Championnats d’Europe de natation 2022 : le collectif tricolore, le show du public italien, les attaques misogynes… Ce qu’on a aimé et moins aimé

Championnats d'Europe de natation 2022 : le collectif tricolore, le show du public italien, les attaques misogynes... Ce qu'on a aimé et moins aimé

From Rome to Ostia, eleven days of competition marked this European Swimming Championship, which ended on Sunday, August 21, with a new tricolor medal with bronze in the mixed open water relay. France has returned to the forefront of the aquatic scene after the successful World Championships in Budapest two months ago. Franceinfo: sport takes stock of the beautiful things… and the less good things that marked the events.

We liked it…

If individualities have not always lived up to expectations, the French group shone with 1,000 lights. French teams won five medals in sprint swimming, including gold in the 4x100m mixed freestyle. In the 4x100m medley, both boys and girls earned a silver charm, as did the 4x200m freestyle medley. Finally, the men’s 4×200 meter freestyle won bronze.

The French collective also stood out behind the scenes. Charlotte Bonnet confirmed it to franceinfo: sport: this group lives well. With their new boss, Jacco Verhaeren, at the helm, and a few leaders like Yohann Ndoye Brouard (in gold over 200m backstroke), Maxime Grousset or Marie Wattel, the Blues have perfectly surfed the wave that started in Budapest. A good omen two years from the Olympic Games in Paris.

Before these championships, you had to go back to 2007 to see a French woman with a medal around her neck in artistic swimming during an international competition. Virginie Dedieu was then crowned at the World Singles.


Fifteen years later, the women’s artistic swimming team has won three bronze medals. For his part, Quentin Rakotomalala left with the same metal in his pocket on the occasion of the first men’s artistic swimming competition in the history of the European Championships.

Even the most seasoned spectators were surprised by the fever in the stands. The Nautical Stadium, which hosted speed swimming and diving, as well as the Nicola-Pietrangeli Stadium, home to artistic swimming, were the scene of great flights by the Italian fans. They shouted their love for their athletes or showed it with banners honoring Gregorio Paltrinieri, Benedetta Pilato, or even… Federica Pellegrini.

But the Italian public is also knowledgeable. When Yohann Ndoye Brouard has to return to the front solo in the 200m backstroke semi-final after breaking his toe calipers an hour earlier, he’s not really alone. A few hours later, the stands are still packed and it is in an atmosphere worthy of a football stadium that the tall blonde will take the second half, before, the next day, winning the European title.

We did not like it…

Before the European Championship, the girls of the French national team shared a photo of themselves at the end of training on social networks. Supporting the screenshots, Solène Lusseau denounced the attacks suffered online after this publication. Racist, misogynistic and sexist reactions.

“They are only men, forty-something, fifty-something, fathers”according to Mathilde Vignères, one of the French team swimmers interviewed by franceinfo.

The first thing that could be heard throughout the Foro Italico, on August 10, on the eve of the start of these European championships, was the sound of drilling and the sound of metal plates swinging on the ground. The stadium that hosted the sprint swim was not yet finished when the first races began.

We also remember the issue of the dropouts intended to support the pilots’ backrests at the time of the start. They can declare Mewen Tomac, Yohann Ndoye Brouard, among others. If the frame was broken once during the semi-final of the Insep resident, many times it was replaced before the start in different races, enough to destabilize the athletes in front of this very insecure team.

Finishing fourth in his 200m backstroke semi-final, France's Mewen Tomac heads into the continental final.  It will not be the case of Yohann Ndoye Brouard, victim of a problem at the start.

Same story on the high dive. The iron giant was still under construction a few days before the start of the competition. And what about the organization of the open water competition where the two 25 km tests were canceled after a mess. Unheard of, in memory of the swimmers.

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