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Seen and read about PSG in the French press on Tuesday, August 23. The PSG management and Christophe Galtier’s dressing room hailed his debut at PSG, an acclaimed start to the season and a transfer window in the direction of departures that does not advance.

L’EQUIPE grants a prominent place to Christophe Galtier in this Tuesday’s edition, especially his management of costumes and egos. The Frenchman naturally knew what was expected of him on this issue when he was appointed coach of the psg, although he didn’t think he would have to deal with a case so soon. As for this clash between neymar Y Kylian Mbappe for a sanction against MontpelierThe French coach responded brilliantly, that “ attests to his competence in this field, although never before, in his career, had he directed players of the stature of Neymar, Kylian Mbappé, Leo Messi or Sergio Ramos So, a week after the episode against Montpelier, THE TEAM estimate that Christophe Galtierwas able to restore calm to the Campo des Loges and recall a sense of priorities “.

He is a guy who federates, who has character, charisma and is not afraid to say things, even to guys like Kylian Mbappé or Neymar. Because he knows how to say them. He will lose them in friendlies by the neck, by the shoulder, he will talk to them about his life in general and, when he feels the moment, he will delicately slip what he expects of them on the field and in the locker room. », summarizes his former team leader in theASSE Eric Blondel. how to explain THE TEAMgroup management Christophe Galtier it mostly comes down to communication, both one-on-one and in front of your group, knowing that part of the season’s success will depend on the atmosphere in your locker room.

This is in particular what led him to resolve as quickly as possible the tensions caused by the issue of the penalty between Kylian Mbappe Y neymarwell helped by a Sergio Ramos leader who does not hesitate to talk to the two Parisian stars. The order already established during the Japan tour was remembered as explained THE TEAM : French as number 1 shooter, Brazilian as number 2, subject to change throughout the season.

In the management of Christophe Galtier, THE TEAM It also highlights its commitment in its external communication for not highlighting one of its three stars more than another. Typical example this weekend: when Kylian Mbappe is proposed for penalties, work of neymar is immediately underlined by the coach of the psgwhile Leo Messi was garnering praise after the game against Clermont. According to the French medium, the management of the three stars also continues in a tailored tactic, with offensive animation being one of the most worked aspects by Christophe Galtier. The Frenchman thus seeks to grant them autonomy in the phases of possession, with the full support of his teammates, to obtain in return a greater effort on his part to maintain the collective balance in the face of the big terms, especially in the Champions League.

In its Tuesday edition, THE TEAM It is also delayed in the transfer window at the stop on the PSG side. The hottest outlets are still those of Keylor Navas a Naples (who continues his treatment at Camp des Loges), Leandro Paredes to juventus and D’Andrew Herrera in theAthletic Clubwithout any real progress. The last City does not want to lose part of his salary for leaving the club, just like Layvin Kurzawa. The French is well targeted by Fulham according to THE TEAM, but he is not willing to make big financial concessions to leave. As it stands, the English club have not made an offer – things could be worked out in the final days of the transfer window for a salary-sharing loan. In addition, the sports newspaper confirms that talks with Everton for Idrissa Gueye and that Djeidi Gassama will spread with psg before going on loan to witches circle, FC Basel Where almeria.

Other outputs do not progress at all according to THE TEAMthat is, those of julian draxler Y Rafinathat also will not go to al arabi despite an interest raised in the press during the last hours. The interests with respect to the two players of the psg it would not go beyond a preliminary stage. Above all, a few days before the end of the transfer window, Christophe Galtier Y Luis Campos would start to get angry thatanther henry remains very firm in the negotiations according to THE TEAM. The attitude of the Portuguese would thus be misunderstood internally.

In today’s edition, the parisian focuses on a psg which he describes as irresistible. Three games, three wins and 17 goals scored, something unprecedented since Reims Stadium of raymond kopa in 1952 as the Ile-de-France media remind us. ” The impression of strength given off by Christophe Galtier’s team prevails over everything in its path at the start of the season “, writes the regional newspaper that points out that the psg he has rarely started seasons at that rate (except in 2015-2016 with laurent white and in 2018-2019 with Thomas Tuchel).

For the parisianall this is possible thanks to a Christophe Galtier who knew how to put his players in osmosis. The Frenchman has free rein to impose his vision on the club since he has the support of Luis Camposwhich is in itself a novelty for the psg after years of conflictive relationships between coaches and sports directors, which infects the actors of the game”, as shown by a scene of joy between kids very happy to have hit a combination to open the scoring from the 9th second “.

Le Parisien also believes that the case of the sanction between neymar Y Kylian Mbappe it is the demonstration of the new mentality within the group. The next day a rethink took place and everyone came together to move on, ahead of a recital this weekend against lilac, where the trio had the merit of working defensively as well as shining offensively. In more general statistics, the psg he scored seven goals from nine shots on goal, after a ratio of 50% the previous week (5 goals from 10 shots on goal) and 41% the week before (5 goals and 12 shots on goal). Christophe Galtier’s greatest challenge” will be to keep the desire going, especially after the World Cup “, Note the parisian.

Finally, the regional newspaper highlights a quality summer preparation where, for the first time since 2017, no player from the psg did not participate in an international competition. Rest was essential, both for the body and for the mind, and now everyone is doing well according to the parisian after a ” physical preparation that integrates the objectives of the start of the season and the problems of the World Cup to come “. In addition to the physical the parisian finally points out that the tactic continues since Christophe Galtierwas able to launch a guiding idea around an evolutionary plan but on the same basis with his 3-5-2. The regional newspaper indicates that the workforce adheres to this new system that requires efforts in the replacement, including attackers, which favors all individuals. the parisian the question simply arises from the outset as to whether he is holding up well and how the replacements can be integrated, without forgetting the question of the defensive balance to be found.

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