On a demandé à des experts s’il est utile de payer pour un antivirus en 2022. Voici leur réponse

On a demandé à des experts s'il est utile de payer pour un antivirus en 2022. Voici leur réponse

news hardware We asked the experts if it is worth paying for an antivirus in 2022. Here is their answer

An antivirus can get expensive quickly, so the question we need to ask ourselves is: do I really need it? We asked cybersecurity experts to decide on the usefulness of such programs and whether some are worth more than others.

Is a free antivirus really better than a paid antivirus?

The issue is more complex than it seems. There is an ocean of antivirus proposals in the cybersecurity market. Some make promises that may even be false. That is why we needed the opinion of experts to really know if it is worth paying or not.

The answers are very interesting and give you an idea of ​​the current market. But above all if they are good or not. Also know if a paid antivirus can protect you from all attacks, even if you don’t pay attention to what you click.

Chema Alonso

The basic solutions implemented at Microsoft and Apple are already a good first protection. He compares built-in tools to “wearing a helmet to ride a motorcycle.” Therefore, it is the first mandatory protection that filters out the largest viruses.

On the other hand, the size of the malware can have a big influence on its lifespan. For example, a large virus is much better known to the cybersecurity community. Therefore, researchers will devote more resources to solving this problem.

In contrast, a small, little-known virus will be present on systems for much longer. Being unknown and therefore not a priority, cybersecurity researchers will not spend time closing loopholes. As a result, it is the most dangerous malware.

It is for this last reason that paid antiviruses are much more reactive. According to Alonso, professionals are better off turning to EDR solutions, which protect their business. The expert does not appreciate free antiviruses, which offer little technical support in case of a problem. It is for him what really makes the difference.

Roman Ramirez

This expert is not against paid antiviruses. According to him, it is rather the accumulation of protection, paid or free, that will protect you. Solutions built into operating systems are powerful enough for most attacks.

On the other hand, adding other protection tools like a VPN, for example, is what makes it more secure. In the image, we can visualize a house that has many protection systems, even mediocre ones will slow down a thief, to the point that the attack isn’t worth it.


It is also this aspect that must be taken into account. An attack must be financially justified. If a hacker spends too much time with one person, he will attack somewhere else. He will always go for the simplest and the one that pays the most.

charles spotted

He is a cybersecurity expert who is responsible for the Spanish branch of Microsoft. Unsurprisingly, he explains that Microsoft Defender is already very good protection. However, it specifies that an antivirus, free or not, will always be a plus for protection.

Microsoft offers protections for businesses in particular. As a result, the expert is confused about the use or even the recommendation of an external antivirus. He adds, however, that some antiviruses have their specialty and that “each scenario requires a suitable solution.”

So it highly depends on your computer usage.

Free or paid antivirus?

Finally the answer is quite clear. An antivirus, whether free or paid, will always be better than nothing. On the other hand, as Chema Alonso points out, the technical support aspect is what will be most lacking in the free antivirus. For this reason, it is always preferable to resort to a means of payment protection, with a good after-sales service.

Adding a VPN and thus including it in a cybersecurity offer is also an undeniable asset. Finally, some antiviruses have their specialty, so you can also opt for the solution that suits you best.

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