Vague de démissions en France : comment bien quitter son travail ?

Vague de démissions en France : comment bien quitter son travail ?

Have you been wanting to quit smoking for several months? Yahoo gives you some tips on how to make the leap and successfully exit the company (Credit: Getty Images)

Have you been wanting to quit smoking for several months? Yahoo gives you some tips to take the step and leave the company successfully.

The number is impressive. More than 500,000 French employees resigned in the first quarter of 2022, the vast majority of them on indefinite contracts according to Dares. A level never seen in France since the financial crisis of 2008. Loss of meaning at work, relocation, professional retraining, lack of understanding with superiors and colleagues… The reasons for leaving the post are many. Once the decision to leave your post has been made, you still have to leave “cleanly”. Here are some keys to navigate towards new horizons with a light mind.

Pick the right time

This is the first and probably the most painful step: advising your employer of your desire to resign. Above all, be sure to keep this information first for your line manager. Contrary to what one might think, there is no particular legal way to submit the resignation. Clearly, the famous letter of resignation is not mandatory. However, it is still highly recommended to avoid any future litigation and to keep a written record.

To do it well, ask for a previous meeting with your boss to deliver the letter and briefly explain the reasons for your departure. Do not give him the missive between two doors without any explanation. As you can imagine, an unjustified absence or abandonment of the position cannot be considered a resignation in the eyes of the law. Also know that your employer has no right to refuse your resignation.

Stay professional until the end

Your boss has been warned, your colleagues know: now is the time to stay professional until the end and carry out the missions that have been entrusted to you. Generally, notice varies from one week to three months depending on the collective agreements. It’s up to you to maintain the same energy to pass on important information to your colleagues, continue to participate in the smooth running of the company and, why not, train your successor. Ultimately, be conscientious and remember that you are still under contract. Do not waste years of work for a few weeks of dragging your feet due to lack of motivation, although that is understandable.

don’t empty your bag

Once checked out, there is a great temptation to give free rein to the stingy boss, the somewhat lazy colleague or even the aging local. While emptying the bag may be good in the moment, really try to hold your tongue as much as possible. In case you want to find work in the same branch, this discretion can be useful to you. Don’t forget that your future ex-boss is very likely to be contacted by a potential employer for information about you. On the other hand, if you leave a communication job in Paris to open a bed and breakfast in the south of France, feel free to joke around a bit more, within reason.

A new CDI in sight? Follow directly, if possible

It is true that the temptation to take a few weeks off between his two permanent contracts is great. But these few days of well-deserved rest could cost him dearly. The grass isn’t always greener elsewhere, he’s never safe from running into trouble at his new company and thus getting fired or wanting to leave during his probationary period. However, a break period, even one day, between his two contracts does not automatically entitle him to unemployment insurance. So ideally, make sure you leave your job on a Friday and start the next one on a Monday.

Stay in touch (or not)

On D-Day, be inspired to announce your departure to the entire company in a group email. Some choose humor, others remain more realistic, it’s up to you to find the style that suits you. In any case, do not hide this moment that marks the end of your career in this company. Also, do not forget that this message will often be the last image that your bosses/colleagues will keep of you, so it is important not to be surprised.

Finally, take a few extra minutes to send a personalized message to your closest colleagues, to those who have contacted you during your professional career. Remember to share your personal email address or your Linkedin account to keep us in touch. Colleagues will appreciate the approach, especially if you really intend to open bed and breakfasts in the South of France!

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