend of the soccer player, is also prosecuted for eight rapes and four sexual assaults on eight women between July 2012 and August 2021. Between the two, rapes and common plaintiffs. According to the prosecution, the latter was responsible for “finding young women and creating situations in which they could be raped and sexually assaulted.”

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Thirteen women would therefore be the victims of the two men. Two of them claim to have been raped during the summer of 2021 by the two defendants on the same day (one in July and the other in August). These testimonies of women who implicate them are expected in the coming days. Both men deny all charges.

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