Les mots de Max Allegri après le triste 0-0 sur le terrain de la Sampdoria |

Les mots de Max Allegri après le triste 0-0 sur le terrain de la Sampdoria |

Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri has returned to the sad 0-0 draw between Sampdoria and the Old Lady on Monday night in the closing game of the second round of Serie A. A very mediocre match for Juventus that doesn’t deserve more, especially with the completely incoherent composition of Massimiliano Allegri and a medium without any creativity.

Here is a small anthology of the coach’s statements after this goalless draw on the Sampdoria pitch.

How about this giveaway?

“You have to give a lot of credit to Sampdoria who ran a lot in the first half. We were not linear and technically clear. Sampdoria played a good game, they closed all the spaces, they ran a lot and it is normal that in the second half they paid a little for it’s. In the second half they went down and we played a good game. For the second time, we didn’t concede a goal, we could have won with a little more clarity. The last 95 minutes of the match, we had the lucidity in the first half of not risking anything, then in the second half we risked almost nothing. The team was solid. In the second half we occupy the area better, there is a first action where we did not attack the goal well. But we absolutely have to work a little better.”

Is this match satisfying?

“Let’s start with the positive, the fact that we didn’t concede a goal in two games is already a positive point. We did some good things in the second half, we scored a goal, we had two or three favorable situations. Then we had a great chance at the end. , unfortunately there is one thing you should never do in football, it is to run backwards, because when the ball is high and you hit back you cut the defender, and in the defensive phase you risk scoring goals. At the Quagliarella opportunity, Miretti ran back in the lead. And then at the last opportunity, when Kean is running back and there’s Bremer with the goal open. But that also happened last Monday with Sassuolo. So there’s even We have to improve those things. We had a good second half, that’s a shame because we gave up two points. We want to do something important. So, we are a little bit behind the others and we need a little patience. Not having conceded hard n two days is a good sign, now we are preparing for the big challenge against Roma.”

A rather defensive starting composition, for what reason?

“Because we have players like Di Maria and Chiesa who came out anyway. We have less strikers. I put this formation with the players I had available. I moved Kostic to the right and I didn’t know if he could play there. But he put in a good performance. Rabiot he scored tonight, but he was unlucky because Vlahovic was offside. When the game started to go wrong, he was strong. He’s a player that Juventus needs.”

Why not have played from three back instead of four?

“I have a lot of fun when I hear four, three, five… Football is very simple, those who have the same jersey have to pass the ball to each other. I went crazy when I saw Miretti running backwards… These are things to teach the youngsters, instead of making them play the games. We try to teach the youngsters how to play football, then three, four, five… forget it.”

What about Dusan Vlahovic’s match that had a lot of problems?

“There is second-half action in a low center where he went to hit the ball first, and in those things he is lethal, but if the ball is not good… there he must be a little more serene, take a position in the area and on the edge he protects this ball, as he did with Sassuolo, only after he made a mistake, without immediately going to play with impact.

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