Blizzard details how missions work, new battleground mechanics

Blizzard details how missions work, new battleground mechanics

In an article published a moment ago, Blizzard explains how Missions work, a new mechanic in Battlegrounds mode that will be present throughout the game. Season 2. Find all the details below!

Released on August 30, Update 24.2 will kick off Battlegrounds Season 2! This second season will bring many additions to the mode, including a new course, season ticket, quests, experience, legendary ornaments, hero and heroine updates, as well as minions, and much more! For more information on these new features, check out the Battlegrounds Season 2 Overview article.

But that is not all ! With Season 2, a new mechanic makes its debut in Battlegrounds mode: Quests. They are similar to traditional quests and quest lines. Hearthstone, but they have a specificity of Battlegrounds mode. Let’s find out how they work together.

Choose your mission/reward combination

At the start of turn 4 (the one where you have 6 gold), you will be able to choose from three random quest/reward combinations. These combinations are formed by pairing a random quest with a random reward. Choose the combination of your choice depending on the reward you want to get Y the difficulties you will encounter to achieve it.

Quests will require you to complete various objectives, such as playing a certain number of minions, activating Deathrattle a certain number of times, or spending a certain amount of gold. A total of 13 missions await you at launch, and all of the missions, along with two new heroes, will be revealed today at 8:00 PM PT!

Mission objectives vary depending on the reward they are associated with. If the reward is better, the quest will be a bit harder to complete and if the reward is lower, the quest will be a bit easier. Minor adjustments are also made based on your hero’s or heroine’s armor level (slightly harder with less armor, slightly easier with more armor), and some quests are adjusted based on the types of minions available for a given match.

Advance your search

To progress in your quest, all you have to do is fulfill the conditions you have selected in your quest/reward combination. You can check the progress of your quest by hovering over your hero or heroine. You can also check the leaderboard to keep an eye on your opponents and find out what reward they chose (and if they earned it).

Once you complete your quest, your reward will appear to the left of your hero or heroine, in the same slot as your companion weapon or meter if you have one.

collect your reward

Quest rewards will grant bonuses that increase your power for the rest of the game. Here are some examples:

There are roughly 24 rewards that can be awarded with your quest, depending on your party composition. Some quests and rewards can only be offered to certain heroes and heroines or lobbyists, to avoid extreme situations. Some missions and rewards are also offered at different frequencies: no combination is impossible, although some appear less frequently than others.

Stay tuned as your favorite Battlegrounds content creators will reveal more quest rewards in the coming days:

August 23rd

August 24

We are waiting for you on August 30! To not miss anything, follow @PlayHearthstone Twitter to get summaries of the announcements and read the patch notes for Patch 24.2, when they are released later this week.

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