Pixel Notepad (Fold) : design, écran, prix… tout ce qu’on sait (déjà) sur le pliant à la sauce Google

Pixel Notepad (Fold) : design, écran, prix... tout ce qu'on sait (déjà) sur le pliant à la sauce Google

Google Pixel Notepad, also sometimes called the Google Pixel Fold, is getting more and more accurate. While we still have to watch out for Google, which tends to cancel its plans at the last minute, the foldable phone is starting to look like an Oppo Find N, cheaper than the Galaxy Z Flip 4 and due for release in 2023.

3D rendering of Google Pixel Fold // Source: Mac Rumors

Google has a knack for stretching out years of rumors about new products. After the Arles Pixel Watch, the Mountain View company should soon put an end to one of its favorite soap operas, the Google Pixel Fold, or rather the Pixel Notepad, as its first folding smartphone should be called. Let’s take a look at the serious rumors about him together.

Design, towards a square format

The Google Pixel Fold should normally prefer a square format, something in the same style as the Oppo Find N, which seems to have been adored by every editorial staff on the planet, despite the absence of a global launch.

In any case, this is what he was able to unearth 9to5Google investigating Android 12L Beta 2. The specialized media was able to see an animation in which a smartphone appears with a beautiful Google logo. Let’s add that a ceramic shell would be under study at Google.

Google Pixel Fold animation on Android 12L
Animation of the Google Pixel Fold on Android 12L // Source: 9to5Google

Digital chat station, the famous filter Officiating on Weibo, he understands that the Pixel Notepad would integrate a photo block similar to that of the Pixel 7. He adds that the internal screen would be “relatively small” and that it would not be glued. In fact, Google would have chosen to install the selfie camera on the edge of the phone to keep the screen pristine.

The Pixel interface, but crooked

Android 13 Developer Preview 1 provided a sample of the foldable Pixel Launcher. Seen by 9to5Google, the novelty would be to offer two different layouts for the home screen, one folded and one unfolded. We note in particular the presence of an unfolded taskbar.

Pixel Launcher modified the design of the home screen
Source: 9to5Google

Let’s be right, it could very well be an effort by Google to better integrate foldable screens into the core of Android, specifically with an eye toward Android 12L, its specialized version for large screens.

Still on the interface side, traces of the Google Pixel Notepad were seen in version 8.6 of the Google Camera app. We discovered a feature called Jupiter.

The Jupiter function diagram in Google Camera
The diagram of the Jupiter function in Google Camera // Source: 9to5Google

We don’t know yet if this feature will come to other manufacturers. Its concrete usefulness is also unclear at this stage. But its appearance in July 2022 in a Google application suggests that the American giant’s folding phone is indeed on the agenda.

Photo and power, the blur is total

Unfortunately, vagueness remains in many technical details. We do not know, for example, what the photo settings of the Pixel Notepad would be, an eminently important point at a time when Samsung begins to strengthen its game in the Fold 4 for example.

For the chip, if a Google Tensor is obviously expected, the question of the chosen version remains completely open. It could be the expected Tensor 2 for the Pixel 7, but also why not a new dedicated chip.

google tensor

Last question mark, the screens, although we begin to glimpse the ratios, are still in the dark. Definition, freshness, luminosity, folding… everything remains to be announced on this topic. What we’d expect from Google is, of course, 120Hz indoors and outdoors. And considering the price of the phone, a QHD screen inside would of course be good news.

Google Pixel Notepad price and availability

Google is reportedly taking a hit on the price of the Pixel Notepad, as it’s expected to be around $500 below the suggested retail price of Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 4 in the US. 9to5Google (them again) by stating that the Pixel Notepad would be $1,400.

The site specialized in the Mountain View firm also suggests that Google would like to present its folding phone before the end of 2022. Unfortunately, its conspicuous absence at Google I/O somewhat contradicts this statement. This is what’s going on the electricthat a source assures him that the Pixel Fold will be delayed until early 2023.

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