Rémy avec famille

Rémy avec famille

Last Sunday, the pitiful turf of Lorient postponed a micro-event: Rémy Riou’s first stay at OL. The 35-year-old goalkeeper, who arrived at the club at the age of eight and had his first professional minutes with Lyon on August 5, will take advantage of Anthony Lopes’ suspension to start this Friday against Troyes. Returning to his town this summer to supervise the youngsters, he is perhaps the person who best embodies “OL DNA.”

Therefore, it took Rémy Riou 34 years and 364 days to finally put on the robes of his hometown team, of his training club. Gift from Anthony Lopes when the Portuguese rewards Groupama Stadium with a fine wrestling catch in the 27thme Minutes of the first match of the season, against Ajaccio, on August 5. The referee sees red and expels Lopes from the ring, forcing Peter Bosz to bring in Rémy Riou, more than fifteen years after his departure from the Rhône club. The former Nantes player, who arrived at OL at the age of eight, didn’t even have time to savor his first minutes when Thomas Mangani was responsible for putting him in the game by converting the penalty after a foul by Lopes. The rest of the game is quiet for Riou, who still knew how to stand out in an instinctive attempt by Riad Nouri, and thus keep the three points of the victory.

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“I went home. I didn’t expect to playcommented after this success, when the next day he celebrated his 35th birthday. You have to be ready at any time. I am happy for the group, we are rewarded for our effort, it is a great first time at home. I only take pleasure. We’ll see what happens next, but the most important thing is to get OL back on top. » The goalkeeper’s return to the capital of Gaul did not really arouse the same expectation as those of Alexandre Lacazette and Corentin Tolisso. Although he is not officially champion of France 2006, having not played any match at that time, he is the last active witness of this period of splendor of Jean-Michel Aulas’s club. The last witness with a certain Karim Benzema. The Lyon squad boasted of wanting to repatriate players who corresponded to the famous “OL DNA”. Riou is one of those and perhaps more than his two teammates they returned with great fanfare since he lived through the time when Lyon devoured everything on the national scene.

At the end of the contract this summer after three years in Caen, he returned home with the aim of supporting the relatively young OL group. “I am very happy to come back here. I have a role more than an older brother to supervise the locker room that is young.told Olympique-et-Lyonnais after the double clash against Dynamo Kyiv last July. I’m the happiest in the world, I’m going home. I’m at home, I take the minutes I have to play with pleasure. It is an honor to wear this shirt. I am happy to be able to contribute my experience to the group. There is a renewal that must be created. » Finally, the ex-Icaunais player had to put on his gloves and dive deep ahead of schedule, with Julian Pollersbeck jumping up the hierarchy of goalkeepers at the same time.

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The story could have been even more beautiful last Sunday, as he should have celebrated his first stage in the red and blue liquette at Moustoir in Lorient, where he was able to launch his career in 2007, while Grégory Coupet and Rémy Vercoutre were in Lyon. The Interceltic festival got the best of this nice nod, but he will have the privilege of starting in the formidable Décines-Charpieu tool. “This week, Rémy trained wellPeter Bosz said this Wednesday at a press conference. I can understand that the pressure is different for him because starting as a starter is different than getting into the game, but he is not an inexperienced kid. We are very happy with him since he is with us and now he can show his qualities to the whole world. » If he keeps the balls from going into his goals as well as keeping even the slightest hair from growing on his skull, then OL has peace of mind for the next three games.

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