Elden Ring : Que peut-on attendre d’un potentiel DLC ?

Elden Ring : Que peut-on attendre d'un potentiel DLC ?

Six months after the release of Elden Ring, players are still asking for more and the question of a possible DLC for the success of From Software is on everyone’s lips despite the absence of an official announcement. Therefore, the JV script offers you to make a small comment about a possible additional content to return to the Entre-Terre.


  • Why a DLC for Elden Ring?
  • Rumors, noises in the corridors, but…
  • The most serious clues for an Elden Ring DLC
  • Other projects for From Software and Elden Ring instead of a DLC?

Why a DLC for Elden Ring?

First of all, let’s start at the beginning: why are the rumors surrounding an Elden Ring DLC ​​so important? To understand it, it is enough simply to turn to the previous games of its developer. When we take a closer look, we quickly realize that From Software is a studio used to creating additional content for its productions. With the exception of Demon’s Souls, the first of the Souls formula, and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, a really special episode, everyone is entitled to their DLC: Dark Souls, Dark Souls II, Bloodborne, Dark Souls III…

Elden Ring: What can we expect from a potential DLC?

And since Elden Ring is arguably the studio’s biggest hit, gamers imagined it would get similar treatment, despite a lack of official announcements. Beyond that, making Elden Ring DLC ​​also makes sense from a purely financial standpoint. With more than 13 million copies sold worldwide, at least according to the latest news, there are just as many potential buyers for additional content. Therefore, it is always safer to bet on an incredibly successful title than to launch a new license that is expensive and probably won’t work.

Rumors, noises in the corridors, but…

Elden Ring: What can we expect from a potential DLC?

Now that we’ve said all that, what do we really know about a possible Elden Ring DLC? First of all, remember thatNo official announcement has been made by either Bandai Namco, the game’s publisher, or From Software, the developers, in this regard.. Still, we can see some clues here and there. In an interview with Japanese outlet 4gamer, Hidetaka Miyazaki, director of Elden Ring and president of From Software, said that updates were planned for the game to fix certain issues and rebalance the experience. Therefore, the latest update was rolled out at the beginning of the month, August 9 to be precise. However, it is difficult to understand behind this formula a convoluted confirmation that the title will receive a DLC.

Elden Ring: What can we expect from a potential DLC?

Then in July, you must have seen it making the rounds on social media. an image claiming to be a leak of future Bandai Namco releases for fiscal year 2023. A Super edition for Dragon Ball FighterZ, a new Tales of called “Tales of Ascension” and sequels like Tekken 8, Dragon Ball Xenoverse 3, Code Vein 2 or Little Nightmares 3… We really found everything in this panel, with even a Additional DLC for Elden Ring titled “Barbarians of the Badlands”. However, make no mistake, this illustration is hardly believable, for many reasons.

Elden Ring: What can we expect from a potential DLC?

First of all, these are just sets of existing licenses and nothing new is on the horizon, which is surprising for a big publisher like Bandai Namco. There are also aberrations like a Little Nightmares 3 which is simply impossible since the studio in charge of the license, Tarsier Studios, has been bought by Embracer Group and the series is on hold. Finally, this so-called schedule is too busy for a company as large as Bandai Namco, which would tend to spread all of these releases over several years instead of condensing everything into a few months. A very unbelievable leak, therefore, that seems much more raised since the forgery..

The most serious clues for an Elden Ring DLC

Elden Ring: What can we expect from a potential DLC?

Despite everything, it is by looking at the game itself that the trace of a DLC seems credible. Indeed, on the one hand, while walking through Entre-Terre, we notice that there are many coliseums in the four corners of the map that are not used. Thanks to various techniques and the use of bugs, some players have managed to enter these arenas, something impossible playing normally, and inside we realize that the stage is finished, as in all the other explorable areas of the game. a titanic job of creating an open world, the areas where the player is not supposed to go are not done with precision by the developers so as not to waste time and focus on more essential things. But if these coliseums are finished like this, this is perhaps a clue that allows us to imagine that they will play an important role in a potential DLC that would be, for example, PVP-oriented, that is, multiplayer confrontation.

Elden Ring: What can we expect from a potential DLC?

So if you’ve played Elden Ring, you’ll know how rich its lore is and that it’s full of elements that will be exciting to discover as a player. On one side, we got to see the return of the dragons which we see when we sit in his city, Farum Azula, which is then completely devastated. However, the latter ruled the Underworld before the arrival of the Supreme Will and Marika. So we could explore the past of the continent that seems rich in events while the player really has the impression of landing after the battle given everything that has happened to get to the current situation.

Elden Ring: What can we expect from a potential DLC?

Finally, the last clue is something that has puzzled players for quite some time. If you have completed the game, You must have noticed that in the center of the map is a cloud surrounded by the entire explorable land area of ​​the Underworld.. Even more surprisingly, we see that the Divine Towers, buildings that are used to activate the Greater Runes recovered with each victory against a boss, form a perfect hexagon around this cloud. Thus, if it is possible that this cloud is just an illustration on the map that does not represent anything concrete, it is also reasonable to imagine that it is an area specially planned for additional content. These are the three main theories currently circulating in the Elden Ring community.

Other projects for From Software and Elden Ring instead of a DLC?

Elden Ring: What can we expect from a potential DLC?

If Elden Ring doesn’t have DLC announced, it’s also because the From Software teams are busy working on other games. Thus, even in the same interview granted to 4gamer, Hidetaka Miyazaki said that a project is in the final stages of development. According to many rumors, it would be a new episode of Armored Core, a saga in which the player controls a giant robot. But that’s not all, because other games are also in production and are being developed by teams that he does not lead directly. Despite everything, the president of From Software is working on a still mysterious project that could as well be under Elden Ring as under any other license.

Elden Ring: What can we expect from a potential DLC?

However, what if the future of the Elden Ring was not through video games… but through another medium? This is what we can read between the lines in the press release from Bandai Namco, publisher of the title, published to announce the twelve million copies of the game sold worldwide. At some point we discovered that the Japanese company evokes “that Elden Ring will grow as an intellectual property, hoping to see it expand beyond the realm of gaming“.

Elden Ring: What can we expect from a potential DLC?

Obviously, we’re talking about spin-offs here, and if we can expect things like a board game like Dark Souls, and if Elden Ring were the subject of more ambitious projects like a movie or a series? With so many video game franchises getting the right to a big or small screen adaptation in recent times, it wouldn’t be surprising to see From Software’s success receive similar treatment. All the more so since the author George RR Martin participated in the creation of the lore of the title and that many of his novels have been adapted for television. game of Thrones obviously in the lead.

In any case, it only remains to wait for official information to find out what From Software, Miyazaki and Bandai Namco intend to do for the future of Elden Ring.

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