Test Aspirateur-robot Dreame D10 Plus : du travail bien fait en toute discrétion

Test Aspirateur-robot Dreame D10 Plus : du travail bien fait en toute discrétion

convenience of use

The D10 Plus is far from being a disruptive model. In appearance, it is similar to previous models marketed by Dreame: circular white plastic casing, large bumper, and air outlet at the rear.

At the rear is the air outlet, which also acts as a speaker.

At the rear is the air outlet, which also acts as a speaker.

Two buttons are installed on the top of the robot and command it to start a cleanup, return to its base, and quickly clean up around it (by briefly pressing the return to base command).

On the navigation side, like two of its friends (the D9 and L10 Pro), the D10 Plus is equipped with a laser rangefinder. With views of the robot, the turret allows mapping the environment to be cleaned. Therefore, the device can better locate itself and even optimize its route, to avoid wasting time. In this model, however, this technology is the only one that improves the robot’s navigation. Other vacuums sometimes add a camera and sensors; obviously knowing that the more technologies they integrate, the better the navigation. We are thinking in particular of the Roborock S7 MaxV Ultra, which spares no means to perfect the navigation of your vacuum cleaner.

When the Dreame is upside down, we immediately make out two large gear wheels. They frame the main brush made up of rubber blades and nylon bristles. A three-pronged brush comes as a booster to better dig up debris lodged in corners and along walls. Whether it’s the first or the second, these two brushes are removable and easy to remove from the robot.

The mop and 145ml water tank are also removable. They complete the cleaning by moistening the floor to remove lightly embedded marks and stains. In fact, this non-vibrating, non-rotating wipe cannot match the washing performance of more complete robots like the Ecovacs Deebot X1 Turbo. However, the main washing system of the D10 Plus allows you to space out your cleaning sessions and give your home a quick facelift.

Under the hood hides the dust collector and HEPA filter. With a capacity of 400 ml, the collector allows the waste to be stored before it is discharged into the charging station’s dust bag. If it is the most classic, we still regret that its opening system is not more practical; that of its predecessor, the L10 Pro, was better thought out, for example.

The time has come to talk about the docking station that accompanies the robot. Compact (just 40cm tall and 30cm wide), it will fit into most interiors, unlike more imposing stands like the Roborock S7 Pro Ultra. However, it lacks a control panel with the main options of starting autodrain and returning to base. Finally, this station is made up of a tray to prevent the robot from dirtying the floor.

Connectivity and application

Dreame being part of the Xiaomi ecosystem, its devices can be controlled from the Dreamehome app as well as from Mi Home. The interface is the same on both platforms, so it is up to the user to choose which one to download. For example, it will be smarter to choose the one that brings together several connected products present in the home.

Anyway, the user can control his vacuum cleaner remotely through his smartphone. Once the robot is paired, it is possible to quickly start a cleaning from the home screen, as well as ask it to return to its base. Specifically, the robot can vacuum the entire home, a specific area or one or more specific rooms in the house. Conversely, you may be denied access to certain places; knowing that the robot can map various environments thanks to its multi-floor option.

Dreame offers four suction powers and three different water flows. Obviously, it is possible to choose to vacuum, wash or do both at the same time. Auto drain is also user adjustable.

Finally, other options are available in the device settings, such as cleaning history and remote control.

Editor rating: 4 out of 5


As we said before, the two brushes are removable, which makes maintenance much easier. The water tank is emptied after washing and the mop can be machine washed at 60°C. It is also preferable to clean it immediately after the session, because Dreame only provides one.

As for the dust collector, the automatic drain does the dirty work for us. Two dust bags come with the base for added convenience.

The dust bag has a capacity of 2.5 l.

The dust bag has a capacity of 2.5 l.

It remains the user’s responsibility to clean the HEPA filter with clean water fairly regularly and allow it to dry for 24 hours before replacing it. The application also indicates the moment just before the filter loses its effectiveness.

But before concluding this part, we need to detail its filtration performance. To test them, we spread 20 g of cocoa powder on the ground. And after starting an automatic drainage of the waste collector, we found 1.1 g of cocoa lodged in the holes of the filter. This result is more than satisfactory and places the filtration of the D10 Plus among the best of the tested devices.

The HEPA filter comes loose very easily.

The HEPA filter comes loose very easily.

Editor rating: 5 out of 5

Navigation system

To locate itself in its surroundings, the D10 Plus can rely on its laser rangefinder, but only this one. The robot does not have a camera and is not one of the most generous in terms of sensors. For example, ditch the side sensors, which can be useful for getting around obstacles correctly.

We launch a cleanup and observe the behavior of the Dreame. The vacuum cleaner starts by bypassing the area or room to be vacuumed; you can also split it into two parts when it’s too big for your liking. The robot then begins to zigzag to cover the entire surface.

To make sure the vacuum doesn’t miss any areas, we placed ten 10g piles of sawdust at strategic locations in our lab. We let the D10 Plus work and return after the task is complete. The vacuum cleaner took 27 minutes to vacuum our 24 m² lab. We weigh your collector and find that you have collected 76.5 g of sawdust. If this result is not perfect, you should know that your navigation system should not be questioned. Indeed, the robot has covered the surface well, but it seems that its brush is not the most effective. It is she who does not collect waste well, especially in the corners and along the baseboards.

Also, the D10 Plus sees curtains as obstacles and doesn’t venture under them. Sawdust is still present on the other side of the curtain. Note that this situation is common for vacuum cleaners equipped with a laser rangefinder; so don’t be scared. Before our bottle of water, the Dreame stops and dodges it without any problem; which does not happen with a thin cable, which he prefers to swallow. Finally, there is no problem getting over the bars of the chair: he climbs over them to collect the sawdust present on the other side.

Editor rating: 5 out of 5


We are now evaluating its suction performance. Like its competitors, we spread 100g of rice on three different surfaces: hard floor, thin carpet and thick carpet.

On hard ground, your brush tends to push out the grains of rice. Therefore, in standard mode, the robot fails to achieve 100% success like the Samsung Jet Bot AI+ and ultimately achieves 94%. It does better in boost mode as it picks up 98% of the rice grains.

The thin carpet suits it well as it swallows almost all the rice in standard mode and 98% in maximum intensity.

As for thick carpet, it is the most difficult surface for robots to dust. The D10 Plus then harvests nearly 75% of the spread rice in standard mode and 80% in boost mode. If these results may seem average, Dreame is nonetheless one of the most efficient models in our comparison. In fact, some competitors really struggle to soak up the residue; the Xiaomi Vacuum-Mop 2S, for example, only picked up 21% of the rice grains in standard mode, then 31% in boost mode.


  • Compact base with automatic drainage.

  • Good suction performance.

  • Surface coverage more than adequate.

Weak points

  • Management of obstacles that can be improved.

  • Disappointing side brush.


5 stars by LesNumériques.com
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Editor rating: 5 out of 5

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With the D10 Plus, Dreame presents us with a simple robot vacuum cleaner. The device collects dust correctly, on all types of surfaces. Its discreet base drains the collector and knows how to adapt to many interiors. With a great autonomy, a noise level to a minimum and an extra mop, the D10 Plus is a more than attractive device. However, it lacks a couple of sensors and a redesigned side brush for greater efficiency.

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