MotoGP Autriche J3 Débriefing Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha/2) : Le secret de la course, etc. (Intégralité) – Paddock GP

MotoGP Autriche J3 Débriefing Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha/2) : Le secret de la course, etc. (Intégralité) - Paddock GP

This Sunday, August 21, 2022, fabio quartararo answered questions from journalists at the Red Bull Ring circuit after day three of the Austrian Grand Prix.

And despite a not very favorable course for his Yamaha M1, the Frenchman is still there, playing up front in the midst of an army of Ducati, albeit very slightly behind compared to the day before.

As usualWe report here the words of fabio quartararo without any formatting, even if it is partially translated (vouvoiement in English, tu in French).

Fabio, television has said that you drove like a lion: it’s not a victory, but it tastes like that…
fabio quartararo : “ Yes, it was a very good race. It’s a shame we didn’t have a great start and some really good first few laps because I was struggling a bit with the front to get it warmed up. The rear as well and I saw that Joan (Mir) had had a hard crash at turn 4. It took me a lap or two to warm them up and then I was able to pick up my pace. It was very good but it was difficult for me to overtake. I felt like I was super aggressive today and made a lot of mistakes, but I was able to preserve them (the tires). It was a tough race, but a good race. »

A key moment of the race was on lap 25, when you made an incredible pass on Jack Miller at the chicane…
I think on this lap he braked a bit earlier than before and I braked too late. So I said to myself “OK, I have to try something” because this is a place where, at the beginning of the weekend and yesterday, I thought it was impossible to overtake. I thought to myself that surely he wasn’t really expecting an overtake in this corner, and it worked. »

After the disappointments at Assen and Silverstone, is this a big boost for the rest of the season?
Yes, a big boost, because since FP1, maybe not FP1 but FP2, I was always in the middle of Ducati. He was still in the top 10, but there were still at least six Ducatis and he was in the middle of them. Mentally it was good because you get references from them, and we know how strong they are on this circuit – it was really good to see their strengths on this track. »

Do you think the race setup, where you rode alone for a long time, helped prevent your front tire from overheating?
Not really. First, the hard tire was difficult to warm up at the beginning of the race. So I immediately feel if the front isn’t great, and the only corner where I struggled a lot was number four. But overall the front was pretty good. »

What was more important to you today: losing just 5 points to Pecco or winning 10 to Aleix?
Both ! In the end, you must finish ahead of your opponents. Clearly I have to keep Aleix in mind, but maybe I’ll call Casey (Stoner) next week to see if he has any advice for me too (Laughter. Alluding to the advice Casey Stoner gave Francesco Bagnaia). Would be great. »

Aleix Espargaró said yesterday that you were by far the best rider on the grid today, and that if you were on the best bike you would easily be way ahead of everyone. How would you rate your level of performance?
I don’t like to say whether or not you are the best pilot. Currently I know that I am giving my best and that we are having some difficulties with our bike. I was expecting it to be much worse at this circuit because we use such a short gearbox that I can stay with Jack in the first gears and then not. you never know Of course now the Ducati is very strong, but it’s not just the Ducati: you can put on a perfect bike, but if you don’t have the rider, you’re behind. It’s hard to say. I feel like I’m at my best right now. I don’t mean to be pretentious, but that’s a nice compliment from Aleix. »

Do you still think that Aleix Espargaró is your main rival or is Francesco Bagnaia now?
Pecco is the man of the late races, and I said he was the man to beat. He is currently the favourite, since the last few races, but of course I have two opponents: Pecco and Aleix. Then we’ll see in the next races. I can’t wait to get to Misano and also to the races abroad. I think it can be good to go to tracks where we haven’t been since 2019. So I have those two opponents for the championship, but I have a lot more for the races. »

Here were particular tyres: did you have a hard time adapting your bike to them and how do you adapt your riding style?
For me, it’s always the same. In the end, our bike isn’t really sensitive to this, even when we switch things up. It’s much more difficult than lapping in the past, but when it comes to tire construction, that doesn’t change anything. »

How much has the new chicane helped you to continue with the Ducati this weekend?
Of course it helps, because as I said this weekend, in the last few laps I was able to stay with Jack in second and third, but he was slipping away a little bit in fourth: fourth, fifth, sixth, that’s where we need power and where we lack . At the chicane you come in fourth, so eventually I put in a very short gearbox and that helped us stay with them. We were shifting into sixth gear in two places when you normally only do it in one. »

At the end of the race you were very close to Pecco. Do you think victory was possible with two more laps?
The race is 28 laps for everyone (laughs), so it’s always easy to say that with two more laps… Of course, my pace was very strong at the end of the race, but I was too late. If there had been two more rounds…I don’t know. But the race was over. »

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