Good deal: all SNCF Avantage cards are only €25 instead of €49 for a limited time

Good deal: all SNCF Avantage cards are only €25 instead of €49 for a limited time

Young, Adult or Senior, SNCF Avantage cards have a 50% discount (Getty Images)

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Notice to all travellers: SNCF Avantage cards are currently half price! Profitable from the first trip, they save 30% on train tickets throughout the year.

we are allowedSave -30% on our TGV trips and up to -50% on certain trips in TER. Amortized from the first round tripAdvantage cards are the best allies of those who travel by train.

Normally selling for €49, they are currently listed for just €25 on the SNCF website! And all Advantage cards are affected:

A super good plan that you cannot miss if you have at least one train trip planned in the coming months. In fact, it can be activated on the date of your choice, you can set its validity start up to 5 months after your purchase date. Convenient to avoid paying empty and enjoy it as long as possible. or by plan your renovation in advance if yours expires in the next 5 months.

Still don’t have an Avantage card or doubt its profitability according to your profile or use? A brief description of the different offers offered and an IRL proof of their profitability.

The Youth Advantage Card

Young people aged 12 to 27 enjoy limited rates throughout the year with the Avantage Jeune card (Getty Images)

Young people aged 12 to 27 enjoy limited rates throughout the year with the Avantage Jeune card (Getty Images)

For whom? For travelers from 12 to 27 years old.

What are the advantages ? The Avantage Jeune card allows you to benefit from limited fares in 2nd class on TGV INOUI and Intercités trains. Thus, you have the guarantee of not paying more than €39 for a journey of 1h30, €59 for a journey between 1h30 and 3h and €79 for journeys of more than 3h, even in times of great games !

All year round, you will enjoy -30% on TGV tripslast minute deals, discounts -25% to -50% on TER tickets and even of -30% discount on trips to Europe. Germany, Spain, Luxembourg or Italy are yours at a reduced price and with a mini carbon footprint!

Take advantage of the Avantage Jeune card at €25

The Adult Advantage Card

For whom? For travelers from 27 to 59 years old.

What are the advantages ? Formerly known as the “weekend card”, the Adult Advantage card allows you to benefit from same discounts as the Avantage Jeune card mentioned above, as long as the trip includes at least one day or one weekend night at the site. Interesting novelty, gives access to one way discounts when traveling on a weekend day or in the company of a child, any day of the week.

Are you traveling with another adult? This can also benefit from 30% off on your ticket. With three children, they are 60% discount discounted from the price of your trip. L’the change and return of tickets is free through D-3, unless otherwise noted. Finally, the Adult Advantage card also gives you access to a 15% discount on your car rental, the on-board restaurant or the luggage transfer service.

Request the Adult Advantage Card at €25

The Senior Advantage Card

Each generation has its Advantage card (Getty Images)

Each generation has its Advantage card (Getty Images)

For whom? For travelers over 60 years old

What are the advantages ? Price caps, price reductions -30% on TGV and Intercitésdiscount up to -50% on trips by TER. Again, the advantages of the Senior card are similar to those of the other cards. Unlike the Adult Advantage card, it does allow you to benefit from these discounts every day of the yearweekend or not.

It also gives access to last minute deals-60% on tickets for 3 accompanying children per trip and 15% discount on the different services offered by the SNCF : Avis rental, Mes Bagages, catering on board and Junior et Cie for those who want their grandchildren to travel safely.

Request the Avantage Senior card at €25

SNCF Advantage Card, is it worth the cost?

The Avantage card, profitable or not? We tested for a Paris-Bordeaux trip, one of the busiest routes, from Friday, September 2 at 6:27 p.m. to Sunday, September 4 at 4:18 p.m. Without a card it costs €222 (€111 one way and €111 return). With our Adult Advantage card it costs €118 (€59 one way and €59 return) at the same times and in the same category. That’s it €52 savings per trip and €104 on the trip in total.

In a Paris-Lille on the same dates, one of the most expensive journeys in France per kilometer, round trips each cost €63 without a discount card compared to €39 with an Adult Advantage card. That’s it €48 round trip difference. Suffice it to say that at €25 instead of €49, all these cards are amortized from the first tripregardless of the destination or the frequency of your trips.

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