En pleine polémique, Doctolib suspend 17 profils liés à une naturopathe controversée

En pleine polémique, Doctolib suspend 17 profils liés à une naturopathe controversée

The controversy grows and the profiles of naturopaths are increasingly scrutinized. Following the broadcast of a video by Irène Grosjean, who promotes sexual contact to treat young children, the Doctolib site announced on Monday the suspension of the appointments of 17 profiles of practitioners who claimed to have been trained by the naturopath, a figure of the movement in France.

In an excerpt broadcast Monday by the “L’Extracteur” collective, a health and food disinformation monitoring group, we heard naturopath Irène Grosjean recommend “Louis Kuhne’s friction sitz bath” to treat a young girl or a baby with a fever.

“You have to sit the child in a basin, and you are going to put ice cubes, ice water, very cold, and with a washcloth, rub your lips, and obviously you are going to touch the clitoris, which will stimulate the sympathetic system and will strengthen”, until the child falls asleep, explains the author of “Life in abundance”, a work that advocates fasting, purges and “monodiets” to “cure many of our ills”.

“After 10 minutes, the fever is gone”

In the same video, which has accumulated more than 35,000 views on YouTube since 2018, the naturopath recommends an equivalent method for baby boys, which could also be valid for adults, she says. “You will be amazed and amazed to see how, after 10 minutes, the fever no longer exists”, boasts the self-taught, already criticized in the past for having assured that AIDS and cancer can be treated with food, or that homosexuality was a pathology. linked to an unhealthy lifestyle.

Shared on Twitter, the excerpt, which in fact promotes sexual assault on minors and scientific pseudo-theories, has aroused the enthusiasm of Internet users, including many health professionals and scientists. The controversy clung to that, already active since Friday, of the presence of many naturopaths on the Doctolib dating site, some of whom claim to have been trained by Irène Grosjean.

A specialist naturopath for 60 years, Irène Grosjean, 92, offers, for 690 to 990 euros, between five and six days of training in her precepts several times a year. “Courses for the general public” sometimes co-organized with Miguel Barthéléry, but sentenced to two years in prison, suspended and disqualified from practicing after the death of several of her students.

But in the world of alternative health, Irène Grosjean is a guarantee of quality. To say that you have trained with the naturopathic star, who accumulates up to 2 million views on YouTube, for a practitioner is “the security of having clients, because he has a good image,” summarizes a member of the L. ‘Colectivo de extractors with Le Parisien. The group denounced four profiles of naturopaths that showed training with this figure of pseudoscience, profiles in which Doctolib immediately suspended the appointments, they say on Twitter.

Unrecognized practitioners under surveillance

In total, 17 profiles that show the mention of Irène Grosjean, or Thierry Casasnovas, another questioned figure in alternative medicine, have seen their appointments suspended, Doctolib tells Parisian this Monday, without specifying the content of the measures that will be taken against these profiles. in the long run. The site claims that research is being conducted on all pages of unregulated wellness-related professions (sophrologists, psychotherapists, naturopaths, and psychoanalysts), i.e. 3% of the site’s professional clients.

“We have regular exchanges with all health orders and a meeting of the Doctolib medical committee is planned, which brings together health professionals,” adds Doctolib, which is committed to closely monitoring the profiles of unrecognized professionals. “Our position remains the same,” the site recalls, however. “It is not up to us to decide who has the right to practice or not. »

The controversy, launched since Friday in the medical world, illustrates the vagueness that reigns in the world of naturopathy, an unconventional practice that boasts pseudoscientific theories, sometimes to the detriment of conventional medicine. It is difficult to separate those who advocate a simple and healthy lifestyle from those who approach dangerous excesses for health. “A naturopath who claims to have been trained by Irène Grosjean is not necessarily more dangerous than the others,” judges a member of the L’Extracteur collective. “Naturopathy is a set of practices that say that the body will heal itself with everything that is natural. It can go through food, cold baths, but also urinotherapy. There is no consensus. Anyone can put whatever they want on it. »

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