EN DIRECT procès Mendy: “Elle avait l’air d’avoir vu un fantôme”

Procès de Benjamin Mendy: "Je voulais que ma vie s'arrête", une plaignante confie sa souffrance

The summary of this Monday in Mendy’s trial

The debates revolved essentially around the second complainant, with the testimony of the doctor who examined her and then that of a friend present with her at the evening and whose story corroborates that of the complainant last Thursday.

“Pale and scared, as if she had seen a ghost”: At the beginning of the third week of the trial of Benjamin Mendy, accused of eight rapes, a young woman, close to the second alleged victim, told the jury in what state she was found her friend. Mendy’s trial day report to read here

Technical problem in the courtroom

The trial is postponed until tomorrow (11:30 am French time).

One hour break at Chester Court

Debates will resume at 3:00 p.m. (French time)

It was the next day that the complainant told what she had suffered

He found himself in a room unable to leave, and Mendy asked him to take off his clothes in exchange for his phone. She then threw the device on the bed and when she wanted to retrieve it, she pinned her to the bed and attempted to rape her.

“Looked like he saw a ghost”

As the second complainant did not return, after about twenty minutes, the young woman who testified went to look for her and found her upstairs. “She looked like she had seen a ghost”, “she was pale and scared”. The second applicant told her that they should leave now, but she did not give a reason.

A friend of the second complainant testifies

She confirms the complainant’s account and explains that Mendy and Matturie joined them at a bar, bought them drinks, Mendy was flirting with another member of the group. They all then went to Benjamain Mendy’s mansion, which was “messy”, “as if there had been parties before”. The girls had to hand over their phone. She explains that she was by her friend’s side when Mendy wanted to get her phone back for her, she explained, “to make sure she hadn’t taken any pictures”, which the young woman denied. She then left with her phone and the young woman followed her to retrieve it.

The first testimonials begin

Kirsty Beattie is being heard at Chester Court. She is a doctor at the Sexual Assault Referral Center in Manchester. It was she who collected the first testimony of the second complainant that she declared on Friday.

He explains that the second complainant told him that she had gone out with some friends to a bar before returning to a house. In this house, she confesses that the second complainant told her that a man had confiscated her phone and brought her upstairs.

The latter had reminded him that he had followed this man into a room to try and retrieve the phone, but had then locked the door with a keypad. “She told me that she was very scared inside because the door was closed,” adds the witness.

Kristy Beattie explains that the second plaintiff told her that she repeatedly told the man that she “didn’t want to have sex” and asked him to leave the room. She says the man then “touched her chest” and “lay her down on the bed.”

The jury hears that the second plaintiff told the doctor that she ‘felt pain’ but that she was not sure that he had penetrated her.

Dr. Beattie told the jury that the second complainant was “calm and crying” and appeared “in shock” during the examination, which took place some 44 hours after the alleged rapes.

She says the woman said her buttocks were bleeding, but an examination revealed no obvious injuries to the anal or vaginal areas.

“This may be a common finding, so it was not possible to determine whether or not something happened,” Beattie told the court.

Benjamin Mendy arrived at Chester Court

Benjamin Mendy and Louis Saha Matturie have just arrived in court for a new hearing day.

A third complainant heard Monday

After the harsh testimonies of the first two victims who accused Mendy of attempted rape and rape, place for the third victim who accuses Benjamin Mendy of sexual assault, during an evening at the Manchester City player’s house. As during the first testimony, the court will first listen to his recorded statements, before cross-examination, in the presence of the alleged victim.

Beginning of the second full week of Mendy’s trial

The testimonies take place in the court of justice in Chester, in the north of England, where Benjamin Mendy, 28, world champion 2018 with the French soccer team and Manchester City player, and one of his relatives, Louis Saha Matturie, 41 years old (no connection to footballer Louis Saha). Benjamin Mendy is charged with eight rapes, one attempted rape, and one sexual assault. He pleaded not guilty to all ten charges.

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