Les voitures françaises les moins vendues en 2022

Les voitures françaises les moins vendues en 2022

In France, the best-selling new cars are offered by French manufacturers. But other national productions did not reach the 1,000 copies mark in the first half of 2022, such as the Espace, the Rifter and Berlingo, the DS 9 or more handcrafted models.


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Not all French brand cars are necessarily very successful in France. The argus reveals those that found less than 1,000 buyers in the first half of 2022, with data from NGC-Data®.

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Nobody is a prophet in his country: in the car, this adage is rarely true. The ranking of the ten best-selling new cars in France has always been almost monopolized by models with Renault, Peugeot or Citroën badges. But that does not mean that it is enough to belong to one of these three brands to be successful in France. In the first half of 2022, while the 208 sold 46,487 units, other productions offered by one of our national manufacturers thus fell below 1,000 units, according to data from NGC-Data®.

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The Rifter and Berlingo in free fall

This is the case of the Rifter, which must settle for 955 registrations, against 3,354 in the same period of 2021! An abysmal drop of more than 71%… which we predicted: Since the beginning of the year, the MPV has only been available in its 100% electric version. Therefore, their prices have increased considerably while their versatility has clearly decreased, with a range not suitable for long trips. Enough to scare most families. Its cousin Citroën Berlingo, which suffered the same fate, fared even worse with 766 copies, a drop of almost 79%!

Discreet debut for the DS 9

The utility derivatives of Stellantis deprived of a heat engine are not the only ones that present poor performance. Space has only found 225 fans in 2022 in its native country. It is even surpassed by the Talisman, manufactured in the same Douai factory and which, however, left the catalog last March. The score of the large Koleos SUV is not brighter. However, we are talking here about three models at the end of their careers. Quite the opposite of the new DS 9, a large sedan that attracted only 337 French customers during the first six months of the year. In addition to belonging to a category in full decline, the standard-bearer of the young DS brand is undoubtedly served by its manufacture in China, which harms its image and prevents it from seducing French administrations. Instead, the presence of the Alpine A110 in this ranking is much less worrying. The berlinetta effectively belongs to a niche segment and sees its sales increase by more than 80% compared to a very complicated 2021 for it.

What scores for little builders?

Many other French athletes appear much further down this list. But except for the unaffordable Bugatti Chiron, two of which have been registered in the last six months in France, they are all offered by much less well-known brands than Alpine. Three of them bear the PGO coat of arms, some of whom had mistakenly announced their demise. If this small manufacturer always does numbers, we still note that it sold five cars this half, instead of just one a year ago. Secma posted a slight drop, which may well be only temporary. The Turbo version of its F16 roadster, with a very controversial face, will soon benefit from a major facelift cure. As for Devalliet, he plays the role of the new troublemaker here and intends to offer a sort of Caterham with tricolor sauce. We wish him a brighter future than MPM, which had to close at the end of 2020 … even if a copy of his PS160, which remained somewhere in stock, was still registered last June.


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