Gamescom 2022 : Hogwarts Legacy, Sonic Frontiers… Qu’attendre de l’Opening Night Live ?

Gamescom 2022 : Hogwarts Legacy, Sonic Frontiers... Qu'attendre de l'Opening Night Live ?

game news Gamescom 2022: Hogwarts Legacy, Sonic Frontiers… What to expect from Opening Night Live?

After the Summer Game Fest, it’s Gamescom’s turn to throw us a launch party. In fact, the German show is throwing hostilities tomorrow night with its Opening Night Live. Hogwarts Legacy, Sonic Frontiers, Dead Island 2… What does this new afternoon of announcements hold for us?


  • Hogwarts Legacy, Sonic Frontiers… What we know
  • Dead Island 2, Kojima… What do the rumors say?
  • How can I watch Gamescom Opening Night Live?
  • Find all summer video game announcements with the Find Your Next Game device (PS5, Xbox Series, PC, Switch)

Hogwarts Legacy, Sonic Frontiers… What we know

Like every year, the German fair takes over Cologne for several days under the sign of video games. From August 24 to 28, players and industry professionals will meet at Koelnmesse in the north of Rome. This is a real event as the show is back in physical form after two virtual editions due to the COVID-19 pandemic. more precisely, this edition will be hybrid (both remote and physical)in order to satisfy as many people as possible.

But before the show actually gets underway, gamescom is throwing us its traditional launch party with its usual host. Did you miss Geoff Keighley? And good See you tomorrow, Tuesday, August 23, at 8:00 p.m. watch him introduce a new round of announcements during gamescom’s Opening Night Live. To the program: about thirty announcements about games already announced but also some new ones. And in view of the following images, we can already get a small idea of ​​the program.

Recently pushed back to the year 2023, The highly anticipated Hogwarts Legacy: Hogwarts Legacy has already given us an appointment for gamescom. Strongly present in the small trailer, we hope that the game in the Harry Potter universe will offer us an important segment with, in particular, some details of the game and an overview of the different areas to discover. sonic borders, who has not stopped talking about him during the summer, should also be one of the great stars of the evening.

Gamescom 2022: Hogwarts Legacy, Sonic Frontiers... What to expect from Opening Night Live?Gamescom 2022: Hogwarts Legacy, Sonic Frontiers... What to expect from Opening Night Live?

But he will not be the only one to return during this Opening Night Live. The Callisto Protocol, Gotham Knights, A Plague Tale: Requiem, Honkai: Star Rail, Goat Simulator 3, Return to Monkey Island, Skull and Bones, High on Life… All of these games appeared over the summer and will continue to do so during gamescom Opening Night Live.

Gamescom 2022: Hogwarts Legacy, Sonic Frontiers... What to expect from Opening Night Live?

The German event will also be entitled to its small summer exclusives, such as The next horror title from Red Barrels, The Outlast Trials. The last time we heard about The Outlast Trials was during gamescom 2021. The developers of Unknown Worlds Entertainment (Subnautica) will also use the evening to reveal their next title and its gameplay. The Silencer The Expanse: A Telltale Series, Lies of P and Dying Light 2 DLC: Stay Human will also be there. So the schedule promises to be busy, and these are just the games that have been officially announced.

Dead Island 2, Kojima… What do the rumors say?

There is what we know and what seems increasingly plausible. Leaks and other rumors abound regarding this gamescom launch party. And if there is one who has become a master in the art of causing him to arrive at various events, that is Hideo Kojima. The Japanese acted again. Hinting that he had just finished editing a potential trailer, the guy immediately fired several hopes on the part of the players who hope to have official information and images of the alleged Overdose or a Death Stranding 2. Will this night satisfy her wildest dreams? Nothing is less secure.

Gamescom 2022: Hogwarts Legacy, Sonic Frontiers... What to expect from Opening Night Live?

Another rumor has recently stirred the web and it is about one of the greatest women of Arles in the history of video games: dead island 2 Announced with great fanfare at E3 2014, the title was gradually forgotten. In 2019, we learned that the game was still running. So much so that we almost believed it when the well-known Dead Island 2 trailer made its return during Summer Game Fest… but to no avail. What a disappointment for impatient gamers, but a ray of hope still shines. A recent leak from Amazon leads us to believe that the game should be out soon. Given the timing, it may be during the gamescom launch party that we’ll get more information. Subject to follow.

Gamescom 2022: Hogwarts Legacy, Sonic Frontiers... What to expect from Opening Night Live?

it’s the same for Tales from the Borderlands 2, which was heavily leaked a few days ago. The synopsis, the release date and even some images would have been revealed by mistake. Like all rumors, this information must be taken with a grain of salt, but it is certain that the game will give its news in the coming weeks or days, and why not during Gamescom’s Opening Night Live?

On the other hand, note that Playstation, Activision-Blizzard, Take-Two Interactive, Wargaming and Nintendo are absent from the event, there is little chance of seeing one of their titles land during this night. While some prefer to go through their own conferences to communicate, others have had to give in to the uncertainties and various costs generated by the current context.

Tomorrow at 8:00 p.m., the gamescom launch party will begin. A preshow will kick off at 7:30 pm Add to that a good hour of lecture and you’ve got a pretty long event. Don’t panic for those in a hurry, a recap will follow the conference starting at 9:30 pm Best of all, the JV team will of course keep you posted on any announcements to remember, whether during or after the event.

You can find our traditional news (and the Live Feed) to go back and complete the various revealed images. And for early sleepers, you can find them the next morning, but also a summary of the night to capture in a few minutes the ads that you didn’t have to miss. In general, you can find all the summer information at the Find Your Next Game section of the site.

Gamescom 2022: Hogwarts Legacy, Sonic Frontiers... What to expect from Opening Night Live?

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