DIRECT. OM – FC Nantes : c’est reparti au stade Vélodrome, suivez le match de Ligue 1

DIRECT. OM - FC Nantes : c’est reparti au stade Vélodrome, suivez le match de Ligue 1


fifty’. OM puts his foot on the ball and spins it. Without being able to unbalance the defense of Nantes for the moment, well placed.


48′. FC Nantes controls the ball at the start of the second half. Like in the first act.


46′. Here we go again at the Vélodrome stadium! No change at rest.


The Marseille and Nantes players are back on the pitch at the Vélodrome stadium. Imminent start of the second half.


Graph of the balls touched by Alexis Sánchez in the first half


The clearest chances are to credit OM in this first half, but FCN held on and could even have opened the scoring before the break. Alexis Sánchez is available and many times sought after by his teammates, for his first management.


45+2′. Halftime! No goal at the break between OM and Nantes. A lively first part with many occasions.


Four. Five’. Two minutes of additional time in this first half.


🔴 44′. What an opportunity for OM! On the right side, Gerson crossed to the far post for Nuno Tavares, forgotten by the Nantes defense. But the Portuguese side lose control and Alban Lafont manages to kick back… towards Mattéo Guendouzi. The French international temporizes and tries to displace Gerson in the axis. But his pass is poorly adjusted!


🔴 43′. The opportunity of Nantes! On a long touch, the ball bounces off Jordan Veretout and then Evann Guessand, before landing at Moses Simon’s feet. The Nantes striker put together a powerful shot from close range, which Leonardo Balerdi successfully deflected over Pau López’s goal. OM they were hot!


42′. OM missed a great opportunity on the counterattack! The Foceans have a two against two to play, but Mattéo Guendouzi’s pass to Alexis Sánchez is too powerful and poorly adjusted.


🔴 40′. The opportunity for OM! Found with his back to the game, Alexis Sánchez, still him, manages to turn around in contact with Andrei Girotto. He shoots to the right of him to Mattéo Guendouzi, who tries a powerful shot. His shot falls into Alban Lafont’s small net.


39′. For his first term, Alexis Sánchez is omnipresent, active and available. His teammates find him regularly.


37′. Alexis Sánchez tries his luck! Found with his back to the goal at the entrance to the box, the Chilean striker turns around, stares at the Nantes defense but walks away. He tries his luck but can’t find Alban Lafont’s frame.


36′. Gerson’s center at the far post for Nuno Tavares. In the duel with a Nantes defender, the Portuguese side prevailed with a header. His attempt is deflected and he goes over the top. The stopped ball does nothing.


35′. Jonathan Clauss throws Valentin Rongier into the area, right back. The former central defender of Nantes returns to a touch. Back on goal, Mattéo Guendouzi tries a backheel but can’t find a partner and the Nantes defense clears.


3. 4′. OM struggled to worry the Nantes defense. Marseille’s transmissions are imprecise, like this too long pass from Gerson to Alexis Sánchez, well read by Alban Lafont.


32′. New Nantes offensive! On the left side, Moses Simon sends a cross to the near post. Evann Guessand and Fabio, at the reception, throw themselves. But the recovery of the Brazilian defender does not find the framework.


32′. FC Nantes is better and deprives OM of the ball. Ludovic Blas moves Jean-Charles Castelletto to the right. But the center of the Nantes defender is cleared by the Marseille defense.


30′. Evann Guessand Center! On the right side, the former niçois sends a powerful low cross to the ground towards the penalty spot. But no one touches the ball.


29′. As always, Nicolas Pallois shows an excellent reading of the game, as in this pass from Mattéo Guendouzi on the surface entry, or in this ball in the direction of Alexis Sánchez.


28′. Andrei Girotto in turn remains on the ground. But the Nantes defender got up, was attended to on the edge of the field and was able to regain his place on the pitch.


26′. Alban Lafont’s excellent release! Alexis Sánchez dives deep with a long ball. The Nantes goalkeeper comes out of his goal and restarts with a header, clean.


26′. FC Nantes have been doing better for a few minutes, after a standout from OM.


24′. Gerson finally got up. Luis Suárez went out to warm up.


23′. Gerson stays on the ground but the Nantes players keep playing. What causes the beeps of the Velodrome. However, there was nothing, as Ludovic Blas had regularly stolen the ball from the Brazilian. Jérémie Pignard logically let play.


23′. Alexis Sánchez is omnipresent at the start of the game: 20 balls touched for the Chilean, the second highest total.


22′. Few stops in this game. We go from one field to another, with fast attacks. Nice match to follow at the Vélodrome.


twenty’. At the entrance to the surface on the right side, Fabio wraps up a shot, captured without problem by Pau López.


19′. The rescue of Nicolas Pallois! On the left side, Nuno Tavares crosses to the near post for Gerson, whose header flies over the goal and finishes off Jordan Veretout. But the Nantes defender intervenes and clears in disaster!


18′. Ludovic Blas, in contact with Leonardo Balerdi and Gerson, is still on the ground. Before getting up a few seconds later.


17′. Very good start to the match at the Vélodrome stadium, in a warm atmosphere. OM had the best chances but still couldn’t find the opening.


fifteen’. Andrei Girotto! Quentin Merlin fires a corner from the left wing and finds Girotto’s header, which he finishes over Pau López’s goal.


🔴 14′. Gerson’s head! Jonathan Clauss is in charge of taking the corner at the near post. Gerson deflects but his header misses just over Alban Lafont’s frame.


13′. What a comeback from Andrei Girotto! After a long ball, Gerson recovers the ball on the right side and shoots Alexis Sánchez deep. The Chilean prepares to set up but the Brazilian defender makes a superb tackle to clear a corner.


12′. FC Nantes had started the match well, but OM regained control a few minutes ago. The canaries fail to keep the ball.


10′. Oh, it was hot in the Nantes area! Full axis on the surface, Gerson collapses after a cross from the left side. There seemed to be contact, but the Brazilian had just been flagged offside. Scare for the FCN.


10′. New corner for OM. Jordan Veretout throws him towards the near post but Fabio pushes back with his foot.


8′. Alexis Sánchez, in contact with a Nantes defender, remains on the ground in the area. Jérémie Pignard says nothing.


7′. OM is doing better, after a timid start. Samuel Gigot gets the best of a Nantes defender after a free kick from the left wing. Alban Lafont is ashamed of one of his defenders but the FCN defense ends up clearing.


🔴 5′. Alban Lafont already decisive! The OMs are projected against her. Jordan Veretout moves Jonathan Clauss to his right in the area. The former Lensois crosses a shot, repelled by the foot of the Nantes goalkeeper. The Foceans get a corner, cleared by the FCN defense. In the radioactive fallout at the entrance to the surface, Veretout crushes his attempt. Lafont doesn’t risk it and pushes again.


4′. Very good start for FC Nantes. Canarias returns to recover the high ball. But the crossings of Ludovic Blas on the right side, and Quentin Merlin on the left side, are too long.


3′. FC Nantes controls the ball at the start of the match. Without worrying the opposing defense. But the high pressure of Nantes annoys the Marseillais.

9:00 pm.

1′. Let’s go to the Vélodrome stadium! Kick-off given by the Nantes players. Good game to everyone in our company!


The match will be refereed by Jérémie Pignard. Imminent kick-off at the Velodrome.


The twenty-two actors make their entrance on the lawn of the Vélodrome stadium. In a very warm environment.


Dimitri Payet on the bench but honored before the game


Igor Tudor has just been whistled around the Vélodrome stadium by his own fans, when his name is announced by the announcer. As in the first match against Reims, it ended with a great victory (4-1).


📷 Alexis Sánchez and Issa Kaboré presented at the Vélodrome


OM continues to have a positive dynamic against FC Nantes in Ligue 1: the Olympians have not lost any of their last four games against the Canaries in the top flight (three wins, one draw).


Boot up in just over ten minutes. The match will be sold out at the Stade Vélodrome.


📷 Alban Lafont in great form before facing OM


📷 The concentration of Nicholas Pallois


Video: the arrival of the Marseilles at the Vélodrome


Last year, FC Nantes lost at the Vélodrome, after a spectacular match (2-3) in which they won twice. Andrei Girotto opened the scoring (26′), before Dimitri Payet equalized (39′). Marcus Coco had returned the advantage to the canaries (41′), but Payet, once again, had equalized the cons (55′). Another former Nantes player, Amine Harit, finally gave OM the victory (75′).


FC Nantes are undefeated but have yet to win this season. The yellows and the greens reaped two draws: in Angers (0-0) and then against Lille (1-1).


After an enthusiastic performance against Reims at the Vélodrome (4-1), OM struggled in Brest last week (1-1). Igor Tudor’s men could have lost at Finisterre and approach this encounter with little certainty.


The composition of the FCN
Mostafa Mohamed will start on the bench, Evann Guessand is preferred, with Moses Simon at his side. Behind them, Ludovic Blas.
FCN: Lafont – Castelletto, Girotto, Pallois – Merlin, Chirivella, Moutoussamy, Fabio – Blas – Simon, Guessand.


The composition of OM
Alexis Sanchez and Jordan Veretout will honor their first terms with OM. Pau López is preferred to Rubén Blanco in goal.
omg: López – Balerdi, Gigot, Mbemba – Clauss, Rongier, Veretout, Tavares – Guendouzi, Gerson – Alexis Sánchez.


Hello everyone! Welcome to the live match of the third day of Ligue 1, between OM and FCN.

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