AS Saint-Étienne : l’appel à la raison lancé par Patrick Guillou aux dirigeants

Patrick Guillou

France Bleu Saint-Étienne Loire: 48 hours after this sadly historic ASSE match, how do you feel?

Patrick Guillo: After only four days of Ligue 2, it is already a feeling of resignation that dominates. The anger has been gone for several weeks. ASSE’s situation is becoming insignificant. Regardless of the coaches, there is a real problem of quality and mentality among the players. I don’t want to say that the frustration gives way to a kind of “I don’t care”, but the truth is that there is no longer any anger. When this feeling of anger no longer exists, it is worse than nothing. Total disinterest. At the beginning of the season, we needed to identify with a new team, it just doesn’t show our values ​​or our virtues. Apart from an encouraging fifteen minutes at Quevilly-Rouen, the content is negligible. We had known “manita” in the derbies against Lyon, now they are humiliations against our rivals in Ligue 2. We are hitting rock bottom.

This Ligue 2 reconstruction project will take time, it will be far from simple, but above all patience is needed, this is the message delivered before the Le Havre match by Jérôme Alonzo in France Bleu Saint-Étienne Loire. Patience, can we still have it?

Jérôme is a master of his words, but we have been patient for years. Logically, this patience gave way to impatience. In my opinion, the problem is taken the other way around. Of course we have to give Laurent Batlles and his coaching staff time to put things back in place, give the rookies time to adapt, give the players who have been through relegation time to compose themselves. , but we have already been patient enough and can legitimately vent our anger.

Jean-François Soucasse must take the floor to clearly explain what is happening. We’ll send the coach to hell. -Patricio Guillou

What message do you want to transmit today to the ASSE management?

At some point when you have a new coach just arrived, you have to protect him in the media so he can focus on building his team. Some fights directed by Laurent Batlles should not be his. In my opinion, it exposes itself too much. The role of the image, the role with the public must be played today by Jean-François Soucasse, CEO. The latter must take the floor to clearly explain what is happening. It’s just obvious compared to the practices of the big clubs. Ditto for Loïc Perrin, the sporting director. This would protect Laurent Batlles so that he can work in peace. The middle layers must step forward to defend the ASSE institution. And I’m not even talking about the two co-shareholders who don’t have his rank either. There is a huge void in ASSE that nobody wants or can fill, for political, strategic or other reasons that are difficult to identify. The consequence today is that we are sending the coach to the breaker.

What do you think are the reasons for hope?

I sincerely think that the thinking heads, that the leaders do not understand what is incubating at the public level. I feel like we’re ignoring all of that. We play with the passion and patience of the fans. We flip the coin in the hope that it will come back to common sense. Nothing is structured at the top of the club. In my opinion, we have only had the first indications of everything that can happen with the fans. Management doesn’t seem to have realized what is likely to happen in the coming months. The track record, the history, the legend, the ASSE fans will not be enough to provide what is essential. It is a real call to reason, a real cry for help that I send to the leaders. Let them make the necessary decisions. Three coaches tried to relaunch a dynamic, it didn’t work. We call a token player at the address, it does not work. We called in a former player to be CEO, it doesn’t work. Allow them to ask the right questions and provide the appropriate answers. It is absolutely necessary to break this negative spiral. I am not defeatist, be careful, but it is absolutely necessary to react, from now on.

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