Procès de Benjamin Mendy: le récit édifiant de la troisième plaignante, une amie de deux victimes présumées témoigne… nouvelle journée d’audience au tribunal

Procès de Benjamin Mendy: le récit édifiant de la troisième plaignante, une amie de deux victimes présumées témoigne… nouvelle journée d’audience au tribunal

Benjamin Mendy’s trial in Chester court continued on Tuesday with testimony from a third plaintiff. The young woman accuses the French soccer player of sexual assault and recounted the incident in chilling detail. A friend of the first two alleged victims also testified about how the alleged incidents were revealed to her.

Open for almost two weeks, the trial of Benjamin Mendy had a new busy day on Tuesday with the testimony of a third alleged victim of French football. The young woman accuses the 2018 world champion of sexual assault during a party organized at her Prestbury home in January 2021. As had already happened with the first two complainants, the members of the jury saw the recording filmed by the British police during her research.

In his testimony to the police, the alleged victim said that he went to the Manchester City defender’s house after midnight with three friends. “Everyone had a great time playing and drinking. At three in the morning I would walk to the island and he would come back that way. He touched my vulva. I turned around to go to the bathroom thinking ‘What just happened?’ , so confided the third applicant.

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The alleged victim does not understand Mendy’s behavior

Still shocked by the alleged incident at the time of her testimony before the authorities, the young woman also assured that she did not understand how the situation had degenerated so quickly with Benjamin Mendy since they had not spoken much together during the evening. After asking to leave the room to go smoke in the toilet, the footballer would still make several inappropriate gestures and comments.

“He came to open the door and I went into the bathroom. We were face to face and he made a gesture to imitate cunnilingus,” the alleged victim explained again. I don’t understand where he is from. She left because there had been little conversation. . […] I turned around completely, my friend arrived and I told her what had happened. She was surprised, as was I. The conversation between him and me was minimal. I showed up and that was it.”

A victim prank serves as a counterattack from Mendy’s lawyer

After the third plaintiff’s account, one of Benjamin Mendy’s attorneys conducted cross-examination. Eleanor Laws thus requested questioned the alleged victim about the course of events and made him confirm all her statements. Seeing the beginning of a flaw, the lawyer assured that Benjamin Mendy had brushed the girl’s private parts without touching her and that no witness could confirm her accusation against her client. During this exchange between Eleanor Laws and the soccer player’s third accuser, the lawyer resumed a conversation between the alleged victim and one of her friends in reference to an English tabloid.

“Do you remember telling your friend a story you saw in the press saying that you could sell your story to the Daily Mail to tell this great party,” the defense attorney launched. The complainant replied by assuring that he was joking with his friend.

Moved to tears a confidant of two alleged victims

After moving testimony and cross-examination from the third alleged victim, the Chester court heard an account from a friend of the second and third claimants in this case. Hidden behind a curtain so as not to be seen by the two co-defendants, Benjamin Mendy and Louis Saha Matturie (no relation to the former soccer player), the witness recounted how her two friends recovered from her after the incidents at Mendy’s villa .

This is how he learned about the accusations of the second complainant in October 2020, a week after the reported events. For the third complainant, she became aware of the facts in February 2021. “She was upset when she told me. When she told me what had happened, I told her what had happened before (to the second complainant), “said the witness. her before assuring that her friend clearly named Benjamin Mendy as her alleged aggressor. Throughout her testimony, the friend of the second and third alleged victims appeared very scarred and with eyes full of tears.

A new alleged rape investigated Wednesday

Postponed following the reading of a statement written by a friend of the third potential victim, Benjamin Mendy’s trial will resume in Chester on Wednesday. The judge and jurors will hear from a fourth plaintiff who accuses Benjamin Mendy of rape.

Before this new hearing by the court, the French soccer player has already faced three charges of rape by the same young woman in addition to attempted rape and sexual assault by two other alleged victims. The trial of the Manchester City and France player is expected to drag on for nearly three months.

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