Le passage (express) de LeBron James et Jayson Tatum à la Pro-Am de Seattle

Le passage (express) de LeBron James et Jayson Tatum à la Pro-Am de Seattle

It was the main basketball event on Saturday. On the Seattle side, LeBron James, Jayson Tatum and other big names came together to compete in Jamal Crawford’s Pro-Am league, all in front of an audience that had come in droves to meet his heroes. Unfortunately, the parquet flooring in the Royal Brougham Pavilion has failed…

Obviously, the expectation was enormous. Pour une ville comme Seattle que respire le basket mais que n’a toujours pas récupéré de franchise NBA depuis le départ des Sonics il already ça 15 ans, LeBron et Cie’s venue represents an immanquable occasion aux yeux des amoureux de la balle orange . The room was shielded on all sides, the temperature rising rapidly… to drop just as rapidly. Even before halftime, the organization decided to send everyone home, the fault of a wet parquet floor that could not guarantee the safety of the players. We must admit that there, in terms of air conditioning, we have rarely done better. A quite symbolic outcome of an evening – it must be said – a bit chaotic. Between the fire alarm that went off before the start of the game, the little pain in Chet Holmgren’s ankle in the first few minutes, the madness surrounding LeBron’s arrival on the court and therefore the state of the latter, the risks they eventually outgrew the rewards. And there’s nothing worse for a Pro-Am league than being the scene of an incident involving an NBA player.

However, this didn’t stop Seattle fans, and those on their screens that night, from seeing some highlights during the twenty minutes the players met on the field. It certainly sounded like two beats an hour to avoid any drama, but we could see Jayson Tatum stringing together the strings, LeBron dropping a few big takes while warming up with a no-name, or even Paolo Banchero taking on Dejounte Murray in one. – against one. It’s already that.

LeBron, Tatum, Banchero, Holmgren, Dejounte, Aaron Gordon, Isaiah Thomas, Marjon Beauchamp, Tari Eason were all there to give Seattle fans a show to remember. Unfortunately, the state of the floor prevented the show from taking place properly enough to leave everyone hungry. However, we have had confirmation of one thing: we will have to think very seriously about bringing a franchise to Seattle …

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