Cohue chez Lidl avec cet accessoire indispensable pour retrouver un extérieur comme neuf !


Home, cleaning, these tasks are crucial in everyday life, but sometimes difficult and exhausting to do. In addition, at home there is often a real fight over who will be in charge of cleaning or household chores. Lidl has found the solution.

To the delight of its customers, the brand offers them the ultimate cleaning weapon. It is a new broom that will change your day to day life and will give you pleasure in household chores.

Summer continues at Lidl

So as not to regret anything, there are still a few days left to take advantage of the vacation and summer. Precisely, Lidl offers you various offers to end these holidays in style.

1. The global range of catering

For a culinary trip around the world, at the end of summer, try these delicious dishes. Lidl takes you on a journey from your plate with its global range of catering. This is what the brand announced on Instagram:

“Do you want to escape for food? Wednesday is the return of the world’s catering range. In the #Bibimbaps, #nems or Lebanese #mezzes program: there will be something for everyone! »

2. New barbecue models

You still have time to go out with your friends or family and enjoy the good weather. Note that the sun still shines brightly in France. This is the best time to organize a barbecue. As for the kitchen, there a new model that is unanimous in Lidl.

3. A tool for cutting watermelons

Some fruits are abundant in the summer season. This is particularly the case with delicious watermelons. To cut the summer carambola, the chain of stores offers a very easy to use tool.

Make going back to school easier with Lidl

The holidays will be over in a few days. Thus, the sea and the fine sand will soon be just memories. For you, Lidl offers three high-tech tools that will facilitate the next school year.

1. Mr. Kitchen Plus

Surely you know him as he is popular. As its name suggests, it is a robot capable of preparing dishes for you. And this regardless of your kitchen. Despite this incredible versatility, its price is very attractive. Starting this week, discover it quickly in stores Lidl closer to you.

2. A charging station

This technological device allows you to charge your phone, your headphones and your SmartWatch. Even more amazing, with these two USB-A outputs and Surface QI, the tool can charge these three devices at the same time. Very practical and very easy to carry, you can put it in your school bag.

3. A laminator

The Lidl laminator is useful for laminating important documents and photos that you have taken during your holidays. Embedded with state-of-the-art technology, the device performs hot and cold laminations. even bigger, laminated papers to get up to A3 format.

That’s not all, for maximum availability, this state-of-the-art device can fit in a briefcase. In fact, its size makes this laminator even more practical.

Source: Instagram screenshot

A revolutionary accessory against dirt

Given the chores that could await you, Lidl offers you an essential complement for back to school. Is about’an effective broom for cleaning the outside from your place This Parkside tool will make your life easier when cleaning exterior surfaces such as patios, balconies, etc.

It has the peculiarity of being very light. With its lightweight aluminum telescopic handle, this broom can be extended up to 3m in height. which is extremely convenient for sweep surfaces out of reach !

Your brush is made of a chrome-plated zinc alloy. This has the advantage of get rid of the most embedded dirt on the floor. With this new tool in hand, your patio or balcony will look beautiful and new again.

Stylish and durable, this broom is the ideal and effective tool for cleaning any outdoor surface. Another discovery will surprise you about it. With all these qualities, the price is even more amazing.

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Lidl’s new broom: an unbeatable price

Are you a Lidl regular? As you probably know, the prices of products in their stores they are very attractive. To have this broom with a telescopic handle at home, you only have to pay 16.99 euros.

It’s a good deal. Even more so for those who want to clean up after a few weeks of vacation. Also, once the winter was over, this broom you will remain essential for spring cleaning.

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