Cuisine IKEA 2023 : nos coups de cœur des nouveautés mobilier et déco !

Cuisine IKEA 2023 : nos coups de cœur des nouveautés mobilier et déco !

The new IKEA 2023 kitchen collection is amazing! Yes, practicality trumps originality, but we all look for the former when decorating our homes. If you’re curious about the new IKEA 2023 catalog, we’re going to have to disappoint you! He no longer exists! However, take a look at our top picks from the IKEA kitchen collection. You will notice a certain pattern of practicality and fashion combined in one! Also, you know that IKEA quality is excellent, so what are you waiting for?

IKEA 2023 kitchen: practical and stylish ideas

Today we are going to show you seven beautiful models. Looking to change your home? Why not start with this particular room? If you want to be inspired, take a look at our article on colors to avoid in the kitchen or how they affect us. It is an interesting read if you are interested in psychology and decoration. Without further ado, let’s stop talking and move on to IKEA kitchen designs 2023!

IKEA 2023 Sektion dark wood kitchen

Trends in wooden kitchen decoration

We activated the theme of the IKEA 2023 kitchen with a timeless decoration! The intensity of the dark wood design against the bright white walls is a classic! SEKTION is perfect for you if you like this style! The mix between industrial, modernity and pure comfort is sublime!

White and wood kitchen Askersund

IKEA 2023 kitchen

The ASKERSUND white and wood kitchen is one of those timeless design trends that will always be in style. The all-white decor is a bit boring for some, but adding wood gives it a bit of flair. Why choose wood in fact? Or if you have a small budget, laminate? Both are durable and practical, especially the former. On the other hand, if you take care of the laminate, it can serve you for many years!

Industrial kitchen IKEA Varsta

ikea metal kitchen

The VÅRSTA stainless steel kitchen is simply stunning! Not only does it have a lot of storage space, but it has a modern and trendy look! The industrial kitchen attracts by its simplicity. If you think this style is a little rough for your taste, add some vegetal decoration as shown in the image to give it a bit of freshness!

Kungsbacka kitchen IKEA 2023

kungsbacka kitchen ikea 2023

Another sublime option in white and wood for lovers of delicacy, style and trend! The kitchen backsplash is perfect for those little deviants who mess up the walls every time they clean! Contrary to popular belief, white is the easiest to clean! Yes, it will look horrible and “bloody” all over the place if you make ketchup, but just do the bare minimum: put dish soap on a sponge and give it a good wash.

ENKÖPING Kitchen novelties IKEA

ENKÖPING news kitchen ikea

The brilliant contrast between black and white is a timeless classic! For those who want the best of both worlds and don’t want a monochromatic kitchen, ENKÖPING is for you! Beauty, elegance and practicality meet and merge in a perfect design.

Frojered Kitchen

Frojered ikea 2023

Do you want a light, durable and very fashionable style? Why not take a look at Fröjered? It is made of natural bamboo, which makes it durable and eco-friendly. The size of the drawers is remarkable and is ideal for all Tupperware lovers!


Trend in the Lerhyttan kitchen

Who loves the idea of ​​a black kitchen with a white backsplash? Lerhyttan is made from solid wood and is a lifetime guarantee that you will be preparing delicious meals and drinking great wine for years and years! She is so amazing she will outlive you and still look as good as when you bought her! We don’t want to be morbid, we like it a lot!


Sinarp kitchen IKEA 2022 2023

This beautiful dark brown Sinarp oak kitchen is made for people with a sense of style. Some people shy away from dark colors, but we say go for it! Summer is coming to an end and we welcome the 2022/2023 fall decor trends with open arms.

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