Championnats européens 2022 : Lecomte titrée en VTT, Lamote en argent au 800 m, du bronze en canoë… Ce qu’il faut retenir de la 9e journée

Championnats européens 2022 : Lecomte titrée en VTT, Lamote en argent au 800 m, du bronze en canoë... Ce qu'il faut retenir de la 9e journée

For this penultimate day of the European Championship, the French continued to increase the medal table, on Saturday August 20 in Munich (Germany).

In cross-country mountain biking, Loana Lecomte and Pauline Ferrand-Prévot upset their competitors: they achieved a superb double, leaving their first pursuer more than three minutes behind. In the Munich water section, the tricolor ceístas, for their part, achieved bronze in the final of the 500 meters K4 in speed canoe.

Cross-country mountain biking: the double Bleues

The French and others. In difficult conditions (rain and sticky mud), Loana Lecomte and Pauline Ferrand-Prévot flew over the cross-country mountain bike test. Lecomte (22) relieved the starry tunic of her compatriot who won last year in Serbia.

Obviously happy with her victory in the mountain bike race at the European Championships in Munich, Loana Lecomte also welcomed Pauline Ferrand Prévot, 2nd, to the race.  The French also failed to point out the difficulty of the route due to weather conditions.

While leading the race, Pauline Ferrand-Prévot lost a precious minute after going off the rails on the third lap (of seven). Loana Lecomte took the opportunity to overtake her and never leave the lead again. The Dutch Anne Terpstra won the bronze, more than three minutes behind the new European champion.

800 meters: the happy money of Rénelle Lamote

Money makes Rénelle Lamote happy. For the third time in a row, the French middle-distance skier finished second in the 800 m at the European Championships, after Amsterdam in 2016 and Berlin in 2018. The Frenchwoman crossed the finish line in 1’59”49 behind the la favorite Keely Hodgkinson (1’59”04), Olympic runner-up and crowned in the last World Cup, and ahead of the Polish Anna Wielgosz (1’59”87).

France's Rénelle Lamote, 28, won the silver medal in the women's 800 meters this Saturday night (in 1'59''49).  The tricolor, in the sky at the end, was only surpassed by the British Keely Hodgkinson, the great favorite of the test.  The Polish Anna Wielgosz completed the podium.

Long trapped outside, the French conceded a “lack of trust” Believe enough in your chances of victory. However, with this silver medal he erases the immense disappointment of his elimination in the semifinals of the Eugene Worlds. Lamote’s next step will be to reach a world final again.

Perch: the Duplantis promenade, a lost bet for Lavillenie

Three small jumps (5.65 m, 5.85 m, 5.90 m) and the gold medal around his neck. Armand Duplantis did not have to force his talent to win a second European champion title after the one in Berlin in 2018. In rainy conditions, his competitors very quickly left the 22-year-old Swede to explain himself to the only Bo Kanda Lita Baehre, alone still in the race with Duplantis at 5.85m. But the young German failed to overcome a greater height. Armand Duplantis, stopped after crossing 6.06 m (European Championships record).

Mondo Duplantis is alone in the world!  With disconcerting ease, as usual, the Swede won gold with a clear lap and the competition record (6m06).  Renaud Lavillenie was unable to cross the 5m85 bar, as was Thibaut Collet.  There are no medals for the French.

Frenchman Renaud Lavillenie, meanwhile, made a poor move by choosing to skip the 5.75m after crossing 5.65m on the first attempt. The triple European champion (2010, 2012, 2014) had declared himself in The team who believed that the podium was going to be decided at 5.85m and preferred to maintain his strength for this height. Losing bet since she did not manage to pass 5.85 m. She finished 7th.

Norwegian Pal Haugen Lillefosse won bronze after two bars cleared at the first attempt, at 5.65m and 5.75m. The other hired Habs, Thibaut Collet, finished fifth after crossing 5.65m and 5.75m at the second attempt.

Men’s 4x400m: eight years later, the tricolor relay returns to the European podium

In 2014, Thomas Jordier won bronze in the 4x400m as the final torchbearer. Eight years later, at the Munich Olympic Stadium, the Frenchman repeated this scenario, this time together with Gilles Biron, Loïc Prévot and Téo Andant.

The seventh medal in athletics for the French clan is there thanks to the men's 4x400m relay!  Téo Andant, Gilles Biron, Simon Boypa and Loïc Prevot offer the second tricolor charm of the evening, after Rénelle Lamote's silver in the 800m.

The French team took third place in this relay (2’59”64) behind the British (2’59”35) and the Belgians (2’59”49). Before the microphone of France Télévisions, theThe tricolor collective declared to take date for Paris 2024.

Canoeing: a bronze quartet

A second bronze medal for the French canoe team. Frenchmen Guillaume Burger, Maxime Beaumont, Quilian Koch and Guillaume Le Floch Decorchemont crossed the finish line in third place in the K4 500m sprint canoe final.

Frenchmen Guillaume Burger, Maxime Beaumont, Quilian Koch and Guillaume Le Floch went for the bronze medal in K4 500m in the photo-finish against Hungary, by less than a tenth.  Germany is crowned European champion, ahead of Slovakia.

A very close regatta since only 25 thousandths separated the second boat from the third. and less than seven tenths the first and the third.

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