Calendrier des nouveautés – Découvrez les futures Volkswagen électriques : ID.1, ID.3 GTX, ID.7…

Calendrier des nouveautés – Découvrez les futures Volkswagen électriques : ID.1, ID.3 GTX, ID.7...

Initially focused on the compact segment, the ID family will expand upwards, with an ID.7 saloon and van, and then downwards, in particular with the ID.1 city car.

Alongside Volkswagen’s historic range, there is an electric range, the ID. A trendy family inaugurated in 2019 by the compact ID.3, to which is added the SUV ID.4 and its coupé version ID.5 (not forgetting the XL ID.6 version in China), then the ID.Buzz, a version modern of the famous combi.

The launches will continue at a regular rate, to give an electric equivalent to all the thermal stars (and now also hybrids) of the brand, from the Polo to the Passat. Stop chasing them? It will inevitably happen in Europe, even if Volkswagen doesn’t want to rush things. Especially since sales of the ID range are slowly taking off, not helped, admittedly, by a shortage of electronic components.

What’s next on the show? We tell you everything!

Volkswagen ID.7 – 2023

The next big addition to the ID family. it will be a family sedan, of which we had a precise preview this year with the ID.Aero concept car. The production model is primarily targeted at China, but will be available for sale in Europe, with production at the German factory in Emden. At almost 5 meters long, this sedan will be based on the MEB platform. Proof of the importance of the silhouette in autonomy: with the 77 kWh battery, VW promises a range of more than 600 km, compared to 531 km for the ID.4 SUV!

Europe will benefit from a break version, a bodywork that performs better than the saloon, and should attract professional customers.

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Restyled Volkswagen ID.3 (and GTX) – 2023

The first member of the clan ID will logically be the first to be redesigned! Expected for 2023, the facelift should make it possible to correct two flaws of the ID.3: its interior presentation, which lacks cache, and its front, which is a bit soft. The bow of the compact should thus have more elaborate and angular shapes. The nose should be less sunken. For its part, the dashboard would benefit from more valuable materials. On the other hand, we do not expect big technical changes. The novelty of the range will be the arrival of the sports version GTX, with two engines, for a maximum power of around 300 hp.

Following the logic of the launch order, the ID.4 should be reviewed in 2024.

Volkswagen ID.1 – 2025

After expanding from the top, the ID family will expand from the bottom in 2025. Volkswagen has confirmed the arrival of a trendy city car, which will take a shortened version of the base dedicated to MEB electrics (while Renault will adapt the Clio platform for the R5). It was Seat that was initially in charge of developing the technique for the group’s electric city cars. In the end, there will be a Cupra, a Skoda and a Volkswagen, which must share as many elements as possible, while still having their own look.

We noted that the sketch announcing the Volkswagen strayed from the ID.Life concept shape. In fact, this could be more inspiring to a vehicle closer to an urban SUV and could be called ID.2.

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Volkswagen Trinity – 2026

2026 Volkswagen Trinity Profile Preview

It is the next electric revolution from Volkswagen. In 2026, seven years after the presentation of the ID.3, Volkswagen will unveil the model it currently calls Trinity. The car, which looks like a family sedan, will inaugurate a new “hypermodular” base, the SSP. The SSP is intended to serve as the sole basis for all electric cars in the VW group!

The Trinity must also mark a new stage in terms of autonomy and recharge time. Volkswagen promises more than 700 km with a full tank. The vehicle also aims to take the brand to a new level in terms of autonomous driving. Its production will take place in the historic stronghold of Wolfsburg.

An upcoming electric adventurer?

A few years ago there was talk of a project for an electric SUV with a rugged appearance, in the Land Rover Defender style. One of the VW officials had not denied it, but had indicated that it was not a priority. The rumour, later fueled by intriguing Tiguan-bodied mules, spoke of a 2023 launch.

If for Europe, it is not yet clear, for the North American market, VW recently confirmed the launch of an electric fighter and pick-up for 2025, which will revive the Scout brand.

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