Test du jeu Kirby’s Dream Buffet sur Switch

Test du jeu Kirby's Dream Buffet sur Switch

At Kirby’s Dream Buffet, the tallest Kirby wins the race in an apple pie and strawberry plant experience. A game similar to Fall Guys available on Switch.

Get out of the terrible dictates of the summer body, Kirby, the icon, has decided to gorge himself all summer, even if it means being on the verge of indigestion and trampling anyone who stops him.. In Kirby’s Dream Buffet, the pink ball plays Fall Guys and launches into frantic activities during which he will try to swallow the maximum number of strawberries on cakes strewn with sugary obstacles. The largest ball wins the game.

A snack for the whole family

With no special context or long, dedicated tutorial, in Kirby’s Dream Buffet, you’re plunged right into the pleasant chaos of a strawberry shortcake where you can quickly lose sight of your character among the myriad of goodies. Here you face a landscape that some may find indigestible, but that will undoubtedly delight lovers of extreme tenderness. And you can imagine, music is part of the same environment, signing an absolutely coherent universe. Whatever the activity, it follows an interesting logic: the bigger the ball (Kirby), the faster it rolls. The lighter it is, the longer it floats when a larger opponent knocks you out of the arena. Here’s a rule that’s perfectly suited for a character of Kirby’s stature. whose grip is also immediately very comfortable.

Various well-balanced difficulty levels are available for your activities.enough to delight the whole family. You can do a Gourmet Grand Prix or one of the individual rounds that make it up: the race where everyone tries to be the first to gobble down one of the three mountains of strawberries, the quick minigame where it’s about eating more strawberries than your opponents, then the “every man for himself”, a frantic fight where you can swallow power snacks to take advantage of your opponents and try to throw them overboard. These mini-games will seem somewhat similar to you at the beginning of the experience, but each one has a good dose of fun and works pretty well overall.. Reinforcements in the form of food are also a very good idea to spice up the game. The system is very easy to understand to win a game: you simply earn points corresponding to the number of strawberries swallowed. In addition to the points accumulated during the tests, the bonus points are distributed in the manner of a Mario Party, which probably reverses some situations unexpectedly.

Still limited experience

There are several possibilities to tackle the title: you can play with 3 other friends locally wirelessly or online, or play with just one friend on the same console, which is still a pretty limited proposition. Online gaming offers you a unique activity – the grand prize on a random or partially hosted basis. If the matchmaking is done more or less quickly depending on the time, our first round suffered from some very important crashes that made the game unplayable. No luck: repeated connections could negatively affect your level indicated on the screen. However, our subsequent attempts were more successful and went smoothly.

Is Kirby's Dream Buffet as good as Fall Guys? Is Kirby's Dream Buffet as good as Fall Guys?

All the activities will only take a few minutes, so it’s a good game to start while the pasta water is ready or your subway stop finally arrives. It must be said, however, that the experience is quite limited at the moment and that you will have covered it in about fifteen minutes.. It will probably continue to be more fun for younger kids in the long run. In any case, content updates will not be rejected.. In terms of rewards, on the other hand, the title is generous and offers you a very easy sense of progress. Play whenever you want offline and you will continue to level up, including unlocking skins and colors for your Kirby. More anecdotally, you will also regularly receive decorations for the cake found in your main menu. You’ll finally have as much time as you want to complete the 135 tiers that currently make up the fully integrated battle pass for purchase.. It allows you to get your hands on new music to accompany your games, but also new gourmet boards. Rather nice.



  • A very comfortable grip
  • a coherent universe
  • Tests that work well in general
  • The fully integrated battle pass

Weak points

  • extremely limited content
  • Gets repetitive too fast
  • Only two players on the same console
  • Freezes during online play

Kirby’s Dream Buffet can be considered as a small game ideal for very short and fun sessions with family or friends in a universe that frankly holds. However, the experience is still very limited in terms of content, updates are now expected to expand the activities. Lastly, it’s a shame that single-console play is limited to a maximum of two players.

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